How to do Wide Push Ups


Do you want to get more benefits from your usual push ups while striving to get ripped abs? Try doing the wide push ups instead. Wide push ups are called such because your hands are spread more far apart than the traditional push ups. When you do this, you put greater emphasis on your chest because it does more of the work than your arms. As you try to lift your upper body while performing this exercise, you use a greater portion of your chest which helps broadens this area.

However, wide push ups continue to provide benefits for your shoulders, triceps and abs so this can be a better alternative overall to the regular push ups. Moreover, many people have reported that this can be easier to do and they are able to do more reps of this exercise in a single set.

As you are able to do more push ups, your overall strength also improves, further increasing the number you can do.

Indeed, when you talk about increasing upper body power, wide push ups will inevitably be part of this list, if not on top. So should you include this exercise in your training to build washboard abs faster.



  1. Lie on the floor, face down.
  2. Position your hands on the floor and push them slightly outward so there is more distance between your hands compared to a regular push-up.
  3. Flex your feet so that your toes are touching the ground.


Extend your arms and lift your chest off the floor. Keep your abdominal muscles tight, and your upper body and legs as straight as possible.


Slowly lower your body back to the floor.



Have another method to do wide push-up’s? Share your ideas and input your comments below.

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I personally did a little test run of the program and here’s what I discovered thus far…

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The real question remains: does the program really work?

With his reputation and name at stake, Jeff Anderson has certainly come up with a program that’s not only science-based but also tried-and-tested. Countless of men and women, those who serve in the army and those who live extraordinarily simple lives as well, are true testaments to the success of Combat the Fat. Jeff Anderson himself has used the principles behind the program and it has only helped him look (and feel) as good as he does even today.

After going through the pages of the Combat the Fat Program, I discovered that it contained advanced workout techniques and insider tips that can’t possibly be found elsewhere. Its military-based fat-burning workouts were designed so they can be carried out anywhere…yes, even in the privacy of your own home. While you’re on the Combat the Fat Program, you wouldn’t need a gym membership. It will come in handy, but it is not a requirement.

The best part of the program? Combat the Fat does not prohibit you from eating your favorite foods nor does it require you to do endless hours of workouts. The cutting-edge fat-loss techniques involve a combination of the best military exercises and strategic nutritional tips. No fuss, no miracle drugs or supplements, only positive, long-lasting results.

Combat the fat has worked for many others and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you. It seems to work more for one particular type of person – the determined, hard-working type. If you consider yourself as someone who can truly commit and follow through, then this is the program for you.

Here’s the bottom line:

Combat the Fat works, and it will work for you if you just allow it. It surely takes some amount of work to get in shape. With Combat the Fat, your efforts will pay off. Clearly, it is far from a scam. Learn how you can lose the fat effectively by visiting the Combat the Fat website here:

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What are your insights about this review? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below.

How to do Abs Plank


Do you want to know the secret to strengthening your core? It begins not by using any equipment but requires only yourself. It starts by regularly incorporating abs plank as part of your abs routine. Many fitness experts recommend the abs plank not just due to its less complicated moves but the pressure it is able to put on your target muscles.

The abs plank position looks a bit similar with that of push ups except the greater challenge is holding the position for a longer period of time. As you do so, be deliberate about tightening your abs to maximize on its effectiveness. If you are a beginner, you can start by holding this position for about 10-15 seconds. Whereas some pros have been shown to be able to hold it by as much as over 5 minutes!

While doing the abs plank, be conscious of how your back, hips and legs are positioned. Make sure they are flat throughout the entire time you are holding your position to add resistance not just for your abs but for your lower back and glutes as well, thereby making the exercise work for you.

As simple as it may seem, this is far from being an easy exercise for the beginner but definitely, a highly effective one!



  1. Lie on the floor, face down.
  2. Position your hands on the floor, palms facing down, shoulder width apart.
  3. Flex your feet, so your body is parallel to the floor, your elbows are bent, and only your toes are the part of your feet that are touching the ground.


1.     Fully extend your arms and lift your weight upward, keeping your back and legs as straight as possible.

2.     Hold that position for as long as you can.


Lower your body back to your original position.


Has this exercise helped you? Let us know by adding your comments below.

How to do Abs Roller


If you are looking to buy a handy abs equipment that is easy to store, will not burn a hole in your pocket, light and easy to use, you can start by looking into the abs roller. From the term itself, the abs roller is built to target and tighten your abs muscle.

When you stretch out your arms and roll the wheel away from you as far as possible and then back, you also engage your lower back, glutes and lats.

While the abs roller seems a good alternative to doing traditional exercises like crunches and push ups to work out your abs, take extra caution not to strain your neck and back in the process. Key here is to do this gradually and deliberately especially in your first few tries. Once you add resistance to the right muscles, then this could be a highly effective core strengthening exercise.

Depending on your desired intensity, the abs roller can help burn greater amounts of fat and boost your metabolism. Not to mention, the training it gives for your back can improve posture and stability.

Having this exercise as part of your abs training at least 3 times a week can provide you with maximum results and increased muscle mass.


1.       Sit on your knees.

2.       Hold your exercise wheel with both your hands and put it on the floor with your face towards the ground.


1.       Roll the wheel away from your knees, to as far as conveniently possible.

2.       Roll the wheel toward your knees, to as close as conveniently possible.


What other abs roller exercises do you know of? Provide your ideas by entering them below.

How to do 4 Times Abs


  1. Lie down straight on the ground with your hands under your head.
  2. Raise both your legs slightly above the ground.


  1. Lift your right leg up so that it is perpendicular to the ground.
  2. Then lift your left leg up in the same way.


Bring your right leg down and the bring your left leg down to the initial position.


Have a better way of doing it? Share your tips by entering your feedback below.