How to do Bicycle Crunch & Medicine Ball


If you have done bicycle crunches in the past as part of your six pack abs exercises routine, you would know how effective it can be in getting your abdominals to work.

Add a medicine ball to this exercise as a variation and to increase the effectiveness of your routine. Like the regular bicycle crunch, the bicycle crunch and medicine ball exercise also targets your abs, mainly the obliques muscles, transverse abdominal muscle and rectus abdominus but with added intensity.

With the various abdominal muscles involved, you get a full workout for your torso. And because of the pedalling motion you do with this exercise, your quadriceps also get into action.

As in all abs exercises, form takes precedence over the number of reps when doing the bicycle crunch and medicine ball. You have to feel your abs muscles contracting to assess whether you are targeting the right set of muscles.

Since execution is relatively easy, both beginners and expert alike can benefit from this exercise. You too can do this to jumpstart your goal of burning belly fat and building great looking, washboard abs.

To be certain you are getting the form right, watch the video on bicycle crunch and medicine ball below with step by step instructions.



  1. Lie flat on your back and bend your knees.
  2. Take a medicine ball and hold it up over your chest with both hands


  1. Lift your knees alternately toward the direction of your chest, mocking a cycling motion in the air.
  2. Lift your torso off the floor and twist your shoulder toward the direction of the opposite knee so they meet in the middle and keep doing so alternately.


Bring your feet back to the ground and lower your upper body to the floor.

Have you tried this routine? What can you say about it? Leave your opinions below.

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How to do Advanced Triangle Push-ups


1. With your hands slightly apart from each other, stretch your body on the ground in the pushups position.


1. Lower your body, while moving your chest towards the left hand

2. Move your body toward the right hand.


1. Raise your body to the initial position


Do you have additional suggestions to doing advanced triangle push-ups? Share them by leaving your tips below.

How to do Weighted Sit-Ups With Twist



  1. Lie flat on an inclined exercise bench and hook both feet behind the bar at the top of the bench.
  2. Place a weighted plate over your chest and secure it with both hands.


  1. Raise your torso off the bench toward the direction of your knees and then lower yourself back down. Do this a few times.
  2. Raise your upper body as you twist to the left and then lower yourself back down. Do this a few times.
  3. Raise your upper body as you twist to your right this time and then lower yourself back down. Do the same number on this side.


Go back to your original position.


Are there other ways you can make weighted sit ups more effective? Feel free to share them below.

How to do Decline Push Ups


Want a bit of variation to your traditional push ups yet still consider yourself far from being an expert? There are still many other ways you can perform push ups depending on your fitness needs and required intensity.

If you want more emphasis on your abs as part of your six pack abs goals, you can take your push ups to the next level by engaging in decline push ups. Performing sets of this push ups help apply increased pressure on your abs while working out and strengthening your chest muscles. They also help tighten your stomach muscles.

As your shoulders and triceps help support your weight while performing this exercise, so do the muscles in these areas gain better strength and endurance.

Because decline push ups should target your upper body, this is what you should be adding pressure on while keeping your back and legs straight throughout the entire procedure. Doing otherwise can potentially lead to back injury or seriously strain it.

And the best part about decline push ups aside from being a great upper body workout is that they do not require any equipment or specific venue to perform so you can conveniently do them anywhere, anytime.



  1. Lie flat on the floor, face down.
  2. Position hands on the floor, palms down, a few inches away from the sides of your chest.
  3. Flex your feet so your toes are the only part of your feet that are touching the floor.


Extend your arms and push against the floor to raise your body while you keep your back and legs as straight as possible.


Lower your body down to your original positionby bending at the elbows. Maintain straight legs and back even while you descend back down to the floor.


How has doing decline push-up’s helped you? Let us know your feedback by providing your comments below.

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