1 VERY wEiRd exercise machine

I‘m done with exercise gadgets.

They all suck!

It’s obvious to anyone who’s bought them they are designed to trim your “wallet fat” (i.e. hard earned money) and NOT your belly fat.

For example…

As a kid, I remember going to my cousin’s house and seeing what looked like a new game machine in the living room.

As I started to run towards it, my mom quickly yanked me back.


There was a loooooong awkward silence.

I was puzzled and confused.

Here’s the deal…

My aunt was obese and…

This machine wasn’t something to play on, but rather her latest gimmick to lose weight.

It was called a “vibrator” belt.


Before your mind goes in the gutter, let me explain…

The bogus theory behind this piece of crap was simple (even if it was completely idiotic): “if you shake the fat, it will burn off your body.”

That’s NUTS!!!

This “lose fat” scammery was a thick belt that went around the waist and attached to the machine.

The user/ sucker would then turn it on and the machine would vibrate the belt and in turn, vibrate the person (along with their fat)…

And supposedly, the fat magically would disappear.

Yep! They had the cojones to sell this with a straight face…

And of course, the result was…NADA (nothing)!

It just became another expensive, space-taking reminder of yet another time she was scammed…

Unfortunately, this type of fitness exercise garbage has been around forever.

Each year, another one is invented and marketed to us as the miracle solution.


I’ve tried a couple of these sham contraptions and was completely embarrassed to find out what I already suspected:

it was just plain “Bull Shih-Tzu” and I fell for it because it looks so easy and the commercial models had such great bodies.

Enough already!

Eventually, if you’re serious about getting results, you need to stop wasting your time and money on scammy BS gadgets like ab belts, ab rollers, etc…

and start getting real ab results

the big difference?

Instead of using some ab device, mystery pill or any other trick designed to just suck money out of your hands…

This program uses real lean abs secrets that show you how to become an automatic fat-burning, lean body without stupid
machines, hours of mind-numbing cardio or countless back-breaking crunches.

All the best,


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