Workouts For A Flat Stomach

If you’ve been looking at workouts for a flat stomach, you know that there are a lot of them. Not all are sensible or even possible for many people just starting an abs exercise routine. If you are having problems figuring out where to start, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Your general health – age, weight, overall health
  • Injuries or conditions – back problems, fatigue, or pregnancy
  • Where you can exercise and the time available

Don’t know where to begin? Try making an appointment at a gym. Most larger gyms want to give you a tour with their sales pitch, and that will include a discussion with a trainer. Ask questions specific to your situation.

  1. What can I do safely, with my back condition?
  2. What is a good beginning program?
  3. How late or early do you open?

If they offer a free trial, take it. It will get you started, with enough instruction to make sure you do your exercises properly, without strain. Most gyms offer equipment that you don’t have at home.

Try it out to see if it’s comfortable for you. You may decide to stay with it for awhile, or discover that you can do this all at home and save yourself both time and money.

If you are pregnant, or have other health conditions, many hospitals and therapy facilities offer programs specifically for you. Ask your doctor, therapist, or fitness professional to see what’s available in your area.

There is also the question of active versus passive exercise to consider.

Most active programs include weights, crunches, bicycles and curls, which can be hard on your back. Passive exercise includes, isometrics, yoga, stretching, swimming and water exercises. These are all less straining on other parts of your body, but can take longer to perform.

Time can be a factor, if you’re on an offbeat schedule. However, most larger cities now have late hours or 24 hour gyms that you can use. The benefit of going later or very early is that you never have to wait to use something. The drawback is not all gyms that are open around the clock offer group exercise during their off hours.

Sorting through exercise programs becomes a little easier, after you figured out what you are capable of doing. Once you have gotten started on a program, let your intuition take over. It won’t take much to realize you are overdoing it. Soreness is alright, but pain is a sure indicator that you need modification of your program. Cut back and try something less strenuous.

Remember to eat healthy, and drink lots of fluids along with those workouts for a flat stomach. You’ll get faster results and feel better while your are getting it. Good hunting.

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Women Abs – The 3 Things You Need to Know!

Why don’t women absrespond instantly to exercise? Go to a gym and you will see women with well defined, sexy abs. But how did they get them? And why isn’t exercise enough?

Well, three primary things go into developing your abs:

  1. Diet Plan
  2. Exercise Program
  3. Genetics

Diet is often the thing most lacking. Exercise plays a large role as well. The rest, sadly, is genetics.

Whatever kind of diet you are on, including none, can probably be improved. If you want to see those abs that you’re developing, you will have to strip away your layer of abdominal fat first.

To build muscle and strip fat, your diet needs two things: high protein, and low fat. To keep everything going smoothly, you will need the right amount of carbs, and try not to get too much sugar.

Fast eating can be a big problem. Eating too fast results in often eating too much. Try eating with a light distraction, such as some soft music, to help you to relax and enjoy your food.

Your brain won’t tell you that you are full until 15 to 20 minutes after you start eating. Slow down and chew your food longer. Your digestion will be better, and you will feel more full, on less food.

Cook at home? Try taking your portion – before – you dress or sauce it. Put the fatty stuff, such as gravy, on the side. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be mixed into every meal. You and your culinary cohorts will be on the right track to fitness and health.

Motivation is a powerful tool. If you have a problem visualizing those sleek women abs, or refraining from those rich deserts, you may need something more concrete.

Carry a picture of what you consider the perfect abs. You can put copies where you need them most, such as the exercise area or the kitchen. They will help to remind you what all the dedication is about.

Double check your exercise program with an expert. A short run through with a local trainer can make a world of difference. Find out if you are working all of the areas you need to, and how to work what you’re not.

And now, the genetics. Was your mother athletic? How did she look at your age? With a regular exercise plan, you probably look more in shape than she did.

There is the possibility that buff women abs don’t run in your family. You may have to work like an athlete to look like an athlete. This often involves changing your whole lifestyle to accommodate the stringent requirements.

This may be more than you’re willing to commit to. But, even if it is, exercise and diet will provide you with a leaner, toned look.

By changing your lifestyle, starting with a different outlook about food, and a regular exercise routine, you are already on your way to great women abs.

The Diet Solution Program Review – The Honest Solution to Natural Fat Loss

A lot of us are just sick and tired of diets that beat around the bush. I, for one, know I can’t lose belly fat overnight, but I at least deserve to know what will help me do just that, both short-term and long-term. That’s what really motivated me to come up with The Diet Solution review. Hopefully, this will help end all confusion about the safest, healthiest, most natural way to burn fat.

What we have here is a diet program created by holistic nutrition lifestyle coach Isabel De Los Rios. By following The Diet Solution, it claims that you can burn as much as 10% of your excess body fat in just 30 days and continue to burn unwanted fat in the succeeding months until you’ve achieved the body you’ve always wanted. According to Isabel, the best part of it all is that you won’t even feel like you’re being tortured or deprived, which, I think, is crucial in any fitness plan.


The Diet Solution author Isabel De Los Rios is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Isabel graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, a pre-med course no less, from the Rutgers University in New Jersey. Isabel has helped thousands of clients, both one-on-one and online, who have had long-standing issues with their weight and even weight-related conditions like cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. What makes Isabel unique and credible in my opinion is that she’s had the opportunity to work with people face to face, acquiring first-hand experience backed up by formal training.



My biggest realization is that there is no getting around a complete and healthy diet. I would spend countless of hours in the gym, pushing myself to sweat as much as I can, thinking I could easily burn off that extra piece of cake I had for dessert or that glass of sweetened tea I washed down with it. And in those instances, I would feel completely burnt out. Food does play a key role in fat loss and eating the right kinds in the right amount in combination with other foods determine a huge percentage of your fat-loss success.

By eating right and following the principles detailed in the The Diet Solution Manual, you learn about food components and eating practices that are best for you and your metabolism type. This feature in the program really stood out for me a lot. After completing the Metabolism Type Test, I learned that I can have fruits and eggs without toast for breakfast, and instead of a complicated sandwich, a lean protein paired with mixed veggies for lunch. After just a couple of weeks, it occurred to me that I was carrying out a healthier, sustainable “lifestyle” rather than just consciously “dieting” all the time, and isn’t that what everyone ultimately wants?



Since it promotes accelerated fat loss by means of natural methods, The Diet Solution Program can benefit virtually anyone whose main goal is to burn excess body fat. What I really liked about it is that it doesn’t discriminate gender, age, or background; I had no trouble taking advantage of all of its healthful, nutritional, lifestyle-forming practices without any adverse side-effects.

I thought it was perfect for me because first and foremost, I wasn’t really looking to spend a lot on a nutrition guide, but I was still expecting nothing less than great value. Off the bat I readily enjoyed The Diet Solution starter’s video, my very own starter kit to permanent weight loss, the Vibrant Health 7-Day E-course, and a lifetime membership to its tell-all newsletter, all valued at $68.97, at absolutely no cost. I get all these free stuff and I haven’t even officially signed up for anything yet, which was totally awesome.

This really gave me the chance to explore other things I can do with (and learn from) the program. So I went ahead and purchased The Diet Solution basic package, which included a comprehensive manual, a Quick Start Guide, the Metabolism Type Test, a Food Shopping Guide, a Recipe Guide, Top 10 Nutrition Facts Keeping You Fat, 60 Days of Done for Your Meal Plans, and a Success Journal. That’s almost $500 worth of material right there. But I was really lucky to buy it for only less than $47.



The Diet Solution e-books are very organized and this really helped me navigate through the whole program with much ease. The Quick Start Guide proved to be quite useful, too, because I didn’t struggle at all with finding key elements that I was most interested to learn. In it, you have a brief enumeration of how you can prepare yourself, some food facts, meal plans to jump start your diet, and a useful shopping list, complete with suggested brands, illustrations, and detailed descriptions of healthier food alternatives.

I actually found the Action Steps portions of the manual quite helpful as well. After going into each food component extensively, the author provides a summary of practical tips, dos, and don’ts so you never have to second-guess again. For example, she recommends using raw organic cacao, among other things, if you want added sweetness to your food.

More importantly, The Diet Solution program promises positive and realistic results. You can even lose up to 10 lbs. in just the first week and consistently lose fat after that.



It would’ve been awesome if The Diet Solution program included its own exercises, but even without them, I felt like Isabel did a good job in stressing on key elements of nutrition which are habit-forming. If you go to their website, it does suggest a number of workout programs that compliment Isabel’s diet principles. They even have exclusive program add-ons if you decide to get them.



With The Diet Solution program, you get what you pay for – and a whole lot more. Use it to determine your real metabolic type, improve your eating habits, and burn excess body fat once and for all, just as I have. Its principles can easily be the underlying framework for your actual diet and fitness regimen. I say you’re at the winning end of the bargain this time.

What do you think? Can the Diet Solution Program work for you? Let me know your thoughts by sharing below.

Fast Flat Abs Easy

When you’re trying to get fast flat abs there are a few important things you can do to get started. All of them will help increase the burn, so you can expose those sexy tummy muscles, while you’re toning them.

1. If you want it fast, you will have to heat it up. That means metabolism. A number of natural foods will kick start your system into burning food faster, and more efficiently.

Some of these foods are:

  • garlic
  • asparagus
  • romaine lettuce
  • apples
  • berries
  • soy
  • sunflower oil

All of these either help your body reject fat, or eliminate toxins, while they stimulate your metabolism.

Garlic is great for the immune system. It helps to cleanse your organs and tissues. Asparagus and romaine lettuce will help you eliminate extra water from your system, which prevents bloating.

Apples and berries are high in pectin, which hinders retention of fat by the body. Soy is a leaner protein than meat, and even more nutritious.

Sunflower oil is lighter than olive or corn oils, and more easily digestible.

Foods to avoid:

  • fats
  • sugar
  • starch

Foods that are fatty include:

  • nuts
  • meat
  • olives
  • snack foods
  • fried foods
  • butter, cheese and non-skim milk

Watch out for hidden sugar and starch in energy bars and prepared foods, like instant side dishes. Changing your diet a little can cut months off your exercise program, and give you fast flat abs.

2. Temperature is important. Not the room temperature; your body temperature. Getting rid of stored fat in the body is like trying to cook it out of your food. It’s nicer not to have it at all; but once it’s there, you have got to heat it to make it go away. This means isolating the abdominal section of the body, and dressing it warmer.

They make exercise clothing just for this, usually made of a lightweight foam-like composite material. You wear it underneath your sweatshirt while you exercise. If you have something that will work already, save the money. Once you’ve trimmed that abdominal section, you won’t be needing it anymore.

Exercise clothes won’t make you look slim in the gym, but they will speed up that burn.

3. Don’t think that exercise is just for workout time. Increase your activity level all week long.

You may not know it, but there are tons of ways to exercise during your normal day.

Activities that you can do during your day include:

  • Power walk around the mall while you shop – alone or with a friend.
  • Park farther from your destination on purpose. Those few extra minutes of walking can really add up!
  • Take the dog, or the kids, to the park for an extra hour on Saturday.
  • When you have a little extra time, walk to the store, rather than driving.

With the right knowledge and a good attitude, you can begin to see results much faster than with exercise alone.

Anything else you might add? Feel free to do so by sharing below.

Toning Stomach Muscles

If you are working on toning stomach muscles, here are a few things to think about.

  1. Not everyone is born with the same set of abdominal muscles.
  2. Toning muscles involves stretching as well as exercising.
  3. Swimming is the best single exercise for toning stomach muscles.
  4. It is easy to strain your back doing abdominal exercises

Abdominal Muscles:

That’s right. Some of us simply don’t have a pyramidalis muscle. This means that no matter how hard you go for the washboard effect, you will not have the same number of bulges. You’ll get the six pack, but not the 8 pack.

Why are abdominal muscles different in some people? Doctors simply do not know. Consider that this will not just influence the all over number of toned muscles, but the lack of a pyramidalis will influence your ability to strengthen lower abdominals, as well.


Building exercises and toning exercises are not exactly the same thing. While you won’t get toned stomach muscles without a workout that isolates this muscle group, you won’t get the tone without doing a lot of stretching, as well.

People often neglect this as part of a routine. These are some of the easiest and most rewarding exercises to do. They are great for warm ups. As any athlete or aerobics instructor will tell you, they keep you from straining. Arm stretches, leg stretches, bending and twisting are all good ways to limber up before you hit the weights or machines.

A little Yoga added to your routine, with its exaggerated movements, can save hours of discomfort with torn or strained muscles, later.


The best addition to any routine that has focus on toning muscles is swimming. It is not only an all over good workout, with fantastic cardiovascular benefits, but it stretches and works those stomach muscles like no stationary exercise can. Almost every muscle in the body is used in swimming.

If you think it isn’t what you want or you don’t have time to add it to your routine, just look at those professional swimmers’ bodies. They all have long, lean torsos, with well defined abdominals and v shaped bodies. They got those bodies by swimming!

Not only is swimming really good for you, it won’t hurt you. Swimming is considered passive exercise. That means less strain on muscles and organs.

Risk of Injury:

Most crunches can be brutal on your back muscles, so don’t add more than 2 additional repetitions to your current routine at one time. That is repetitions and not sets. When you add a new set to your abs routine, do it by adding 2 reps until you fill it out.

If your back hurts, use a brace, or switch to just ball exercises. You don’t have to stop completely, just modify. Check to see that you are doing your exercises correctly, as this can lead to strain faster than anything.

A little common sense and effort will keep you toning stomach muscles till they look great. Just keep these 4 important things in mind.