2 Important Techniques on How to Get Flat Abs

We all want to know how to get flat abs with the least amount of time and effort. I’ll tell you right now, you need to get your head out of the clouds if you thin you can get washboard abs with just a snap of the finger. However, you don’t have to spend ridiculous and unrealistic amounts of money or time on it either.

The secret is this: you must maintain some kind of balance, utilize both economical and effectual strategies for weight-loss and muscle development, and commit to improving your overall lifestyle.  Something as desirable and real as six pack abs will entail some level of work, but not the kind that will leave you penniless, unmotivated, and uninspired.

Without the right kind of information on how to get flat abs, you’re essentially screwed. You can try out all the crazy diets and gadgets being flashed in your face every single day, but without the basic know-how, it would almost seem like you’re going around in circles, never reaching that finish line. You need to be familiar with two vital aspects of proper fitness – nutrition and exercise – because if you don’t, you’re only going to get scammed and frustrated time and time again.

Here are the two main aspects of proper fitness:

1. Good Nutrition. How to get flat abs with nutrition? By eating the right kinds of food and staying away from the bad ones, that’s how.

Something as mundane as eating is actually more than just the actual food you consume everyday. You eat because your body needs energy and nutrients to survive. When you work out, your body requires certain minerals and macronutrients to keep it going even under such stressful and strenuous activities.

Next time you’re in line at the supermarket or eating out with friends, think about this for a second: is this what my body needs or is it just something I want to eat? It’s just that sometimes, what you want is not necessarily what you need.

If you want to know how to get flat abs, you must assess your diet. Stick to healthier food options like whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, fresh fruits, seafood, and other low-fat or high-protein sources.

2. Regular Exercise. Think of exercise as diet’s indispensable better-half. One without the other is like wearing just one shoe – you still get to your destination, but it sure would’ve been a lot easier if you were wearing the other pair, too.

Hitting the gym or working out everyday is more than you need. Working out every other day should be more beneficial because even hardworking muscles, like your abs, need ample rest. Combine targeted abs exercises with full body workouts and you’ll melt that extra tummy fat right off.

Without a doubt, good nutrition and regular exercise are the primary ingredients on how to get flat abs. One will work without the other, but if you want to get six pack abs fast, you really have to incorporate the two.

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avoid these flat belly disasters

I‘ve seen many disasters…

  • Kim Kardasian’s marriage
  • Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery
  • The first time I tried to cook a Thanksgiving Dinner (it was very bad!)

But I’ve also seen a lot of flat-belly disasters…

Here are the top 5 common ones:

1) Focusing too much on ‘abs’ exercises – when you want to get lean abs, doing lots of crunches may pop into your mind. But if you got more than an ounce of cheese on your belly…don’t fall into the crunches/ sit-ups trap.

2) Starving to lose weight – you would think that skipping a few meals might work great.

No calories = No Fat…right?

Absolutely not!

In fact, due to human biology, it has the very opposite effect: you actually pack on MORE fat…

3) Doing too much cardio – let me first admit that I absolutely hate cardio. So I’m a little biased…

But with that said, doing too much cardio can actually lead to muscle loss and increased fat storage.

4) Eating ‘diet’ foods – the multi-Billion dollar food industry loves to sell you so-called “diet” foods and drinks.

But they know that these foods actually make you MORE fat which in turn makes you want to buy more of their “diet” hoax products.

5) Eating “low-fat” foods – not all fat add “jiggle-osity” to your body. In fact, eating healthy fats will make you lose belly fat, not gain it- but only if you do it in the right way.

These only represent the top five common flat-belly blunders-I see folks doing many, many more.

And even if you avoid these 5, you still may fall into other common ab mistakes – some much worse than the 5 above!

So, why not make it easy for yourself by learning the simple and proven way to get lean abs fast?

All the Best!

p.s. Save yourself the struggle and frustration that comes along with doing a lot of hard work but getting NO results…

Why not learn the quickest way?

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Men’s Abs – The Truth Behind The Hype

Perfect men’s abs are everywhere – TV, magazines, billboards. Toned, ripped abs are the hallmark of male physical perfection. Our culture has become obsessed with the abdominal region, and while self-improvement is a good thing, unhealthy fixation is not.

Every day, people all across the world head to the gym for hours of crunches to get stellar abs. Go into the fitness section of any bookstore and you’ll see dozens of books promising to reveal the secret of six pack abs.

Do you know what’s real and what’s just hype?

Before you being an abdominal workout routine, here’s the facts:

  1. The only way to “spot reduce” fat is with surgery.
  2. For your abdominal muscles to be seen, your body fat percentage must be less than 10%.
  3. Reducing fat and building or maintaining muscle requires a long-term regimen of diet, cardio, and toning exercise.

The “Spot Reduce” Fat Myth

Some machines, diets, and gimmicks will tell you that it is possible to use their product to melt the fat right off your belly. Doctors and fitness experts agree that it is simply not possible to reduce fat in one specific area, such as men’s abs, without the aid of surgery. While you can target certain areas of your body with exercise, this will only make them stronger – it will not reduce fat.

Many men are confused, thinking that they can remove belly fat through sit-ups, or increase abdominal definition with diet. Professor Peter Lemon, of Kent State University, has studied the link between food and exercise extensively, and regarding the theory of spot fat reduction he says: “It’ll never work. You might improve abdominal strength, but that alone won’t get you the results you want.”

Body Fat Percentage

No matter how strong your abs are, if they’re covered in fat you won’t be able to see them. In reality, many men’s abs aren’t in too bad shape to begin with – they’re just covered in fat! Click here to calculate your approximate body fat percentage…

Dr. Lentz, another fitness expert, says “In most men, fat around the abdominals is the last thing their bodies burn off. Aerobic exercise is what gets your body to start burning it.”

You should start with about 30 minutes, 3 times a week of something like:

  • Power Walking
  • Bicycling
  • Rowing
  • Martial Arts

Long-term Regimen

To reduce fat and build your abs, you need to change your diet and increase your metabolism. A good way to start is by lowering your fat and sugar intake, increasing the amount of protein you consume, and beginning a cardio workout routine. After you have that down, then you should begin a targeted abdominal training exercise program.

Just stick to your diet, perform regular cardio workouts, and keep training those abs. Soon that potbelly will disappear, and you’ll have rock solid abs, too. Click here for the program that helped me finally get abs after years of struggle…

What other myths have you realized? Share your personal views by adding your comments below.

How to Get Six Pack Abs – Realizing Your Vision

There’s no single specific way on how to get six pack abs. Relying on just one technique might get you started, but it can’t possibly do a lot more in the long run. Using strategies that involve research, goal-setting, and consistency can very well help you achieve that toned midsection you’ve always desired.

Read and Research

Research is the first and most sensible step toward preparing for any battle plan – in this case, fighting off unwanted flab. You don’t just pick up a book or go online and read; you actually delve deeper into the subject and get as much information as you can to aid you in your objective.

As a researcher, you’re also an investigator. You explore the “what,”  “why,” “when,” “where,” “who,” and “how” of the subject, especially with the question at hand: how to get six pack abs.  You gather as much information as you can, verify your sources, and relate everything you’ve learned.

Sometimes, getting a fitness instructor is not enough. They can teach you a lot of things, but you can’t just take their word without doing some research of your own. You would still have to do the work, both on the floor and on your computer.

For example, if your trainer’s six pack abs plan includes expensive and unnecessary bodybuilding supplements, you should know better than to take them without doing any research first.

Create Specific Goals

Creating your own set of goals is the next technique on how to get six pack abs. Instead of just thinking, “I want six pack abs,” make your goal more specific; think “I want six pack abs in six months” instead. The more concrete you are about your objective and the time frame you give yourself to reach that goal, the easier it would be for you to attain it.

Your goal should include a vision, a specific time frame, and a list of steps you need to perform to realize the vision. Here’s an example of those steps:

  • Create a workout journal
  • Buy a six pack abs video
  • Incorporate other exercises into my six pack abs plan (e.g. cardio)


Consistency is the key to any successful game plan. An unfailing attitude and the desire for continued progress are fundamental. These will help you understand how to get six pack abs and KEEP THEM.

Go ahead and take a crack at it. Research limitless information on how to get easy six pack abs, set specific yet realistic goals, and follow through. Learn the 5 most common six pack abs mistake

Still struggling to get a six pack abs? Share what you have been doing to get one by adding a comment below.

Revolutionary Approach to Fat-Loss – A Combat the Fat Review

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Combat the Fat isn’t about quick fix weight loss nor is it about a zero-effort overnight-success fat-loss scheme. It’s known for its revolutionary new approach to fat-loss, utilizing military fitness training strategies and techniques to “combat” excess body fat. That way, you get to whip your body into shape the same way men and women who serve in the army do without having to wear the uniform. Just look at them…they’re all looking and feeling great. Wouldn’t you want the same for yourself?

You might think Combat the Fat is rigorous and bordering on impossible. However, thousands of success stories and testimonials from even the most ordinary people you’ll meet say otherwise. Once you discover the principle behind Combat the Fat and get to know where the author is coming from, you’ll be surprised at how practical, convenient, and effective the program actually is.

Author Jeff Anderson, also known as Muscle Nerd to his peers, colleagues, and supporters, is an ex-military fitness trainer who wanted to help non-military individuals solve their weight problems for good. It’s a fact that weight issues aren’t exclusive to any particular profession, gender, or nationality. If those who serve in the army were able to get a lot from this kind of training, then it can only benefit others from different backgrounds.

You and I may differ in many, many ways. However, we all experience the same frustration when battling with our weight, we all get older each and single day, and we are all susceptible to the wear-and-tear we subject our bodies to. For these shared reasons, you need an effective fool-proof program that will target not one, but all of your fitness concerns. Combat the Fat can do that. In fact, it has successfully changed the lives of many people for years, and you can easily be the next one.

Going through the Combat the Fat manuals, you will discover that the exercise routines are quite easy to follow. You will still break a sweat, that’s for sure, but not from trying to figure out what to do or how to do it. Gym memberships are a bonus, but not a requirement. You can easily carry out each exercise at home or virtually anywhere you feel comfortable working out.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old, working or studying, you can still reap the benefits of Combat the Fat. By tying together all the important aspects of healthy living – proper nutrition, the fuel you need to burn fat, and sufficient exercise – you can most definitely improve your lifestyle, and the Combat the Fat program aims to help you go through it all.

Clearly, anyone can use and be successful with their weight-loss efforts with the Combat the Fat program. With readable fonts, detailed explanations, fully illustrated examples, and many other useful features, you will never feel left out or intimidated by something as powerful as this program.

You’ve tried it all, no doubt. You deserve a program that’s worth your time, effort, and every penny you shell out, simple as that. Combat the Fat won’t be a walk in the park, I can tell you that much. But with every ounce of hard work you put in, you get a payout that just makes it all worthwhile. Visit the official Combat the Fat website today and find out how you can make that change.

What do you think of this review? Let me know your own opinion by adding your comments below.