“How to eat like a COW & get LEAN abs fast!”

I‘m originally from the big Midwestern city of Chicago.

And as a kid, I participated in something called the “fresh air” program.

It gave a city kid, like me, a chance to experience a totally new environment: the farm.

Every summer, I anxiously made the 3+ hour trip to Kalona- a VERY small town in the corn fields of Iowa- to see my “farm” family.

And, the one thing I always found funny was the name of the program “fresh air”. There was nothing “fresh” about the smell of that air.


Imagine smelling the combined waste of thousands of cows and pigs…the stench would burn a hole through even my smog-filled, city nose.

But it didn’t matter…I loved my “fresh air” family and was always excited to see them!

They raised cattle, pigs and chickens…and occasionally turkeys.

One day,  riding out on a tractor into the enormous cattle fields, I noticed something very odd.

The cows never stopped eating (& pooping).  It was like their entire life purpose was to EAT (and…)!

But what’s funny, is that I’ve NEVER seen a fat cow on their pasture even though they ate continuously and never seemed to run– just walk enough to reach the next patch of grass.

It’s called “GRAZING” and it’s one of the surprising secrets to getting lean!

Awhile back, I read about grazing on page 50 of Tom Venuto’s popular eBook, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” and shockingly it works…really, really well.

Even though many times I eat the “wrong” foods, using this method, it’s actually HARD for me to put on fat.

How would you like to discover a way to eat, eat and eat but still burn, burn and burn excess fat.

The secret is here…

See for yourself how easy being lean can be– when you learn how to EAT like a COW ;)

To Your Success!

P.S. By the way, on p134, Tom shows you how to have your metabolism “spinning” so fast, you burn through huge quantities of food – even junk food!

Run over there now and turn your body into an excess belly-fat incinerator…

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