About Us

We are a group of fitness enthusiast and friends dedicated to helping people achieve great abs.

Why? Because having great abs is a side effect of having a healthy body…plus it looks AWESOME.

Who are we:

  • Travis Hunt – the main writer, researcher and manager of SixPackAbsGuide.com
  • Fitness friends that offer suggestions and tips that I test. If they work, I talk about them. I’m camera shy so most of the videos are from friends and colleagues…I hope to get over that soon ;-)
  • You! I learn from your struggles, questions  and triumphs. They drive the direction of this site…Thank you!

Lastly, even though I’ve always been in decent shape, I struggled for a looooooooong time with six pack abs…

And after dispelling the lies and myths and following sound nutrition and training strategies, I finally got…


I hope you don’t have to struggle as long…that’s the goal of this site.



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