The Truth about Diet Soda Weight Gain—Diet Soda Myth Debunked

Fussing over the real deal about diet soda? Diet soda weight gain sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Everyone knows that when you are on low-calorie, fat-free diet, a regular soda just isn’t an option. But with a diet soda, this rule is bent a little bit. After all, “diet” beverages existed for a reason, right?

Indeed, with this in mind, it gives you the pleasure to eat burger and fries, instead of burger alone. Come on, low calorie soda means additional food is okay to offset the calorie intake! Drinking a diet soda lets you do a fantastic job while you are on weight reduction mission. Ah, life is good because you still get to enjoy this cold and bubbly drink even on a diet! Well, you better think twice because is exactly why diet soda weight gain occurs.

Diet Soda’s Dirty Little Secret

A diet soda is not the “weight-busting soda” you think it is. Let’s face it. It is an unnatural beverage packed with even more artificial ingredients! Here’s a fact for you. Previous research suggests that our brain is wired to anticipate a large amount of calories when eating fatty or sweet foods. But because diet foods, including diet soda fail to manifest this, it lobs the brain out of whack.

It appears this disconnection between taste of artificial sweeteners and low calories results to diet soda weight gain as the body stores calories as fat. Now, how can you say this “wonder” drink gives more healthy benefits to the body than a regular soda? Love-hate relationship with diet soda begins to stir your mind again? It should.

Nothing but Pure Facts!

A diet soda associated with weight gain? Mind boggling, isn’t it? Listen to this. Epidemiological research has supported diet soda weight gain connection in 2005. Let’s face another harsh reality that people usually start drinking diet soda when they feel they are starting to gain weight. However, a research study by the University of Texas Health Science Center has shown that with every diet soda a person consumes, there is a 41% possibility of becoming obese over the next 7-8 years. Can you imagine yourself gulping 3-4 cans of diet soda a day, thinking this is harmless?

In addition to this, recent data presented at the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions also suggest that drinking diet beverages may actually lead to weight gain. Yes, it is associated with a wider waist and flabby belly! As you probably know, excess weight especially belly fat is a risk factor to variety of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. Moreover, common calorie-free artificial sweetener, particularly aspartame, could potentially contribute to Type 2 diabetes.

Want more proof? You don’t want to miss this one!  Did you know that a new study conducted by UK researchers proved that sweet, sugary drinks can dull taste buds, causing you to crave sweet foodstuff twice as much? Diet soda weight gain phenomenon does happen. Evidently, diet soda is not a silver bullet to weight reduction, and it is definitely not a health drink. A word of caution! Turning a blind eye to this fact won’t do you any good so better feed your mind with accurate information.

Healthier Choices Abound

You know, a diet soda has zero calories but it doesn’t mean you are spared from the consequences. People overate “diet”, “fat-free” and “calorie-free” products, thinking consuming limitless quantity won’t do any damage. Listen. Any diet product won’t really help you melt away excess pounds if you’re getting too many calories from other sources.

So how about taking control of your health? Don’t you think it’s time to switch to water? To put it briefly, diet soda weight gain phenomenon can be avoided by knowing the healthier choices. Jumpstart your day with a cup of green, herbal, oolong tea with a little of the herbal sweetener stevia! Keep in mind to drink 8 glasses of water throughout day. Have you tried adding a squirt of cranberry juice or lemon to your water to enhance the taste?  For variety, sparkling water is also a good choice. If you can save diet soda as a special treat, do it!

How about you? What’s your diet soda experience? Share it with us by entering your comments below!

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