5 Flat Stomach Foods – Just Plain Awesome!

Are you serious about stripping away your excess belly fat? A lot of people feel that they can flatten their stomach faster by watching what they eat. Well, they’re right, but the question is HOW? Here is how you can flatten your belly quickly—do proper work-out and eat the right food!

Did you know that there are flat stomach foods that can significantly flatten your belly? Okay, Admit it! Let’s face another harsh reality that you’re too busy with work or doing household chores that you can’t even lift your legs to climb the stairs instead of pressing the elevator button.

Here’s one fascinating fact for you:  Around 10-30% of the calories that you consume are burned just by the digestion process. Good news, right? But keep in mind that you cannot remove the proper exercise routine from the equation.

Additionally, not all foods are the same so it is important to take note of the flat stomach foods that increase metabolism and help in losing weight. The further on you read, you’ll begin to understand what belly fat busting foods really work!

1. High Protein Foods

Now listen closely, about 25% of the calories of protein is burned during the process of digestion. This is why high-protein diets became very popular in the last decade and it is one of the best flat stomach foods. But did you know protein also has other benefits? It is difficult to digest and makes you feel full sooner. Additionally, it gives the feeling of fullness for a longer period of time so less food is consumed. Needless to say, protein is very important so lean or healthy sources should be included in each meal or snack.

2. Almonds and Other Nuts

Here’s a fact for you: Almonds and other nuts are high in fat content but these ideal snacks are also helpful in losing weight. Many studies have already proven that, nuts also help decrease triglyceride levels which result to the incidence of heart disease. Also, nuts like almonds help curb hunger and lower the food intake of people. Interestingly, it appears nuts help people stick to their diets. Indeed, with this in mind, a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit is already an ideal snack!

3. High Fiber Foods

This tip is amazing! Did you know that high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables are among the best flat stomach foods? Fiber is difficult to digest so the body works harder. Focus here! High fiber foods are also known as metabolism boosting food that considerably aid in weight loss. The truth is, fiber makes you feel full faster and helps control food cravings thus helping you stick to your diet.

4. Dairy products

This one’s really cool! Dairy products are calcium-rich sources and according to studies, calcium helps fight fat by preventing the release of the hormone calcitriol which causes fat storage. An expert will agree that plain, low-fat yogurt and skim milk are ideal snacks that that are both rich in protein and calcium.

5. Berries

Read these facts carefully! Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are not just full of antioxidants but these delicious fruits are also helpful in weight loss. These delectable snacks are high in fiber which keeps you satisfied for a long period keeping food cravings at bay. These are definitely one of the best belly-busing foods that are ideal snacks.

Undeniably, these 5 flat stomach foods are just plain awesome! I know that seeing is believing so why not check it out yourself? These glowing words are not fitness myths but based on facts! You be the judge of this benefit!

What can you include as a 6th flat stomach food? If you have additional foods in mind, send them by leaving your comments below.

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