GOOD news about saturated fats

Every few years the Food Industry overlords get a HUGE bee in their bonnet and pick something that they find as the world’s “worst” thing to eat.

We’ve gone from: don’t eat fat to…avoid carbs to…never eat saturated fats…

But a few years later, “new” studies find that something else is the worst thing and the “old” worst thing was in fact not the worst thing but a good thing.

HUH? Confusing!

Being that I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorists, I don’t think this is by accident.

IMH(and a bit paranoid)O, it’s purpose is to create so much confusion the truth remains hidden in a thick, hazy smokescreen.

While the REAL problem remains…

For example, saturated fats have been touted as the worst thing you can put in your body…causing all kinds of heart attacks and strokes or worse.

But are saturated fats really that bad for you?

Well the answer is actually: not totally. In fact some saturated fats are beneficial.

I know. I know…

Everyone is saying how bad they are. But here are some of the benefits of eating the right saturated fats:

* Stroke & Heart Attack prevention

* Bone strength

* Liver protection

* Asthma prevention

* Infectious disease prevention

* Anti-allergy

Now, before you start loading your plate up with mounds of butter-cream sauce, the trick is eating the RIGHT saturated fats and in the right amounts.

When you order the diet solution program, Isabel not only tells you how to take advantage of the benefits of saturated fat but also how to avoid the specific foods that have always been (and continues) to be the REAL problem.

Just understanding this one point, will drastically increase your body’s ability to melt off your belly fat like snow in a desert…

To your success,

P.S. Stop allowing yourself to be pushed around by the Food Industry (design mostly for profit) and start learning for yourself which foods keep you the healthiest and leanest.

P.P.S. Because it’s a balanced approach, you can be sure that the information that you learn and apply here will remain consistent throughout all the ever-changing food fads of the day.

Have saturated fats also made you healthier? Share us in what way by dropping your comments below.

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