Top 3 Long-Term Exercises for Your Ab Workout Routines

Six pack abs require work, dedication, and attention. Even when you already have it, you’ll still need to perform ab workout routinesregularly to maintain muscle definition. I know I do.

True enough, washboard abs are attained by continuous training and conditioning. It’s not something that happens overnight nor is it something that will stay that way without working out.

I find myself wanting to improve or at least maintain how my abs look. That’s why I keep a constant exercise regimen for my whole body and my abdominals, and so should you.

The secret is to start and follow up your ab workout routines with exercises that work your entire abdominal muscle group. That way, your upper abdominals, lower abdominals, and obliques get the attention they need.

Here are some of the most basic yet highly effective abdominal exercises you can do whether you’re just starting your fitness program or maintaining your washboard abs.

1. Ball Crunches. These types of crunches are really good for a long-term abs fitness program because they provide support while working your abdominal muscles. The exercise ball absorbs some of that pressure and, in turn, isolates your core muscles so that your abdominals do most of the work, not your back or neck. Regular floor crunches are OK, too, but I strongly suggest that ball crunches should be part of your permanent ab workout routines.

2. Bicycles. This exercise never gets old simply because it’s very dynamic and really fun to do. Not only that; compared to its simpler counterparts, doing bicycles require a wider range of motion and involve other parts of your body as well. It works your upper and lower abdominals, your obliques, shoulders, arms, lower back, and legs.

Talk about a full body workout.

Bicycles, when done properly and efficiently, will certainly get your entire abdominal muscles toned and buffed. Who knew cycling upside down and in the air could do your abs so much good in the long haul.

3. Weighted Sit Ups. To add resistance in your ab workout routines, weighted sit ups are your best bet. You can start off by using small weight, like water bottles and hardbound books, and then gradually increase their heaviness through time by switching to bigger loads, like a bag of flour or your baby.

Performing three different abs exercises every other day at 3-5 sets each should help build AND maintain six pack abs. Just to give you an idea how to go about it, you can start off with 1 set of ball crunches, followed by 1 set of bicycles, then another set of weighted sit ups. Complete this cycle 3-5 times to work all areas of your abs without straining them.

There are many ways to develop ab workout routines. Just always remember to execute each exercise with care and precision. That should help you get and maintain a great body.

What other exercises should be included as part of your abs routine? Add your own below.

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