Want a Relaxing Exercise to Reduce Your Belly Fat? Learn Yoga!

I am sure you agree with me when I say that sitting in front of your computer everyday in the office has caused you to add a few fat ounces on your belly. And who wouldn’t? With the unmotivated and inactive habits that office life has led you to, it is surely only a matter of time before you all get that nasty excess fat in your tummy. Do you want to learn a good exercise to reduce your belly fat?

However, with your hectic schedules and tiring lifestyles, you probably know and admit the fact that it is difficult for you to sign up in a local gym or fitness center to make sure that you still stay in good shape. You might even find yourself too exhausted to push yourself to exercise to reduce your belly fat, after reaching home from the office even if you wanted to.

I am not going to waste your time anymore then, let me introduce you to the 3 simple yoga exercises that are not only successful in reducing your belly fat but also proven to help you relax and prepare you for a good and restful night of sleep. Here’s how to do the meditative exercises:

  • Sukhasana Yoga Asana: Sit in basic crossed-leg position. Slide our heels away from each other so that they rest under your knees. This incredibly works your hips and belly. Then take your feet forward so your shins are in a horizontal line. Reach out your fingertips as far as you can in front of your legs, and then drop your head so you face the floor. Remember to make your breathing constant. Repeat at least ten times.
  • Naukasana Yoga Asana: Another yoga exercise to reduce your belly fat is to follow these steps: Lie down on any flat surface and lift your legs and upper torso at a 30 degree-angle and hold the position for thirty seconds. Then release the lift and breathe. Remember, do this regimen at least ten times then increase as desired.  This is one wonderful yoga exercise to reduce belly fat as it tightens and tenses your upper and lower belly muscles.
  • Ushtrasana Yoga Asana: So you want one more meditative exercise to reduce your belly fat? This is how it is done. First, stand on your knees making sure that your heels face upward. Then put your hands close to your knees with your back arched in a wide U position. Count 30 seconds then return to initial pose. Repeat for at least ten times then increase as desired. Listen here, this yoga exercise is guaranteed to reduce belly fat as it releases the tension on your belly muscles to balance the contraction.

I am sure that once you have mastered at least one yoga exercise to reduce your belly fat and make it a usual part of your routine before going to bed, you’ll immediately see the results in a few weeks. Check these fantastic exercises out yourself and be prepared to say goodbye to belly fat and hello sexy!

What yoga exercise have you tried that works? Share it with us by entering your comments below.

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