how to get NO GYM abs

Every time I go into a gym, no matter where it is, there’s always a “cardio” section.

And when I look around, I see many people doing many different things:

* Some are listening to their MP3 players
* Some are watching the little TV screens attached to the machine
* Some are reading a magazine, while they go through the motions
* Some look utterly bored and ready to go home

The one thing that I rarely see in the “cardio” area: LEAN bodies!

This is because most of what we have learned about cardio and fat burning is just NOT true.

In fact, study after study is showing that, while popular and preached by most gym teachers and personal trainers, traditional cardio is just not producing phenomenal results.

There is a “cardio 2.0” that has been around for a number of years and used secretly by some of the leanest bodies out there…

The ones you see on magazines but their secrets rarely shared with the public. Until now…

Craig Ballantyne is one of the few fitness experts that shares the insider secrets to leaning up fast…even without a gym.

I call it the “gym-free abs” workout and gives you an impressive lean body in just eight weeks right in the comfort of your home…or even outside (if you’re feeling adventurous)

But the best part is that you’ll be doing “real” fat-burning movements that your body will love – not the conveyor-belt training, one-dimensional movement you get on the typical cardio machine.

So run on over to turbulence training, pick up your copy and start sculpting your body this evening.

To a LEAN you,

PS. I forgot to tell you, the basics of this program is also included as a $0 bonus when you get the truth about abs.

Ready. Get set. Go!…

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