The Top Six Pack Abs Muscle Exercise

If you’ve been dying to make your spare tire into a six-pack, you are not alone. Sculpting abdominal muscles seems to be a national obsession. Just look at the amount of infomercials on television in the last few years that have products claiming to create the washboard stomach of your dreams!

Fortunately, there are effective six pack abs muscle exercises that you can do in your very own home, with very little equipment that will sculpt your body the way that you want!

Before we start describing the six pack abs muscle exercises, there are a few tips we need to cover. First, know that in order to create the washboard stomach of your dreams…you need to commit to doing the exercises! This is not something that’s going to happen overnight, folks. Practice makes perfect, and regular exercise makes a perfect set of abs.

Secondly, spot training like these ab exercises work…but only if you don’t have a huge layer of fat covering up your stomach. If you are overweight, you need to commit to doing aerobic workouts too to whittle down your overall weight. Only then will you be able to see the benefits of your six pack abs muscle exercises.

Finally, get a journal, spreadsheet, wall calendar..whatever you like…to track your progress. Invest in a tape measure (they are really not that expensive) and record your waist size weekly. On the weeks that you feel you aren’t getting anywhere, look back to your measurements. Those will show you the real picture!

Now on to the six pack abs muscle exercises!

1. Abdominal Crunch

You can perform this lying on the ground or leaning on a large fitness ball. This old standby will sculpt your abs like no other exercise out there. Place your hands lightly on the sides of your head and lean your head back. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then lift your chin towards the ceiling. Even though it sounds odd, the tongue part is really important!

2. Alternating Leg Extensions

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Bring both of your knees up into the air, and then extend one leg out in front of you. Keep the other knee pulled in. At the same time, bring your opposite shoulder towards the bent knee. Try to touch your elbow to your opposite knee. Switch sides and repeat.

3. Reverse Crunch

This really helps target the lower abdominal muscles. Lie with your arms out toward your sides and palms against the floor. Lift your hips and bent knees off of the floor by pulling in your lower abs. Then return them to the floor.

These six pack abs muscle exercise should be repeated on alternating days, or every day, depending on your fitness level. Remember to track your progress and give yourself time to sculpt your middle.

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