Workouts For A Flat Stomach

If you’ve been looking at workouts for a flat stomach, you know that there are a lot of them. Not all are sensible or even possible for many people just starting an abs exercise routine. If you are having problems figuring out where to start, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Your general health – age, weight, overall health
  • Injuries or conditions – back problems, fatigue, or pregnancy
  • Where you can exercise and the time available

Don’t know where to begin? Try making an appointment at a gym. Most larger gyms want to give you a tour with their sales pitch, and that will include a discussion with a trainer. Ask questions specific to your situation.

  1. What can I do safely, with my back condition?
  2. What is a good beginning program?
  3. How late or early do you open?

If they offer a free trial, take it. It will get you started, with enough instruction to make sure you do your exercises properly, without strain. Most gyms offer equipment that you don’t have at home.

Try it out to see if it’s comfortable for you. You may decide to stay with it for awhile, or discover that you can do this all at home and save yourself both time and money.

If you are pregnant, or have other health conditions, many hospitals and therapy facilities offer programs specifically for you. Ask your doctor, therapist, or fitness professional to see what’s available in your area.

There is also the question of active versus passive exercise to consider.

Most active programs include weights, crunches, bicycles and curls, which can be hard on your back. Passive exercise includes, isometrics, yoga, stretching, swimming and water exercises. These are all less straining on other parts of your body, but can take longer to perform.

Time can be a factor, if you’re on an offbeat schedule. However, most larger cities now have late hours or 24 hour gyms that you can use. The benefit of going later or very early is that you never have to wait to use something. The drawback is not all gyms that are open around the clock offer group exercise during their off hours.

Sorting through exercise programs becomes a little easier, after you figured out what you are capable of doing. Once you have gotten started on a program, let your intuition take over. It won’t take much to realize you are overdoing it. Soreness is alright, but pain is a sure indicator that you need modification of your program. Cut back and try something less strenuous.

Remember to eat healthy, and drink lots of fluids along with those workouts for a flat stomach. You’ll get faster results and feel better while your are getting it. Good hunting.

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