11 minutes to get ripped

Think you have no time to exercise?

Well, after skimming through an article in November’s issue of Men’s Health, I realize that this excuse is no longer gonna fly.

In fact, you can do a blood-pumping, fat-busting, get-ripped abs workout in just about 11 minutes

Yep! 11 minutes!

So ditch the old and tired “I don’t have time” excuse (that’s so
2011), take a deep breath and prepare to burn off your gut-blubber faster than you ever thought possible!

And what’s funny, is that I ACCIDENTALLY found this little gem workout on page 121 of the truth about abs.

He calls it, “My Advanced Secret Weapon Exercises” and it does everything you need a workout to do: tone/build muscle and melt off belly fat like a torch.

But it does it all in minutes – not hours!

And the results?

Let’s just say: you do this workout for just a few weeks- giving it all you got…

and I can guarantee you’ll be shocked and amazed at how great you look and how fast the results came.


Still worrying about time?

Well here are a few ways to find the 11 minutes you need:

1) Log off of Facebook – studies have shown that you spend at least 15 minutes a day on Facebook. There’s your 15 minutes.

2) Record your tv shows and skip through the commercials – an hour-long show is really only about 40 to 42 minutes of real content. The rest are commercials. There is 18 to 20 minutes right there.

3) Check your e-mails only once or twice a day – checking e-mails is probably the biggest time killer. Cutting back on this will easily give you another 15 to 20 minutes each day.


No more excuses…

Zoom on over to the truth about abs and start getting the body that you deserve in record time…

To a lean you in 2012!

PS. Also, on page 14, Mike shows you how to take control of what you eat (a huge part of getting lean abs) without doing some ridiculous fad diet or starving yourself.

It’s all there… Just add YOU…

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