Flat Stomach Diet Secrets, Revealed!

Who else wants a slimmer and toner tummy?  Everyone knows there is no getting around ageing. Picture yourself five years from now, you know it might be impossible to keep your flat belly and slim waist, don’t you? How many times have you been scolding yourself every time you fail to eat healthy or refuse to even take the stairs instead of an elevator?  But suppose you could do a solid commitment, the question is, do flat stomach diet secrets really work?

Let’s face it! I know you’ve been struggling from your unhealthy lifestyle. Gastronomically speaking, this is a time when everything can be enjoyed in a snap – instant coffee, instant noodles, instant meal, etc., in fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Pizza Hut

As you enjoy every bite with gusto, you obliviously take in more than what is necessary and over indulge. You forget that after the feasting pleasure, excessive servings of foods connote calories, weight gain, and bulging belly!

Here is the opportunity for you to uncover guaranteed and risk-free flat stomach diet secrets that can change how you see yourself and give that fabulous physique that you always wanted.

The Trick is to Maintain a Strong Mind Set!

Are you still pining over that T-bone in the fridge? How about those luscious, glimmering fried chicken in the bucket? Come on. Be a vegan for a while. Remember that animal meat has more calories and more chemical compounds that do not only add to your excess belly fat but also cause diseases.

If you’re still not moved, think of your huge body frame with cholesterol, protruding belly and heart problems. Think of the good benefits of herbs and vegetables in your body. For more graphic motivation, try to imitate the pose of the reed-thin model in Vogue magazine chewing on carrot stick with style. See, this simple flat stomach diet secret can make you look like her. OK, let’s proceed.

Healthy Fats, Protein and Carbs Combo!

You may have already heard that eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day is one of the proven steps to flatten the belly. Now, you might be thinking, “what should I eat”? It surprises me how most people starve themselves to death or stick to eating salads all day long. You don’t have to suffer, okay? There are tons of delicious low-calorie, low-carb recipes you can actually follow.

Keep in mind that you must include healthy fats such as olive oil, walnuts, natural peanut butter, almonds, etc. to your diet. Do you also need to include protein-rich foods? Yes, definitely! Protein aids in rebuilding the muscles after your workout.

Now listen closely! Complex carbohydrates are a must-have in your diet because these are your body’s primary source of energy. A list of flat stomach diet secrets includes good carbs which are also high in fiber. Some great examples of complex carbs are cereals, whole grain breads, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, low-fat yogurt, muesli, fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a secret, what you should avoid are simple carbohydrates such as cake, ice cream (fat-free or not), pasta and bread made with white flour, beer, wine, table sugar, corn syrup, candy, etc. Why? Here’s a fact for you, according to World Health Organization (WHO), sugars and other simple carbs are the leading cause of obesity epidemic worldwide. Think about this, belly fat is nothing as compared to an obese body.  Saying “NO!” to excess sugar is easier said than done, but you’ve got to do this to get a flat stomach.

Hydrate Yourself!

You probably know that drinking lots of water offers several benefits. Forget about unnecessary nibbling in between meals. FACT! Apart from flushing your system of dreadful toxins, drinking 8-12 glasses daily can make you stay fuller longer! If you are seriously committed to this diet, you’ve got to say no to soda and sugary drinks. Avoid extra sugar!

This list of easy-to-do flat stomach diet secrets opens an opportunity to change your lifestyle and to feel better about your own skin. I can’t wait till you try this strategy! You know what, don’t believe me, believe yourself!

Have the same strategies worked for you? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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a short abs quiz

Okay. Here’s a short quiz I think you will find very interesting…

Craig Ballantyne, a fitness trainer from Toronto along with Mike Zimmerman of Men’s Fitness designed a very unique abs experiment.

It go something like this:

Three identical triplets, Craig, Chris and Curt Kuhn set out to build great abs in 8 weeks.

Each had the same height, weight and genetics but each had a different approach:

1) Craig was only able to do ONE set of a few weight training exercises and several short sprint burst each lasting only 30 seconds each.

2) Chris got right to it and decided to do as many as 300 crunches EACH day and one set of several weight training exercises 3 times a week.

3) Curt chose to totally focus on cardio, running between 30 and 45 min. three times a week.

So, here’s your test question:

At the end of eight weeks which identical triplet will build the best, most ripped abs?


If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you probably guessed Craig (#1) and you’d be right.

Chris and Curt fell into two common mistakes people make when trying to get a flat belly:

– doing too much cardio or

– doing too many crunches or situps

And even though Craig one this challenge (and the bragging rights), he could’ve had even better results in less time.

Fitness guru Craig Ballantyne proved AGAIN with this simple experiment the power and effectiveness of his best-selling program, turbulence training.

No longer do you have to follow some complicated diet and exercise program only to end up with little to no results.

Keep it simple and work with your body’s natural fat-burning, metabolism-boosting processes and start getting lean abs the easy way: by letting nature do the sculpting work for you.

All the best,

P.S. Here’s what Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS, Men’s Health Training Adviser says about Turbulence Training:

“The single most effective fat loss training system in the world today. I’ve used it. I’ve studied it. It works faster and more effectively than any other method.”

What are you waiting for…Go get your LEAN Abs…

What’s your biggest flat belly mistake? Share your experience by adding your comments below.

avoid these flat belly disasters

I‘ve seen many disasters…

  • Kim Kardasian’s marriage
  • Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery
  • The first time I tried to cook a Thanksgiving Dinner (it was very bad!)

But I’ve also seen a lot of flat-belly disasters…

Here are the top 5 common ones:

1) Focusing too much on ‘abs’ exercises – when you want to get lean abs, doing lots of crunches may pop into your mind. But if you got more than an ounce of cheese on your belly…don’t fall into the crunches/ sit-ups trap.

2) Starving to lose weight – you would think that skipping a few meals might work great.

No calories = No Fat…right?

Absolutely not!

In fact, due to human biology, it has the very opposite effect: you actually pack on MORE fat…

3) Doing too much cardio – let me first admit that I absolutely hate cardio. So I’m a little biased…

But with that said, doing too much cardio can actually lead to muscle loss and increased fat storage.

4) Eating ‘diet’ foods – the multi-Billion dollar food industry loves to sell you so-called “diet” foods and drinks.

But they know that these foods actually make you MORE fat which in turn makes you want to buy more of their “diet” hoax products.

5) Eating “low-fat” foods – not all fat add “jiggle-osity” to your body. In fact, eating healthy fats will make you lose belly fat, not gain it- but only if you do it in the right way.

These only represent the top five common flat-belly blunders-I see folks doing many, many more.

And even if you avoid these 5, you still may fall into other common ab mistakes – some much worse than the 5 above!

So, why not make it easy for yourself by learning the simple and proven way to get lean abs fast?

All the Best!

p.s. Save yourself the struggle and frustration that comes along with doing a lot of hard work but getting NO results…

Why not learn the quickest way?

Have you had your own flat belly disaster? Tell us how you overcame it through the comment box below.

fat sick and nearly DEAD

The other day, I sat down to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix.

It’s about a really cool AUSTRALIAN guy named, Joe Cross, that had a typical AMERICAN story…

He’s incredibly busy with life (e.g. career, social life, etc.) and, like many of us, neglected his health until at a whopping 325lbs, he found himself FAT, SICK and feeling Nearly Dead at 40!

I mean, this man’s gut drooped 3-4 inches below his belt and he required X different medications just to function.

After being totally fed up with his pill-popping, beer-gut life, he does something DRASTIC…

For 60 days (and under doctor supervision), he drinks nothing but fresh fruit & vegetable juice.

And because the fruit & veggies went from farmer’s market to his juicer, right into his mouth…

he was guaranteed the most life-giving, unprocessed juice available–unlike what you find at your local grocery store…

After only 60 days he:

* Lost 100lbs!

* Went from a typical, frumpy middle-aged looking man to and energetic, fit guy that looked YEARS younger and got a whole lot more attention from the ladies ;)

So, why am I sharing this story with you?

No, I don’t think everyone should go on a 60-day juice fast–especially without doctor supervision, but…

Here are some lessons I think you’ll find very useful:

1) Just eating mostly unprocessed food can help you lose excess

belly fat withOUT calorie counting.

2) Most foods in the grocery store are processed–even the ones

labeled “natural”.

3) Processed foods make us Fat, Sick and malnourished.

4) It’s beyond just lean abs, it’s about your long-term health.

Putting all the pieces together can seem overwhelming; but it’s not


If Joe Cross can do it, you really, really can do it too.

To help you get through the maze of nutrition information, what to eat…and most importantly what NOT to eat…

Isabel Del Rios has created a program where she takes you by the hand and shows you how to live the lean abs lifestyle by EATING real foods!

At any rate…

No matter where you are, you only need to take the first step.

Order the diet solution today and say “no” to diet schemes and pills and “yes” to the simple and quick way to EAT for lean abs.

All the Best!

P.S. Isabel’s program comes with a “Quick Start Guide” so that you can start your lean abs lifestyle as soon as you download the program…

How easy is that?

Take a quick ‘minuto’ and give it a look…

So what is your own diet story? Share it with us by leaving your comments below.

How Do Cardio Exercises Help You Achieve A Sexy Flat Stomach

The key in getting a sexy flat stomach is through cardio exercises. All of the cardio exercises, as long as they get your heart rate up and increase your metabolism, can burn fat off your body, including the stubborn fat deposits in your belly. The last portion of your body that sheds fat is your stomach area, that’s why abdominal exercises alone won’t get you that sexy flat stomach. They are merely used for toning the stomach muscles.

If you have lots of body fats to burn, it would be best to start your cardio exercises earlier on so that you can get a flat stomach in no time. By shedding off your fat deposits first, getting a more toned and sexier six pack abs wouldn’t be that hard to achieve. Don’t you ever wonder why your gym trainer recommends undergoing cardio exercises first before doing your muscle toning routine? He simply wants you to burn those fats first for efficient muscle build-up later on.

Cardio exercises keep everyone slim and fit in Hollywood as well as in the tough world of modeling and it’s time for you to follow their example. They certainly mention doing Pilates or Yoga for their sexy flat stomachs but they simply do these because they have fully eliminated their body fat. As long as you have eliminated your body fat with regular cardio exercises, getting that sexy flat stomach will be easier to achieve.

In what way has cardio helped you? Make yourself heard by entering your comments below.