Get Six Pack Abs Fast – Push Yourself with Bodyweight Exercises

What are Bodyweight Exercises?

Doing bodyweight exercises is one way to get six pack abs fast. These exercises are done when you’re moving freely; performing strength training without involving any free weights or exercise machines.

If you’re a little strapped for cash and you can’t afford to sign up for gym a membership, then this type of workout is just right for you. Here’s what you’ll need: enough room to move around, a yoga mat, and some serious determination to achieve quick six pack abs.

Bodyweight exercises can be completed anywhere, anytime. That’s the beauty of it. With just a few clicks on your web browser, you can access information about these exercises and start that six pack abs workout right then and there.

To get six pack abs fast, check out these common bodyweight exercises:

  • Push up
  • Press up
  • Pull ups
  • Russian Twist

These techniques allow your body to find balance while significantly burning more calories. THE MORE CALORIES YOU BURN, THE FASTER YOU SEE RESULTS!

Bench Press vs. Push-up

Some people are still not convinced by the effectiveness of bodyweight workouts for quick six pack abs. They believe that using gym equipment, such as bench press, is more efficient. But that is not necessarily true, especially if you want to get six pack abs fast.

With a bench press machine, your weight is pressing up against your chest. Sure, you work your chest, shoulders, and triceps with this technique. But here’s the catch — your bench press does the balancing FOR you.

Push-ups, on the other hand, do more for your body. Once you lower your body to the floor using both arms, your upper extremities and shoulders start to feel tight while your abdominal muscles contract. With push-ups, you do all the work and you GAIN MORE from it.

Bodyweight exercises provide high-intensity workouts without having to spend a dime on anything. No doubt, this is a very effective technique to get six pack abs fast.

Brush up on other bodyweight exercises that are available online, push yourself during your six pack abs workout, and you’ll soon see astounding results.

Have you tried bodyweight exercises? Share your experience below.

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