Your Questions Answered: Lean abs at 58?

Today, let’s do a quick Q&A:

Question: “I am 58 years old. I am doing a lot of exercising, trying to eat right and getting plenty of rest. My question, Is it to late for me to get six pack abs?”

TRAVIS:I love this question because I’m pushing 40 and I personally know that you can have great abs at any age…

In fact, I recently supported my friend, Eric, in a fitness contest and the BIG winner was 45 years old!

He CLOBBERED all the 20 & 30 year old competition…

YES! There’s hope as we age :)

Bottomline, it’s never too late to have you lean abs.

In fact, it may even save your life.

I’ll talk more about this in another email…

But for now, remember:

It’s NOT enough to just eat the “right” foods and exercise…

you’ve got to have a balance of the right mindset, the right exercise strategy and the right eating habits AND do this all in the right way…

Otherwise, you’re wasting your time, setting yourself up for injury and sabotaging your potential lean ab results.


1) Eating the right foods makes sure that you will not only get all your necessary nutrients and avoid the harmful effects of a popular “Western” diet…

…but by eating these foods in the right way, your triggering your body’s automatic fat burning mechanism–a must when you’re trying to get a six pack.

2) Doing the right exercises, in the right way ensures that you’re getting the lean results you want…

…without spending unnecessary hours exercising–opening yourself up to the potential of serious injury and over-training.

3) Having the right mindset is crucial and is often overlooked. In many ways, this is the first important step to building a lean body and one most people overlook.


Don’t worry…

It’s all very simple and becomes second nature once you understand how to properly strike the right balance...

Second Question…

Question: “I am [a] 30 years old woman. i am almost thin. with 163 [5′ 4″] cm heigh and 50 kg [110lbs] weight. i do aerobic 2 times a week and the abs [exercises] but the only fat part of my body is my abs. [especially] when i eat something. and it is not works for me when i keep a diet or for example [omit] my dinner for a mount. my question is that is just more [exercises] or keep special diet,thanks”

TRAVIS: Yep! I get this question a whole lot – especially from women.

Ladies, you are making this much harder than it is by listening to many the popular culture advice out there–96% of the advice is keeping you with excess fat.

It’s all set up to keep you reading their magazines and buying their miracle pills and creams.

Here’s the real:

* “Diets” make you fat.

* Skipping meals makes you fat.

* Doing too much cardio makes you fat.

* Starving yourself makes you fat

* Depriving yourself of “bad” foods makes you fat.

* Stressing out over your weight makes you fat.

Do yourself a favor… wipe out most of what you think about when it comes to being lean and having lean abs.

If you want to know the simplest and quickest way to get lean and STAY lean (no more Yo-Yo’ing), you must watch this video and follow its advice….

To your success!

p.s. Whether you’re a man or woman, getting lean abs is simple but you have to eat and exercise right or you’re guaranteed to get slow or no results…or worst, gain MORE fat.

Stop following the (chubby) crowd’s advise and start getting results today

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