Top 10 Myths to Getting Six Pack Abs

Ok, Getting six pack abs isn’t impossible, especially if you are equipped with the right information. Weeding out the facts from the myths is a great way to start your journey toward sexy, ripped abs. Read on and discover what you should (and shouldn’t) do when it comes to toning your midsection.

Myth #1: “Diet pills will melt all my existing fat away.” Relying on diet pills and supplements may seem like a quick-fix, but don’t let laziness get the best of you. You need to be really careful about these things because most could ultimately cause more harm than good.

Myth #2: “I can eat as much fat as I want for as long as I exercise.” Getting six pack abs will require a sense of balance. That means you still need to watch what you eat WHILE you work out.

Myth #3: “Fat bellies are passed on in the genes so no matter what I do, I can never get six pack abs.” Our physical make-up does affect the rate in which we burn fat. However, it doesn’t mean that fat belly is an irredeemable family curse.

Myth #4: “A sure-fire way to remove belly flab is through liposuction and slimming abdominal wraps.” These clinical procedures may physically get rid of fat, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get ripped abs. You don’t have to go through such drastic, EXPENSIVE measures only to realize later that they are not the solution to getting six pack abs.

Myth #5: “Zero carb diets work!” Sure, they give you the ILLUSION that you’re burning fat for the first couple of weeks. But it’s also rendering you physically weak because you need energy derived from carbohydrates to function properly.

Myth #6: “Cutting down calories way below the acceptable range will help me burn fat fast.” Starving yourself screws up with your metabolism, which determines how fast you can potentially burn fat.

Myth #7: “Doing cardio or aerobic exercises at a steady pace for long periods at a time will burn more fat.” Doing them in intervals and varying speeds, even for 20-30 minutes, is actually more effective in getting six pack abs.

Myth #8: “Saunas and steam baths will burn all the fat right off my belly and other parts of my body as well.” Saunas are mainly for alleviating muscle tension, not burning fat. Staying in one for too long can even cause major dehydration.

Myth #9: “Weight training is a complete waste of time.” When aiming for six pack abs, it’s important to think HOLISTIC. Weight training is just as important as full body and targeted exercises.

Myth #10: “Doing endless reps of crunches and sit ups alone will eliminate fat around my belly.” Similar to myth #9, you need to do variations of exercises to get a complete and effective workout. Crunches and sit ups are great, but you’ll also need to incorporate full body workouts to really burn excess fat.

In summary,consider these 10 myths to getting six pack abs and take action – the right way, right now and continue to learn the truth about six pack abs!

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