Burn off Belly Fat – 3 Best Workout Routine Techniques

Doing the right workout routine is very important in building ripped abs. For you to burn off belly fat, concentrating on one exercise is not enough. You should not only do cardio and abs targeting workouts but also perform the proper WHOLE body routines. This way, you will burn off belly fat fast.

This guideline will help you execute the best workout routine to get six pack abs:

1. Stretching

Most people would just take this out of the workout routine, but let me tell you what you are missing. There are a lot of benefits to stretching. It can maintain joint health, flexibility, help speed up your muscle recovery and restoration, and, not to mention, help burn off belly fat. It plays a great role in your resistance training and it can also prevent you from having injuries.

The two types of stretching are static and dynamic. Both can be very beneficial in improving flexibility, restoration and recovery of your muscle groups. You can always choose to do it in different ways like pre-sprinting workout, post-workout or dedicated flexibility workout.  Here’s an overview what these types of workout mean:

  • Pre-sprinting workout is the type of stretch you do before doing high speed exercises such us cardio, swimming or running.
  • You perform post workout stretching after a certain workout routine. This helps a lot in increasing muscle recovery.
  • Dedicated flexibility workout is a session that is dedicated to stretching alone.  This type of workout will stretch your whole body but concentrating on your tighter muscle groups.

You can get a fair amount of stretching techniques to burn off belly fat when you read “Meltdown” by John Alvino.

2. Core-Specific Exercises

Now you should focus on your target. When you want to have ripped abs, doing abdominal exercises is one way to do it. Core-specific exercises will concentrate on toning and sculpting your mid section.

Some of the very basic yet highly successful abs-targeting exercises are crunches and bicycles. You can do 5-10 reps of each exercise at first, and then gradually increase your reps as you do it every day.

3. Complete Body Workouts

Complete body workouts are good in toning your muscles all over. In addition to that, it can also increase your body resistance and metabolism to burn off belly fat faster. Complete body workouts include full body resistance training and other exercises such as calisthenics, push-ups, pull-ups, weight lifting and yoga.

This best workout routine when done properly with consistency can definitely burn off belly fat. Always remember that with this routine you will shape your mid section, tone all the muscles in your entire body and lessen the possibility of injuries. I bet nothing can be as perfect as that!

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How to Burn Belly Fat Fast through a Successful Diet

If you want to burn belly fat fast, good exercise is just not enough. All the hard work will be useless if you don’t know how to follow a correct and successful diet. Many reading materials suggest different ideas about the right diet for your workout. The question is, is it really successful?

When you’re on a diet, it doesn’t mean that you only have to eat crackers and one full meal a day. That’s not how it works.

Knowing the right food to eat plays a big role in building your muscle. It is important to remember certain guidelines on following a successful diet to burn belly fat fast. Let me show you 3 essential facts on diet for six pack abs:

1. Consume Protein Rich Food

Protein is extremely important in building lean muscles. It also accelerates your metabolism and stabilizes your energy levels. Furthermore, it can help reconstruct new cells and repair existing cells.

Lean meat, fish, eggs, low-fat yogurt and beans are some of the foods which are high in protein. You might want to include these in your meals, especially after you workout. You want your abdominal muscles to be in great condition to burn belly fat fast.

2. Carbohydrates are Good


Many experts claimed that carbs are not good for your diet. They say that carbohydrates make you gain fat. Actually, they do have a point in a certain way. We can’t deny the truth that consuming A LOT of carbs can really make you fat. However, excluding carbs in your diet will not give you six pack abs. Why?

Lack of carbohydrates in your diet can lead to muscle loss. It can decrease your metabolic rate. Thus, you must know what kinds of food to eat that contain good carbs. This is essential when you really want to burn belly fat fast because carbs are great source of energy. It also refuels our body cells.  You will need that when you work hard for six pack abs.

You should eat foods rich in fiber like green leafy vegetables. Carbohydrates are also good depending on sources you want to eat. To burn belly fat fast, you should avoid processed foods and refined grains because these are the starchy carbs that can be bad for your diet. You can concentrate on eating unrefined and natural carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal. Another substance you should avoid is sugar. The only acceptable sugary substance you can eat is fructose, mostly found in fruits. But, you must not eat too much fruit.

3. Eating Healthy Fats


Most people are afraid to include fats in their diet. Well, the truth is, you shouldn’t be.  Fats have a great effect in a fat loss diet. It helps you control hunger, blood sugar and insulin. Determining the healthy ones from the bad ones is all you need to do to burn belly fat fast.

You must avoid the two worst fats found in foods today: trans fat and saturated fat.  Trans fat are man-made fats found in baked goods and margarine products.  You can find saturated fat in animal protein source and dairy fats like cheese, whole milk and red meats. Both kinds of fat cannot only affect your workout badly but also it can cause harmful diseases like heart problems.

However, fat sources like olive oil, nuts and soybeans are healthy fats that contribute to fat loss and lowering cholesterol level. So, include these types of food in your diet.

Just follow these three important facts in your diet and you will see good results. Excellent exercise with the right dietary plan can definitely burn belly fat fast. Not to mention it will also lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

How Do Cardio Exercises Help You Achieve A Sexy Flat Stomach

The key in getting a sexy flat stomach is through cardio exercises. All of the cardio exercises, as long as they get your heart rate up and increase your metabolism, can burn fat off your body, including the stubborn fat deposits in your belly. The last portion of your body that sheds fat is your stomach area, that’s why abdominal exercises alone won’t get you that sexy flat stomach. They are merely used for toning the stomach muscles.

If you have lots of body fats to burn, it would be best to start your cardio exercises earlier on so that you can get a flat stomach in no time. By shedding off your fat deposits first, getting a more toned and sexier six pack abs wouldn’t be that hard to achieve. Don’t you ever wonder why your gym trainer recommends undergoing cardio exercises first before doing your muscle toning routine? He simply wants you to burn those fats first for efficient muscle build-up later on.

Cardio exercises keep everyone slim and fit in Hollywood as well as in the tough world of modeling and it’s time for you to follow their example. They certainly mention doing Pilates or Yoga for their sexy flat stomachs but they simply do these because they have fully eliminated their body fat. As long as you have eliminated your body fat with regular cardio exercises, getting that sexy flat stomach will be easier to achieve.

In what way has cardio helped you? Make yourself heard by entering your comments below.

How Did I Lose My Belly Fat – My Success Secrets

Losing weight requires hard work.  Yet, if you don’t do it right, you’ll waste all your efforts.  At first, I did not even think that losing weight could be easy for me.  I have searched everywhere for the right tools that will help me lose my belly fat.

A lot of products claim they have the answer for your six pack abs goal.  However, how will you know which one says the truth about it all?  That’s why I want to share with you my 3 little secrets which had helped me lose my belly fat in no time.  Just continue reading and you’ll see that you can get six pack abs like a piece of cake.

1. Choosing the Right Food to Eat.

You might consider dieting as a painful task.  When I was planning a diet to lose my belly fat, I thought this meant I need to restrain myself from eating.  Well, that’s not how it is.  When you want to build six pack abs, you need to live a healthy well-balanced diet.  Not eating the right food which contains the proper nutrition will not make your body lean, instead, you will experience muscle loss.

A successful diet for six pack abs should contain hi-protein and well-balanced meals.  Also include foods which contain good fats like avocado, vegetable oil and nuts. This kind of diet will increase your metabolism and build lean muscles all over your body.

2. Full Body and Abs-Targeting Workouts Combined.


When I started working out to lose my belly fat, I made a big mistake.  I thought that cardio workout is the best way to get six pack abs.  Truth is cardio workouts can burn fat but not as good as full body workouts.  Performing full body workouts can tone every muscle group in your entire body.  It increases your body resistance and burns fat faster.  Push-ups, weight lifting, swimming and yoga are some of the full body exercises you can do.

As you go on, you also need to focus on sculpting muscles in your midsection.  Doing abs-targeting exercises help you tone and shape your abdominal muscles.  Crunches and bicycles are two of the simplest, yet effective, abs-targeting exercises. That’s what I did to lose my belly fat.

Remember, to get six pack abs, the key is HARD WORK. Combined abs-targeting exercises and full body workouts will boost your training program to the highest level.

3. Stocking up on the Right Tools


At some part of my training, I get intimidated with all the work I have to do to lose my belly fat.  Sometimes, I also don’t know the proper way to perform my training. I wanted to get the most out of my workouts, so I searched for the complete tool that can help me achieve my six pack abs goal.  I want the tools that will keep me motivated and make working out fun.

You don’t need to buy any expensive equipment to lose weight easy.  You can do your workouts anywhere you want at any time suitable for you. Interactive workout videos and workout music are some of the tools you want to have in handy. Also, you want to read books that will give a complete guideline for your six pack abs program.  This will give you more tips on how to do your exercises properly.  Not to mention, these reading materials will also provide a good dietary chart to help you keep track of the foods you should eat.

These 3 secrets that helped me lose my belly fat will, no doubt, get you six pack abs faster.  Who knows, maybe next time, you’ll be the one revealing your lean body secrets.

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How to Reduce Fat Belly – 5 Tips

Your old pair of jeans from 10 years ago must be bringing back old memories and will leave you nostalgic for days. You always feel disappointed because you no longer have the slender waistline you once had before the kids or before all the beers.

Well cast all the negative thoughts away, because it is possible to bring back that old flat belly. You don’t have to drown in nostalgia because listed here are 6 great tips on how to reduce fat belly.

1. Goal Setting and Right Motivation.

In any endeavor, you should always know what you want to achieve and your purpose for achieving it. When talking about how to reduce fat belly, you need to have the right motivation with the correct guideline.

If you don’t have a clear goal, and you don’t know why you want those goals, your efforts will be pointless. This can make you lose your desire to do the task even before you started doing it.

2. Plan and Follow the Set Regimen.

Making plans on how to reduce fat belly is important. Yet, sticking with this plan is as essential.

Start making a regimen and a timetable that you can follow. This way, you can focus more on your routines because it is YOU who determined the pros and cons beforehand.

3. Overcome Negativity and Criticisms You Here from Others.

Once you go about reducing belly fat, you will face criticism and negativity around you. Your detractors will scrutinize your age, strengths and weaknesses.  They will try to ruin your motivation.

Don’t let this discourage you.  Keep in mind that you are doing this for yourself and not for them.

4. Understand Nutrition and Exercise.

Following a diet is one of the strategies on how to reduce fat belly.  However, whoever said that diet means “not to eat” is obviously not smart. Remember that exercise and proper nutrition are the two most important aspects of reducing belly fat.

If you only eat right and not exercise, your body will not develop or grow stronger.  Just the same, if you do exercise while eating all the wrong foods, you are just wasting time and effort.

A good balance of proper nutrition and exercise will get you to your goal.

5. The Use of Cardio and Weights Exercises.

One common misconception is that cardio alone will reduce belly fat.  That goes the same for weight training.  You must understand, all your efforts will be useless if you will ONLY do one exercise or just the other.

We need to keep in mind that both cardio and weight training should be part of your exercise routine.  By doing this, you can develop your agility and strength simultaneously.

These techniques will bring you a step closer to perfectly ripped abs. Just keep up with your plan and you will be fine.

Remember, your hard work and patience will eventually pay off.  Who knows, someday you will give advice on how to reduce fat belly.

Are there other tips you can add from personal experience? Let us know and input your comments below.