3 Amazing Tummy Fat Exercise

Battling a gut bulge or beer belly? Are you tired of waking up early in the morning for outdoor exercise? You can actually do this amazing tummy fat exercise anytime you want. There are abdominal exercises you can do that would surely and amazingly burn the fat around your tummy.

Here are 3 amazing exercises the bust belly fat real good:

1. Crunch (Curl-Up). Using the correct technique is more important than how many crunches you can do. This exercise develops your upper abdominal muscles.

Lie on the floor with your knees bent, keep your arms extended or crossed, and place your hands on your shoulders or your palms on your ears. If desired, you can rest your legs on the bench to increase difficulty. For less resistance, move your hands higher. Curl up until your shoulder blades leave the floor. With each crunch, pull your bellybutton to the floor as if concaving or sucking in your stomach, and then roll down to the starting position and repeat the steps.

2. Reverse Curl. This exercise develops your lower abdominal muscles.

Lie on the floor. Bend your knees, place your feet flat on the floor, and place your arms at your sides. Lift your knees toward your chest, raising your hips off the floor; do not let your knees go past your shoulders. Return to the starting position and repeat the steps.

3. Pelvic Tilt – This exercise develops the muscles of your abdomen and buttocks. Assume a supine position with your knees bent and slightly apart. Press your spine down on the floor and hold for several seconds. Keep your abdominal and gluteal muscles tightened.

If you do tummy fat exercises correctly and without momentum, 12 repetitions of each exercise will be sufficient to feel a burn in your muscles and exhaustion. Remember, if you can do 100 or more steps of anything, you are not doing the exercise in the most efficient way. Just carefully and mindfully follow the exact steps of your tummy fat exercises and keep doing them. Surely you will achieve a great flat and sexy tummy in the future.

Do not let only to what you eat or rather starving yourself. Eat so that your body has enough calories to burn fuel while it is also building muscles. Therefore, healthy eating plus an amazing tummy fat exercise equals a healthy and good looking body.

Build the list! Add your own favorite tummy exercise by entering your comments below.

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Women With Abs in Classical Art

Beauty experts today are realizing that a well defined body can be more attractive, but, thousands of years ago, classical cultures knew women with abs were sexier.

Ever wonder why all those sculptures of Grecian Goddesses have six pack abs?

In recent history, men have been the sex with all the muscles – abs on women were rare. Activity that could result in abdominal development was strictly men’s work or play.

Employment of women was restricted by social convention and only the poorest women worked outside of the home. Still fewer worked at physical labor. The odd exceptions to the rule were acrobats and circus performers, neither of which was a socially respectable occupation.

Until the last century, most women did not participate in sports or outdoor activities that would lead to well toned abs. While housework was backbreaking at times, unless you were out back chopping wood, it did not lead to abdominal development.

If you did get muscles, you couldn’t show them off. There was no one to appreciate them.

The accepted view of attractive feminine appearance had been soft and round since the early Christian Era. Muscles and tans were out. It meant you worked, which wasn’t attractive back then.

Going back 2,000 years to the periods of Classical Greek and Aegean History, artistic depictions often showed strong musculature and women with abs would have been the rule. Young girls were expected to compete athletically against males, on equal terms, and most of that competition was done naked!

They ran, jumped, threw the javelin and discus, and even wrestled. A beautiful female body was well developed and it would have been natural to see women with abs competing in the nude, or semi-nude, with men in their own age group.

Like athletics, labor was more physically demanding, and the kinds of exercise women did resulted in more developed physiques, as well. In general, average people were healthier, and their view of beauty reflected that.

During the Renaissance, many classical themes were revived, but the view of feminine beauty was still drawn from Church convention. Most women were depicted as images of saintliness. Icons that were delicate and divine had flourished for centuries, and all artists found it hard to break with the formula.

Going forward again, 2,000 years to Victorian times, bare skin was not only immodest, it was illegal. Only women of the lowest moral character exposed any part of the body below the neck.

With the invention of the modern bathing suit, women had the first real chance in centuries to participate in athletics that were demanding enough to improve the way they looked. Waists got slimmer, corsets came off, and fashion began to emphasize other areas of the body besides cleavage.

Feminine beauty has had many guises, and after centuries of social manipulation, the ideal feminine form has finally returned to the classical. Women with fit abs and cut muscles are the ideal of what is attractive, again.

For the sake of health and appearance, maybe the current trend can stay around for a while.

Women Abdominals – What’s the difference?

After spending months at the gym, toning every inch of your feminine body, the women abdominals still haven’t responded. The woman next to you looks like a professional athlete. She has 6 pack abs and every muscle on her body is defined and sinuous, while you’re still soft and round. Why?

There are three factors at work here that need to be considered.

  • Diet
  • Exercise Program
  • Heredity

The biggest part of the problem could be your diet. Another part could be the exercise program you use. The rest of the problem is probably heredity.

You are probably on some kind of diet already, but it may not be enough. You have to get down under that feminine layer of abdominal fat before you can see those muscles. In order to build lean muscle and break up that layer of abdominal fat, you have to focus on protein. To get sexy women abdominals, your diet should be low in fat and sugar, and also moderate in carbohydrates.

Like most of us, you probably eat your food too fast, as well. Play some soft music when you eat, to help you relax and enjoy your food.

It takes the brain 15 to 20 minutes after you start eating to tell your stomach that you have had enough. Slow down and chew your food longer. It will digest better, and you will get fuller on less food.

If you cook at home, take your food out before you dress or sauce it, or try putting all the fatty stuff on the side, like gravy, and let others choose for themselves. Combine a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits into your menus. You and those you cook for will be healthier, even if they don’t thank you right away.

Pin up a photo of those dream abs in your bathroom, gym locker, or office top drawer. You can paste a picture of your head over the one in the photo. It will motivate you and remind you that looking like that is a lifestyle choice.

Check your exercise program to make sure that you are focusing on the right exercises, and doing them correctly. If you have a trainer at your gym, ask them to take a few minutes with you. This could help a lot.

Last, consider heredity. Remember how your mother looked at your age. Was she athletic? If you have been exercising regularly, you probably look better physically than she did.

There is the possibility that buff women abdominals do not run in your gene pool. Well defined female abs won’t come without sustained effort and the proper lifestyle. To have the physique of an athlete, you’d have to do more. You would have to become one.

By changing your lifestyle, starting with a different outlook about food, and a regular exercise routine, you are already on your way to great women abdominals.

What’s your biggest challenge to building abdominals? Let us know by adding your comments below.

3 Steps to Getting Six Pack Abs for Women

Women from all walks of life are reminded every single day about their physical imperfections. It does seem like six pack abs for womenare unattainable unless you’re a supermodel or hot Hollywood actress. But the truth is, even the most average Jane can get sexy abs.

Just like men, women have struggled for years to lose weight and define their midsection. Unlike men, however, women are required to exert a little more effort to build muscle. Even though women need to push a little further than their male counterparts, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Don’t be discouraged by all the pessimism going around. You may not be a hot rising star or the new cover girl for a magazine, but six pack abs for women ARE attainable — that’s the most important thing you need to know.

You also need to know HOW you can achieve a great body. Setting these three central and realistic goals will help you get your fitness program in gear:

  1. Get rid of belly fat;
  2. Build a cardiovascular workout routine; and
  3. Zero-in on those abs!

Dieting has had a perceived negative connotation, especially for women. When in fact, all it requires is regularly eating (take note: not STARVING) the right kinds of food. Forget about fad diets, artificial food supplements, and extreme “zone” regimens for a second, and concentrate on getting the essential macronutrients by eating well-balanced meals.

This is the first step to getting six pack abs for women.

The female anatomy is designed to store more fat in preparation for childbirth and rearing, but don’t let that get in the way of your goal. If you’ve been used to eating on the go (e.g. fast food and take-out), it is high time you re-evaluate your eating habits. Changing the way you eat and what you eat can improve your metabolism considerably.

A little planning and a whole lot of determination can go a long way when it comes to your diet. By eating small, balanced meals frequently, you allow your body to stay nourished and “full” so you don’t over-eat at any given time. Sticking to lean proteins, a small amount of healthy fats, and whole grains is ideal.

The next step to getting six pack abs for women is a well-rounded cardiovascular routine. Regularly performing a variety of fun, blood-pumping exercises, such as aerobics classes, jogging, and swimming will help condition your WHOLE body.

These holistic exercises will also prepare your abdominal muscles for your next and final goal – abs training and sculpting.

Really getting in there with regular crunches, sit ups, or other ab-specific exercises will help define and sculpt your obliques, and lower and upper abdominals. Increasing your reps and frequency is crucial in developing six pack abs fast.

If you really think about, getting six pack abs for women isn’t complicated at all. Six pack abs don’t discriminate, and so shouldn’t you. Get right on your fitness program and start working on those abs today!

Women Abs – The 3 Things You Need to Know!

Why don’t women absrespond instantly to exercise? Go to a gym and you will see women with well defined, sexy abs. But how did they get them? And why isn’t exercise enough?

Well, three primary things go into developing your abs:

  1. Diet Plan
  2. Exercise Program
  3. Genetics

Diet is often the thing most lacking. Exercise plays a large role as well. The rest, sadly, is genetics.

Whatever kind of diet you are on, including none, can probably be improved. If you want to see those abs that you’re developing, you will have to strip away your layer of abdominal fat first.

To build muscle and strip fat, your diet needs two things: high protein, and low fat. To keep everything going smoothly, you will need the right amount of carbs, and try not to get too much sugar.

Fast eating can be a big problem. Eating too fast results in often eating too much. Try eating with a light distraction, such as some soft music, to help you to relax and enjoy your food.

Your brain won’t tell you that you are full until 15 to 20 minutes after you start eating. Slow down and chew your food longer. Your digestion will be better, and you will feel more full, on less food.

Cook at home? Try taking your portion – before – you dress or sauce it. Put the fatty stuff, such as gravy, on the side. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be mixed into every meal. You and your culinary cohorts will be on the right track to fitness and health.

Motivation is a powerful tool. If you have a problem visualizing those sleek women abs, or refraining from those rich deserts, you may need something more concrete.

Carry a picture of what you consider the perfect abs. You can put copies where you need them most, such as the exercise area or the kitchen. They will help to remind you what all the dedication is about.

Double check your exercise program with an expert. A short run through with a local trainer can make a world of difference. Find out if you are working all of the areas you need to, and how to work what you’re not.

And now, the genetics. Was your mother athletic? How did she look at your age? With a regular exercise plan, you probably look more in shape than she did.

There is the possibility that buff women abs don’t run in your family. You may have to work like an athlete to look like an athlete. This often involves changing your whole lifestyle to accommodate the stringent requirements.

This may be more than you’re willing to commit to. But, even if it is, exercise and diet will provide you with a leaner, toned look.

By changing your lifestyle, starting with a different outlook about food, and a regular exercise routine, you are already on your way to great women abs.