6 Proven Strategies for Developing Sexy Female Abs…


Today, I want to answer a question I get from a lot of women: How do I get sexy, feminine abs?

Great question! Here’s what I’ve found…

Men and women are made differently. It’s more than just appearance – men and women have a completely different body chemistry, and everything from their muscles to their metabolism work in vastly different ways.

Yet when it comes to abs, women and men are anatomically the same. Both men and women have abdominal muscles that are in the shape of six pack abs. The reason that most women can’t see the six pack is because women genetically have a higher body fat% for childbearing, that extra fat makes it a little more difficult – but not impossible – for women to get six pack abs.

Luckily, most women aren’t looking for a six pack. You’re looking for a tight, sleek, flat stomach. You want your stomach to be youthful and feminine. You can achieve those female abs by following specific tips designed exclusively for women.


1) Work on Fat Burning

To create that solid stomach you’ve always wanted, you’ll need to focus on fat burning. Women are biologically designed to have a little more fat in their mid-sections than men. Women also have more estrogen, which is a hormone known to cause the body to increase the intake of fat and water weight. That extra fat can make it harder to showcase your rock hard belly.

burningWomen also don’t gain muscle the same way as men. As a result, you have to adjust your exercise routine to burn fat differently, because it’s harder to depend on considerable muscle growth as a weight loss strategy.

The best way to burn fat is for you to perform consistent interval training cardio exercises. These exercises allow you to take advantage of a strong heart rate in order to burn off the day’s calories and use up your fat storage. If you are concerned about time, interval training is a great strategy for achieving the same fat burning results without wasting too much of your day.


2) Spend Time Muscle Toning

Even though you may not gain as much muscle as men, muscle toning is vital for obtaining female abs. Muscles are one of the primary keys to long term fat loss and, perhaps equally as important, toned muscle is one of the best ways to make your body sexier.

Many women shy away from muscle building because they’re afraid of looking like a bodybuilder. Youwoman-doing-side-plank may worry that the muscles you gain will make you appear masculine instead of feminine. This myth could not be further from the truth. Female bodybuilders have to go through hours upon hours of training in order to achieve big, large muscles.

Not only that, but one of the keys to building large muscles is a hefty amount of testosterone – something that you don’t have. Women’s muscles do not grow in size the same way that men’s muscles do. Instead they “tone,” meaning instead of getting larger, they simply get more dense without gaining much in size.

Toned muscles are sexy muscles. The models you see are not just thin – they also spend time toning their muscles to give them that perfect appearance. In order to obtain the sexy female abs you want, you will have to tone your muscles.


3) Do Real Workouts

Far too many women do so called “girlie” workouts that don’t provide the results that they need. “Girlie” workouts are designed to be easy, with few women actually bringing the intensity they need to see any noticeable differences. You need to do real, muscle building/toning workouts – the same workouts that benefit men. Again, you don’t have to worry that your muscles will start to appear unfeminine – they won’t grow the same way that male muscles grow.

Strong, intense muscle toning workouts are the fastest way to burn fat and tone your muscles.

Use dumbbells to add weight, and perform exercises like Dumbbell Squats. Squats target the largest muscle groups, which help give you the most bang for your buck. Use a weight that gives you an intense workout without risking injury.

  • Dumbbell Squats

woman-doing-dumbbell-squats-starting-position woman-doing-dumbbell-squats-middle-position

You can also do these great muscle-toning exercises:

  • Dumbbell dead lifts

woman-dumbbell-deadlifts-starting-position woman-dumbbell-deadlifts-middle-position
  • Dumbbell lunges

woman-doing-dumbbel-lunges-starting-position woman-doing-dumbbel-lunges-middle-position
  • Push-ups

woman-doing-push-ups-starting-position woman-doing-push-ups-middle-position
  • Pull-ups

man-doing-pulls-ups-starting-position man-doing-pulls-ups-middle-position

Note: If pull-ups are too hard at first, try assisted pull-ups. This is where a partner supports you just enough to make the exercise just easy enough to do 15 reps (not too easy, though!)


  • Dumbbell bent over rows

woman-doing-bent-over-dumbbell-rows-starting-position woman-doing-bent-over-dumbbell-rows-middle-position

All of these compound exercises (exercises that use multiple muscle groups at the same time) are known to help create the toned muscles you’re looking for.


4) Perform Core-Strengthening Exercises

After you’ve started a solid fat-burning and muscle-toning program, it’s a great idea to begin doing core-strengthen exercises.

Here are a few of my favorite core exercises, designed to tighten the abs, hips, inner thighs and buttocks!…

Double Crunch

The double crunch is a more effective version of the standard crunch.

  1. You start in the standard crunch position (back against the ground, arms behind your head with your elbows out), but instead of placing your feet against the floor, you bring your legs up so that your thighs point straight into the air.
  2. Then, as you perform the standard crunch, you also bring your knees toward your arms using the lower half of your abdomen.



This style of crunch is easy in theory but difficult in practice, and will lead to more rapid ab muscle increase.

Head to Toe Touches

Sometimes referred to as V-Ups, Head to Toe Touches are also easy to understand exercise that are far more beneficial to building six pack abs.

  1. You start by laying with your back against the mat, with your arms up over your head and your legs straight out (knees unbent) at a 45 degree angle.
  2. Then bend yourself at the waist while raising your legs (still straight)
  3. Try to touch your toes before lowering yourself back down to the start position.


man-doing-head-to-toe-crunches-starting-position man-doing-head-to-toe-crunches-middle-position

Bicycle Crunches

The king of abdominal exercises, bicycle crunches are one of the most popular ways to build both your abs and your obliques. You start in a position similar to the standard crunch, except rather than put both feet on the mat, you’ll keep both legs in the air with one stretched out and one knee bent towards you. You then combine two actions.

  1. First, you switch your legs (bending the other knee towards you and stretching the other leg out). This will create a motion like you are pedaling.
  2. Second, you lift your head and try to touch your knee with your opposite arm’s elbow, while keeping your hands behind your head. You then switch legs (and arms) again.
  3. Once you’ve completed 10 to 15 reps, perform the same exercise while “pedaling” backwards.
woman-doing-bicycle-abs-crunches-1 woman-doing-bicycle-abs-crunches-2

Crunches on an Exercise Ball

One of the problems with standard crunches is that you are not getting the full range of motion. Your back has the ability to stretch further backwards, using your ab muscles to raise you up. When you are on the ground, you are limited to keeping your back flat, which in turn limits the benefits of the crunches.

On an exercise ball, you can place your feet on your ground and your rear on the ball, giving you not only more range of motion, but also using more muscles as you try to stay balanced. This will vastly increase the success of your crunches.

woman-doing-abs-cruches-on-exercise-ball-starting-position woman-doing-abs-cruches-on-exercise-ball-end-position

Bridge Pose

The bridge pose actually comes straight from yoga, and is a great, easy workout for your hips and lower back. It also stretches your abdominal muscles to reduce aches after the workout. To do the bridge pose,

  1. you start on your back with your arms at your sides and your knees bent at a 45 degree angle with your feet against the ground.
  2. Using your hips (not your arms), lift your body up like a bridge.
  3. Finally, raise and lower your hips gently for 10 reps.
woman-doing-bridge-pose-starting-position woman-doing-bridge-pose-middle-position

Side Crunches on Exercise Ball

woman-doing-side-cruches-on-exercise-ball-starting-position woman-doing-side-cruches-on-exercise-ball-end-position


5) Eat Smart, Not Less

woman-looking-at-very-little-foodYou cannot lose weight long term if you starve yourself. Starving yourself only leads to temporary weight loss. You’ll lose weight fast as your body scrambles to keep you healthy, but as it does so it will drastically slow your metabolism in an effort to make what little food you eat last longer. Over time, it will take less food to cause you to gain weight than it ever did before.

Rather than starve yourself, you should be eating a healthier diet that leads to boosting your metabolism. Eat 3 medium sized, balanced meals a day, and never skip breakfast – you should always be eating a protein rich breakfast within an hour of waking up.

But that’s not all – you should also ADD 3 healthy snacks to your diet every 2 to 3 hours after eating. This will keep your metabolism running strong and reduce your hunger at mealtime so that you don’t overeat. If you do feel like you need to cut back on calories, the most you should ever reduce your caloric intake by about 15%.

6) Manage Your Stress

balanceYou may lead a hectic life. Women these days do more than ever before – taking care of their families while holding down careers and enjoying a social life. Yet stress leads to an increase in a hormone known as cortisol, and cortisol is known to lead to fat.

That is why if you really want to get sexy female abs, you need to work on your mental health as well. Make sure you’re making decisions that lead to a low stress lifestyle. Take care of yourself, and spend quality “me” time every day. The more you are able to manage your stress, the more you will stop gaining weight. Managing your stress can easily support your ability to achieve the female abs you want.


Get Those Sexy Abs

beautiful-woman-showing-sexy-flat-stomachAttractive female abs are one of the most prized body parts on a woman. Every woman has a chance of achieving the abs they want. As long as you are ready to change your lifestyle and perform the necessary activities to generate these muscles, you’ll find that getting female abs is within your reach.

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