How to do Abs Roller


If you are looking to buy a handy abs equipment that is easy to store, will not burn a hole in your pocket, light and easy to use, you can start by looking into the abs roller. From the term itself, the abs roller is built to target and tighten your abs muscle.

When you stretch out your arms and roll the wheel away from you as far as possible and then back, you also engage your lower back, glutes and lats.

While the abs roller seems a good alternative to doing traditional exercises like crunches and push ups to work out your abs, take extra caution not to strain your neck and back in the process. Key here is to do this gradually and deliberately especially in your first few tries. Once you add resistance to the right muscles, then this could be a highly effective core strengthening exercise.

Depending on your desired intensity, the abs roller can help burn greater amounts of fat and boost your metabolism. Not to mention, the training it gives for your back can improve posture and stability.

Having this exercise as part of your abs training at least 3 times a week can provide you with maximum results and increased muscle mass.


1.       Sit on your knees.

2.       Hold your exercise wheel with both your hands and put it on the floor with your face towards the ground.


1.       Roll the wheel away from your knees, to as far as conveniently possible.

2.       Roll the wheel toward your knees, to as close as conveniently possible.


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