How to do Decline Push Ups with Dumbbells

Decline Push Ups with Dumbbells works in a quite similar way as your regular push ups but with notably 2 major differences: one is the presence of additional dumbbells to increase the challenge and the resistance and second is that your feet are in an elevated position as you do them.

In fact, it is often recommended that you regularly change your push up routine to make it more effective and also so your muscles will not easily adapt to the stress any exercise gives that makes them effective. To get all around core training for your six pack abs, you have to keep your muscles pumped up all the time. And decline push ups with dumbbells is one way to add a bit of variety to your training.

Like any other push ups, decline push ups with dumbbells works on your chest and shoulders for the most part. The use of dumbbells also ensures that your triceps receive additional strength training.

Because of your elevated position, more pressure is applied to your upper body as you lower yourself to the ground. So all the more you need to avoid the temptation of bending your back while doing this exercise.



1.       Kneel in front of an elevation or exercise bench.

2.       Bend over and position your hands on the floor, shoulder width apart or slightly wider.

3.       Prop yourself up with a heavy dumbbell in each hand.

4.       Put both feet up on the elevation or bench, arms extended and feet flexed, so your body is parallel to the floor and only your toes are touching the bench.


1.       Bend your elbows to lower your body to the floor while still maintaining a straight body.

2.       Slightly pull your head back to descend fully between dumbbells.


Push your body up until your arms are back in the extended position.


Do you know of other steps to performing decline push up’s? Share them with us by entering your comments below.

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