How to do Divebomber Push Ups

With such an interesting name for an exercise, you would think that divebomber push ups do something special to your upper body to deserve an intriguing label. And indeed they do. They are a fascinating variation to the regular push ups and to a large extent, are more effective in working out more muscles. This is because divebomber push ups have an extended range of motion as you assume movements like those of a diver during the execution.

As you try to do divebomber push ups, you will realize why this multi-purpose exercise hits your chest, shoulders and triceps right on target. In the last part of the procedure, you also give your lower back a good stretch. Likewise, your hamstrings are trained accordingly during the first part of the exercise when you are in an inverted V position.

Take note of these muscle areas divebomber push ups target the most and deliberately get them to work while perfecting your form for this exercise. To increase effectiveness, it would be good to do these in front of a mirror so you can check once in a while whether you are still in proper form even as you do them continuously.



1.       Lie face down on the floor, palms flat on the ground on each side of your chest, feet straight out, toes touching the ground.

2.       Push against the floor with your palms and extend your arms until you are in a push-up position.

3.       Inch your feet inward so your body forms a right angle at the hips.


1.    Slowly lower shoulders as you push your torso downward and forward, gliding close to the mat but still keeping the rest of your body a few inches off the floor.

2.    As your lowered shoulders pass between your hands, extend your arms while lifting your head toward the ceiling, slightly arching your back.


Bend your elbows, lower your shoulders, and glide your upper body in reverse motion, so that you go back to your original position.


Do you have other strategies to doing divebomber push up’s? Tell us by adding a comment below.

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