How to do Double Crunch

You have heard of the crunch and how it can help you sculpt well defined abs. You have also heard of reverse crunches and how they can condition your abs muscles, specifically your lower abs. What if you combine the effects of both to double their impact? It is possible with the double crunch.

Because you are essentially hitting two birds with one stone, the double crunch allows you to save time with your abs exercises while still giving your abs the maximum strengthening it needs to give you great looking washboard abs.

Aside from working out most of your abs muscles, your lower back and hip flexors also receive appropriate training as you roll upwards during the process. It is an ideal exercise then, whether you are one looking to build a flatter stomach, or to cure back problems or just simply one who just wants to burn more calories.

The double benefits of the double crunch ensure it is targeting deeper layers of your fat and not just those you can pinch.

If you desire to triple the effect, then you can move on to adding resistance machines to ramp up the challenge, but only do so once you have perfected the double crunch on a flat surface.



1.       Lie flat on your back, keep arms on each side at all times, and bend at the knees.

2.       Lift your feet a few inches off the ground.

3.       Lift your shoulders until you feel tension in your upper abdominals.


Pull your knees inward as you lift your torso further up, keeping your abdominal muscles taut.


Lower your feet and shoulders without them touching the ground.


What other ways can you do the double crunch? Let us know by adding your suggestions below.

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