How to do Exercise Ball Modified Jackknife



  1. Place ball on the floor and stand directly behind it.
  2. Lower yourself down and rest your abdomen on the ball, face down.
  3. Touch the floor with your hands and roll forward until your shins and ankles are resting on top of the ball. At this point, your body is parallel to the floor while your arms are perpendicular.


  1. Bend at the knees and draw them closer to your upper body, rolling the ball closer to your body. Try to keep your balance on the ball.
  2. Immediately stop when your hamstrings are directly perpendicular to the floor and the balls of your feet are facing upward.


Stretch your legs back out at the same time and assume your initial position.

Will this be your first time to try the exercise ball jackknife? Send in any comments you have below.

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