How to do Pull-ups

If all back exercises would be ranked in a list according to how well they build muscle mass, pulls ups would definitely make it on top.

Pull ups are very effective in targeting your back muscles, specifically your lats to gain optimum strength and conditioning. Aside from your lats, the powerful movements required of this exercise as you pull your weight up an exercise bar ensure they can also work on your middle back, shoulders and biceps.

If this is your first time to try pulls ups and think they are challenging to do just by reading the instructions below, you are not mistaken. Many beginners have started out being able to do only halfway, if at all, but this is no reason to be frustrated. They are difficult but not impossible.

Rather than seeing them as hard, think of them as a way of challenging you and your target muscles as well. And because of the tremendous strength and endurance needed to perform them, just think what they can actually do to help burn fat, shed extra pounds and boost your metabolism even with a few tries! No wonder many fitness pros attribute their muscle gain in a just a short span of time to pull ups.



  1. Stand directly below an overhead exercise bar.
  2. Extend your arms and grasp the bar with both hands using a wide grip.


  1. Pull your body upward with your arms until your chin is about the same level as the bar.
  2. Simultaneously bend your knees and cross your legs at the ankles behind you.


Lower your body down by extending your arms and relaxing your shoulders.


Have these steps helped you perform pull ups better? Share your experience and add your comments below.

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