Renegade dumbbell rows

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Dare to do something different with your six pack abs exercise routine by trying renegade dumbbell rows. This exercise is just perfect for targeting your abs muscles because while you are working to increase your strength in lifting the dumbbells, you are also giving yourself stabilization training while trying to balance yourself.

Because of combined strength and balance needed, renegade dumbbells rows can be a very challenging exercise. Yet, its demands can also force your upper body muscles to tighten and contract to remain rigid and hence, balanced the entire time.

Apart from the resistance it gives to your upper body including the chest, renegade dumbbell rows also gives your shoulders, middle back, triceps and lats a good workout while you carry your body weight with one arm and lift the dumbbells with another.

The goal of this exercise is to contract the target muscles as much as possible so there should be no reason to do them in a hurry. Renegade dumbbell rows are a tough but highly effective core exercise. You know this exercise is working when you can feel the desired muscle groups contracting. All the more, once you see those sculpted hard midsection you have always longed for!

Watch the video to see how this exercise can be properly executed.



Start in a pushup position with the hands on 2 dumbbells.


Row one dumbbell up while stabilizing your body with the other arm.


Bring the dumbbell back to the ground and alternate the rowing arm while stabilizing with the opposite arm. This stabilizing effect during the rows creates incredible work for your entire midsection core area. Trust me… you’ll feel it in the abs!


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