How to do Side Crunches

One of the best things about crunches aside from their effectiveness in toning your stomach muscles is their versatility. You can easily vary your position and movements in order to focus on areas you need to work on. With side crunches, your obliques are given primary importance and play the biggest role when performing them.

If you are a novice, side crunches are good starting point to exercise your obliques without engaging any complicated moves or adding weights first. Your abs also gets a good workout in the process as you lift your upper body during the execution. Just be sure to refrain from moving your hips and lower body to gain maximum benefits from this exercise.

By training your obliques, you are also improving your overall flexibility and reducing any risk of spinal injury. Not to mention, obliques are responsible for developing curvy, well shaped upper body among women.

Because of the various ways side crunches can benefit your six pack abs goal, feel free to incorporate them in your six pack abs exercises and together with healthy eating, you can surely see those love handles go away in no time.

Check the video below for detailed instructions to doing side crunches correctly.



  1. Lie down on the floor, facing the ceiling.
  2. Bend your knees.
  3. Bend your elbows and place your hands on the side of your head or cross your arms and rest them in front of you.
  4. Twist your lower body to one side and lay your legs on top of each other so that your knees are buckled to the side.


Lift your upper body off the floor toward the ceiling until you reach a challenging angle. Refrain from moving your lower body.


Slowly move back downward to your original position.


Repeat several times and do the same when you twist your lower body to the other side.

Add or modify a step based on how you do it. Tell us by sending your comments below.

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