How to do Side Plank Dumbbell Rows


If you are serious about building hard core six pack abs, the side plank dumbbell rows might just be your ideal exercise. Why? Because side plank dumbbell rows is one of those highly effective exercises that works both your six pack and your obliques. You get both benefits from just doing this single exercise.

Performing this exercise requires a bit of stamina and endurance to begin with so if you are a novice, it would be good to start out without using the dumbbell first. The position you take on by side planking while at the same time, ensuring that only one hand and one foot touches the ground already by themselves apply resistance to your body. Later on, add the weights once you are more confident and have developed a certain amount of strength to carry on with this exercise.

As you may realize, doing the side plank dumbbell rows requires a huge amount of balance. You need to keep your abs rigid while keeping your body straight when holding the side plank position and bringing the dumbbell towards you. Likewise, it trains your back muscles to provide better postural support. This makes it an effective stabilization exercise for strengthening your core.



  1. Place your exercise mat on the floor and kneel down, keeping a dumbbell within arm’s reach.
  2. Extend your right arm so that your palm is pushing up against the floor.
  3. Using your free hand, place the dumbbell in front of you.
  4. Push both feet outward until your left foot is resting on top of your right. At this point, the only parts of your body that are touching the mat are your right hand and the outer side of your right foot.


  1. Hold the side plank position while keeping your legs and upper body as straight as possible.
  2. Drop your left arm in front of you, pick up the dumbbell from off the floor, and pull it upward, bending your elbow as you draw the dumbbell closer to your left shoulder.


Lower the dumbbell to the ground.


  1. Repeat a few more times before relaxing your arms and legs.
  2. Face the other way, prop yourself up on your left hand and left feet this time, and repeat the entire process on that side.

Send in any advise you know of to make this workout safer for all by entering your comments below.

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