How to do Weighted Hanging Knee Raises


Ready to challenge your abs¡¯ endurance? Get them to do so with weighted hanging knee raises. As you hang from a pull up bar and lift your knees towards your chest, your abs muscles effectively contract helping to strengthen and tighten them.

Since you are in a dangling position, your weight is supported by your forearms as well which receives similar training and conditioning.

The weighted hanging knee raises add resistance to the exercise by the weight you place between your ankles, effectively working out on your hip flexors as well while you try to raise your knees. If you are starting out, you can begin with the basic hanging knee raise first then add on your desired weight.

Be conscious of how you breathe throughout this exercise. Some people may forget to exhale properly while countering the resistance of the weight. The slower you do this exercise, the more effectively you apply contraction to your abs muscles.

Aside from toning your abs, the weighted hanging knee raises offer a good opportunity to improve any back and posture problems.

To see how you can correctly incorporate weighted hanging knee raises in your six pack abs exercises, check out the video below.



  1. Stand directly under a pull-up bar and grab on with both hands. As an alternative, you can bend your elbows and rest your lower arms on each side of a captain’s chair.
  2. Place desired weight between your ankles.
  3. Allow your feet to dangle freely.


  1. Raise both knees as high as you can, flexing your hips and waist to thrust upward.
  2. Keep your abdominal muscles tight.


Lower your legs back down to their dangling position.


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