3 Steps on How to Get a Flat Stomach in Days

Who wouldn’t want to get a flat stomach in days? My friends, relatives, and even complete strangers come up to me on a daily basis and express their frustrations about their flabby midsection. Believe me when I say, “I know exactly what you mean.”

I’ll tell you right now that it CAN be done if you’re already pretty close (i.e. have a lower than average body fat%) Hard work and discipline is the key. The thing is you have to truly believe in something before it can happen.

A very wise colleague of mine once told me, “Don’t give up, especially before you even begin,” and he is so right. A flat stomach in days is doable…if you put your mind to it. Following a set of simple, straight-forward guidelines you can very well attain that flat stomach in 30 days or less.

1.  Have a GREAT diet


2. Do lots of fat-burning exercises.


3. Build your muscle.

Having good fats in your diet is necessary, but an excess of unhealthy fats is just downright nasty. Be mindful of what you eat because ultimately, everything you digest translates to how you feel, how your body performs, and, obviously, how you look.

Creating and sticking to a healthy diet plan will require a little getting used to. If you really want that flat stomach, you will need to turn your diet around drastically, especially if you’ve been so used to eating fast food, highly processed junk food, and the like.

The benefits of a great eating strategy are endless. Aside from getting a leaner physique, your health will improve vastly. That only means you can live a happier, longer life.

For you to get a flat stomach in days, start with a well-balanced diet in your next meal and thereafter. Include a lot of whole grains, lean proteins, and just a small portion of good fat.

Here’s a list of good, healthy options for food:

  • Beans
  • Egg whites
  • Green, leafy veggies
  • Salmon
  • Lean chicken breast
  • almonds (healthy fats)
  • walnuts (healthy fats)

Here are food and beverage items you must scrap out of your diet completely:

  • Alcohol
  • Fried Food
  • White Bread/Rice
  • Sweets
  • Soda & fruit juices

While carrying out a healthy diet plan, you must also stick to an intense fat-burning workout plan. Doing a variety of physical activities, such as sprinting, interval training and swimming, will get your blood pumping, muscles roaring and fat melting.

The last important step is to perform full-body, muscle building workouts 3-4 times a week. Muscle helps speed up your metabolism and is crucial if you’re going to achieve your aggressive goal.

Simply follow these steps so you can get a flat stomach in days. After a month-long battle with flab, you’ll definitely want to keep at it because good results can only motivate you to do even better.

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