avoid these flat belly disasters

I‘ve seen many disasters…

  • Kim Kardasian’s marriage
  • Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery
  • The first time I tried to cook a Thanksgiving Dinner (it was very bad!)

But I’ve also seen a lot of flat-belly disasters…

Here are the top 5 common ones:

1) Focusing too much on ‘abs’ exercises – when you want to get lean abs, doing lots of crunches may pop into your mind. But if you got more than an ounce of cheese on your belly…don’t fall into the crunches/ sit-ups trap.

2) Starving to lose weight – you would think that skipping a few meals might work great.

No calories = No Fat…right?

Absolutely not!

In fact, due to human biology, it has the very opposite effect: you actually pack on MORE fat…

3) Doing too much cardio – let me first admit that I absolutely hate cardio. So I’m a little biased…

But with that said, doing too much cardio can actually lead to muscle loss and increased fat storage.

4) Eating ‘diet’ foods – the multi-Billion dollar food industry loves to sell you so-called “diet” foods and drinks.

But they know that these foods actually make you MORE fat which in turn makes you want to buy more of their “diet” hoax products.

5) Eating “low-fat” foods – not all fat add “jiggle-osity” to your body. In fact, eating healthy fats will make you lose belly fat, not gain it- but only if you do it in the right way.

These only represent the top five common flat-belly blunders-I see folks doing many, many more.

And even if you avoid these 5, you still may fall into other common ab mistakes – some much worse than the 5 above!

So, why not make it easy for yourself by learning the simple and proven way to get lean abs fast?

All the Best!

p.s. Save yourself the struggle and frustration that comes along with doing a lot of hard work but getting NO results…

Why not learn the quickest way?

Have you had your own flat belly disaster? Tell us how you overcame it through the comment box below.

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