Day 5: “How Long Will It Take to Get a Six Pack Abs?” & 5 Ways to Get Faster Results!…

You want to get a six pack fast. If you’re like most people, you check your abs every morning to see if they’ve grown in, and grow impatient when you don’t see them popping out as fast as you’d like.

Building your six pack takes time, but many people want to speed up the process, hoping to see results right away.

These people often fall prey to products that give false hope when it comes to building your six pack. You can’t “build your six pack in just seven days.” You can’t earn abs by sitting on a ridiculous looking contraption that wiggles your hips back and forth. You can’t create your six pack by taking a pill, strapping on a gadget, or chanting “I have a six pack” 20 times in the mirror.

You can try, but it won’t work. How do I know? I’ve tried them all. haha!


The Truth About Building Abs – The 6 Main Factors to Consider

Building six pack abs takes more than false hope an d hilarious looking devices. Building your six pack takes time and effort, and the time it takes to build your six pack depends on several different factors. These factors include:

1) Starting Body Fat Percentage – The more body fat you have, the harder it is to see your six pack. Remember that you always have a six pack. In fact, you have a six pack right now. The problem is that your six pack is covered by excess fat. Your starting BF% plays a crucial role in how long it will take you to get the abs you want.

2) Eating Strategy – You must have an excellent eating strategy that helps you burn fat and gain muscle. Without a great eating strategy, you’ll find it difficult to reduce your BF%.

3) Training Strategy – You need more than a decent eating strategy to build six pack abs fast. You need an entire training strategy that focuses on building muscle, burning fat, and increasing the size of your abdominals. Your training strategy also needs to incorporate the newest research in effective exercise strategy.

4) Gender – Men burn fat and build muscle at a faster rate than women. Your gender and body fat percentage do play a role in how quickly you can create the abs you desire.

5) Hormones – Your diet, exercise, stress and emotional habits – as well as your gender- all play a role in your hormonal make-up. Managing your stress and maintaining a solid exercise and resistance training strategy will greatly help to maximize your fat-burning, muscle building hormones and minimize your fat-storing hormones.

6) Body-Type and Metabolism – Everyone’s body is different. You burn fat and build muscle at your own special, unique rate based on your body type and metabolism. No abs building program can tell you with certainty that you will build abs in X amount of days, because no program knows what

No one can tell you exactly how long it will take you to build your six pack because no one knows exactly what your body is like. But…

Here are 4 Keys to Getting the Fastest Results!

To get six pack abs fast, you need to combine an effective eating and training strategy, including muscle building and toning, that is designed to give you the fastest possible results.

1) Great Eating Strategy

Implementing an effective eating strategy is the first step. Eating the right foods at the right time will boost your metabolism, helping you burn fat quickly so that your abs are able to show.

2) Build Muscle

Working out all of the muscles in your body is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and build your six pack. Muscle lowers your body fat percentage not only by burning fat as you exercise, but also by increasing your metabolism so that you burn more calories during throughout the day- even while you sleep!

3) Abs Building Exercises

Burning fat is the single most important part of building your six pack – even more so than building your abdominal muscles. But the size of your abs does still play a role in your six pack. Perform effective abs building exercises (including exercising the obliques) and your muscles will show more after you burn away the excess fat.

4) Interval Training

Finally, one of the best ways to build a six pack fast is to take up interval training. Interval training is a method of doing cardio that is far more effective than simply jogging until you’re tired. It shoots your metabolism up into high gear and puts your body to work. When you interval train, your body heats up and you burn fat fast.

The above list represents the four crucial elements to building six pack abs fast. All four keys are important for building your six pack. Your current body fat percentage (BF%) will help determine the amount of time you’ll need to spend on each elements in order to build your six pack quickly.


Scenarios of Fast Abs Building

Everyone wants to build their abs fast, yet few take the right steps to achieve that goal. You must integrate all four steps if you want to achieve a fast six pack.

Let’s look at the following five scenarios. These scenarios represent five hypothetical people and their corresponding “get abs” strategy. To keep it simple, we’ll assume that each hypothetical person starts out with the same body type, genetics and BF%:

Person A: 25% BF –Standard Crunches and Sit Ups

Crunches and sit ups are semi-useful ways to build some abs muscle (although they are not nearly the most effective abs exercises). Yet with such a high BF%, all of that muscle is going to be hidden beneath layers upon layers of fat. Crunches build muscle, they don’t remove fat, and no amount of crunches is going to help turn abs into a visible six pack.

Person B: 25% BF – Standard Crunches and Cardio

Person B is taking it a little bit further. They have added cardio to the routine to help burn off some of their fat. Yet standard cardio doesn’t increase metabolism. It only burns off some of the day’s calories. Also, non-interval cardio isn’t as effective at burning calories as interval training. Person B may be able to trim their waistline slightly, but it would take years for them to achieve six pack abs.

The other problem with cardio is muscle loss. Doing cardio without muscle-building will cause the body to lose muscle. Lower muscle % will cause the body to lower its metabolism, making it even easier to gain fat.

This is why most diet and exercise programs not only fail long-term but can actually cause you to gain even more fat than before…OUCH!

Person C: 25% BF – Muscle Building and Eating Strategy

This person understands the importance of fat burning when it comes to losing weight. They have started to work on burning fat and increasing their metabolism, using effective metabolism boosting strategies. Yet there are two problems.

  • Without interval cardio training, fat burning will be steady but slow.
  • Without effective abs workouts, even after fat loss has been achieved the abs will be too small to show.

This individual has the right idea, but needs to put more effort into getting the results they want.

Person D: 25% BF – Muscle Building, Eating Strategy, and Interval Training

This person is a fat burning machine. They burn off not only the day’s calories, but they increase their metabolism to continue to burn calories even while they’re at rest. This person is going to achieve rapid weight loss that is certain to help their abs show. Yet when you think of getting a six pack, you don’t want some tiny bumps on your stomach that resemble a six pack. You want them to be rock hard and visible. Person D needs to build the size of their abs.

Person E: 25% BF – Muscle Building, Eating Strategy, Interval Training and Abs Building

This person is going to build their six pack abs fast. They have proven effective fat burning techniques for rapid, healthy weight loss and have increased the size of their abs so they can showcase their washboard stomach.


Build Your Six Pack Fast

Getting your six pack will depend on several key factors, including: your starting BF%, your current eating and resistance train strategy, your gender, etc.

Taking the key factors into account, the fastest way to develop your six pack abs is to combine the four strategies that are proven to build six pack abs fast. Unfortunately, there is no safe, long-term magic pill for building your six pack. Instead, you need to build muscle, use an effective eating strategy, perform interval training and work on building your abs. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will quickly see your six pack show!


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  1. hi travis..
    mon,wed & fri- only muscle building…tue,thu & sat-interval training and abs building…. is this schedule fine ? and for muscle building i am gonna follow only the superset program u mentioned on day 4….my height is 5.8” ,weight 70kgs..average fat only on my belly…so will the above said program help me out ?

  2. Hi travis, I am 12 and have 19% body fat. I do not have any access to any fitness center.Can I build a 6 pack?

    Note:I play basketball

  3. Hi Bulut! To lower your body fat, you might want to do something like this up & down the court:

    Sprint up
    Walk back
    Rest 30 sec

    This is called interval training and it’s the most efficient way to get both fat-burning and cardio benefits. You might do body-weight exercises: push-ups, squats, pull-ups, etc to build muscle…

    Remember: consult a physician before starting an exercise program

  4. Travis I’m glad I found your site. Your advice
    and recommendations on eating the right foods
    ABS exercises, and especially interval cardio training
    is priceless. I can definitely see your program works!
    Thanks for answering my question.

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