“Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – If You’re Looking To Finally Get Results…”


Who doesn’t want to look attractive? These days, thousands of men (myself included) and women are struggling to get fit and lean. As they say, feeling good inside is looking good on the outside. Whoever you are and wherever you are, you still have a fantasy to get ripped while having pure fun at a beach near you.

The first time I saw the title cover online, I thought it was another hyped-up gimmick. But I was wrong. Upon skimming the abstract, one thing stood out from Mike Geary and his Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Hurriedly, I read several reviews online and learned this eBook is like a health nutritional bible. It combines solid facts and proper exercises that can only result in an excellent physique with visible six pack abs.

I also found out Mike Geary has structured the sets of nutritional facts in a straightforward matter-of-fact approach. The sets of information won’t bore you and are written in a friendly style. He’s not only concerned about the body system or the intensity of science and medicine, but he also stresses the importance of psychological methodology.

Now, let’s get to know the man responsible for all of these.

Mike Who?

Mike Geary, who obtained his scholastic diploma from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, is a certified nutritionist presently working as a private coach in fitness gyms. Geary also decided to become an online entrepreneur and has already published numerous health articles on the Internet. Fortunately, his passion for fitness motivated him to write and complete his “health bible” after years of research.

That lead to the birth of Truth About Six Pack Abs.

The One Thing That Did It For Me

If there’s one important thing I’ve realized from reading the eBook, it’s this: that most of what I already know about losing weight and working out is INCORRECT or, at least, insufficient. Let me state an example.

It has been my routine to do crunches and sit-ups with feet supported, but I soon discovered that it isn’t the best way to go.

If you want a ripped physique plus a well-chiseled midsection, you need to work hard at the gym or in your home-gym. Years of research back that up alright. Hard work is the key to everything, but in actuality, there are certain areas in total fitness that have been greatly overlooked. And reading the eBook helped me understand that AND MORE.

Is it for YOU?

You want to know the truth? The Truth About Six Pack Abs has the answers. No need to doubt, that this 149-page eBook is for everyone who wants CHANGE. Whether you’re male, female, adult, or in your teens, Mike Geary gives you the best and truthful six pack program you’ve spent ages looking for. Stop making excuses and get moving now. Today is the time to get rid of that unwanted flab, and get ripped.

The Good

While reading the eBook, I was greatly impressed with how the facts were presented. The timing and the placement of information are perfect. After all, it did take the author YEARS to complete it.

I can’t deny I was glued to it just by scanning the first few chapters, and suddenly I found myself reading the succeeding chapters word-for-word. Each page of the eBook has a link pointing to the author’s site. I clicked the link and decided to sign up for free newsletters.

Thankfully, food, bodybuilding supplements, and expensive workout equipment are not part of the program. The only equipments I saw were free weights, barbells, and some cable wires. Those are fairly affordable and easy to find anyway.

I found the eBook very visually stimulating. You will find full-color pictures (demonstrated by real humans, not caricatures or drawings) included in every training section. You can easily follow the steps just by looking at the images.

I almost forgot to mention the bonuses you can get with your purchase. And hey, there are quite a lot. They are mostly incorporated into the eBook itself. You can learn about full body stretching routines, more effective tips to lose weight, smoothies you need drink, stair exercises you need to perform for healthy living, together with the 8-week dumbbell bodyweight fusion fat loss program. You can also take advantage of a Global Health & Fitness Membership!

The trial period lasts for 21 days with an affordable trial offer of $4.95. Your $35 remainder is due to be paid after the trial period. And folks, this is a ONE-TIME fee, so you have nothing to worry about later on.

The Bad

The only thing that I think lacked from the Truth About Six Pack Abs program is that it didn’t include any videos. That would’ve been super. However, the pictures and the detailed content did make up for it in a lot of ways. So, I really couldn’t complain.

The Bottom Line

I’ve heard all the excuses. “Reading books (or eBooks) are for NERDS!” I beg to differ. Geary did do his best to make it fun for both amateur and advanced users. His eBook is FAR from boring; his witty, relatable remarks and tips only made me want to read more.

Remember that when you take it two to three chapters at a time, you’ll do just fine. I’ve never considered myself as a “book man,” but I’ve certainly enjoyed reading AND LEARNING from this one.

In an objective rating scale with 10 as the highest, I give this eBook a 9. This definitely turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life, and it most definitely can be yours, too!

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10 thoughts on ““Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – If You’re Looking To Finally Get Results…””

  1. How does this program work for Seniors? I’m 59 and my wife is 60. Will elderly people be able to benefit from this program also?

  2. Absolutely! Of course, you need to check with your physician before starting any fitness program. My mom just turned 60 and she’s following a lot of the advice I picked up from the Truth About Six Pack Abs program.

    I like it because it’s a holistic approach that teaches you to have a healthy lifestyle (and as a result have a fit-looking midsection). In fact, according to my doctor, exercise has the biggest impact on having a healthy brain- even more than “mind fitness” games.

    I hope this answers your question. I can go on and on…lol…I’m really excited about this program…

  3. A good book to read that explains step by step guidance on how to go about building six packs. Apart from exercising routines, it also talks of diet patterns and related care. Highly recommended for any abs enthusiast!

  4. I highly recommend this. I used to think I could do some exercise at home and build up my abs, but I just ended up injuring myself. It really helps if you have a carefully planned routine.

  5. I think we should work more on our health and our look too. I will definitely read this book. Reason for that is, I use to work on my abs a lot, but no effect.

  6. Hi sukiblue,

    It’s funny. I think that’s why truth about abs is so successful…It exposes all the lies that we were fed and gets right to what’s effective…Good luck!

  7. Now, that’s an interesting read. One can get tons of knowledge and information on Six pack abs, but your article created my interest in reading this book thinking it will be really different from rest of the common books I read in past. I’m going forward right to now get this ebook. Many thanks to you mate.

  8. It is a very relevant article which gives a detailed review about the topic how to develop six packs. I highly recommend this because we can do these exercises at home. It really helps if you have carefully planned your routine.

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