7 Ways to Spot a Great Six Pack Abs Program…

Most of us have a goal to get fit. It is important to look good and feel healthy. Who can deny the symbolic significance of six pack abs in physical fitness? They are sought after by nearly everyone, and for good reason, for not only do they set you apart from others, but they also speak of your excellent physical condition.

But getting six pack abs can be a huge challenge, many times requiring months of training and diligent hard work. If you’re looking to get ripped, six pack abs or a slender, sexy flat stomach, a great option to achieve your goal are online six pack abs programs. They take the guesswork out of your training regime, are accessible 24×7, and can be customized to suit your specific goals.

However, it is difficult to sort through all the information (and BS) available on the internet and choose a program that actually works!

Here are 7 things to look for before deciding on an abs program:


1) Customizable

A good online six pack abs program should, first of all, be able to cater to your individual need. Customizable workout plans with a good variety of effective ab-specific exercises (with defined difficulty levels for beginners and advanced level training) go a long way in making a program successful.

Excessive attention to abs, however, can prove to be counter-productive, and should be complimented by full-body resistance, metabolism boosting and strength building workouts.


2) Holistic Approach

Apart from a comprehensive exercise regime, maintaining a healthy diet is of utmost importance. A good online six pack abs program should include a clear nutritional strategy to help you achieve your goal. Diet plans should be customizable, and include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal plans to suit individual needs.


3) Detailed instructions for each exercise:

Abs building being an advanced level of physical training, incorrectly done exercise can do more harm than good. Therefore, it’s imperative that detailed instructions- written, verbal or visual- should be included in the online six pack abs program, so that you can gain the maximum out of workout by knowing the proper way of doing exercise.

Downloadable video instructions can be a great way of achieving this, and a good online six pack abs program should ideally provide this option.


4) Great Support

A good support system, with a team of experts for dietary consultation, expert advise, and to address your question should be in place to show you the right track, and help you get back on the right path when you get off track.

An online community (e.g. forum) can also provide great support. Since achieving the goal of six pack abs can be a long and challenging process, it’s important to keep you motivated throughout. A community of people with the same interests as yours as well as a useful support system will remind you of your goal, and should be part of any good online six pack abs program.


5) Provide Help with goal tracking

Goal tracking is important. A six pack abs program should be equipped with tools to help you track and analyze your progress and provide meaningful feedback, as and when required-be it your exercise schedule or diet plan.


6) Well-organized

To keep things simple, understandable, and easy to follow, all the content- information, instructions, analysis of progress and feedback should be well organized  to help you understand where you are at any given point, and decide on what path to take to push things forward.


7) Offer No Hype

And finally, no BS claims. There’s no quick fix which can guarantee six pack abs in a couple of days, or without significant effort. Such claims would only make that six pack abs program seem suspect.

“Before and after” pictures and testimonials can be helpful- but watch out for fakes. Also, be sure there’s a money back guarantee option in case you are not able to get the results you want out of the program.

CAUTION: Before requesting you money back (assuming you’ve purchased a good abs program), be sure to give at least 100% of your effort to the program. Consult with your doctor and then follow the program as directed for at least 30 days.

If  you stop a great abs program only to try to find a “miracle” program that requires little or no effort, it will only waste your time and money. To get real results, you’ll need to follow a proven program all the way through. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way…But you don’t have to :)

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