5 Tips for Getting Six Pack Abs When You’re Already Thin…


So, you’re already thin but still don’t have a six pack?

Most diet and exercise programs assume that you’re overweight. They do so because overweight people tend to seek help more often, and by marketing to overweight men and women, they hopes to generate more sales.

But not everyone is overweight, while EVERYONE wants six pack abs. When you’re thin but have still not developed the six pack you want, you need to find an exercise program that is designed to meet your needs.

1) Understanding Your Body Type

Being thin does not guarantee that you’re going to get six pack abs. You still need to focus on a proper eating and exercise strategy. There is also more than one type of “thin,” and that affects how you go about developing that strategy. You need to figure out which type you are before you decide on your workout:

Skinny Toned – Skinny toned is when you have a thin appearance, good muscle tone and a low body fat percentage. You have a flat stomach but you’re still not seeing your six pack abs.

This type of thin allows you to focus more on abs and muscle building than fat burning, since your body fat percentage is already in close range to revealing your abs.


“Skinny Toned” guy

Skinny Fat – This may sound like a contradiction but this is actually real! Skinny fat is when you are visually thin, but have low muscle tone and a high body fat percentage.

When you are skinny fat, you will still need to focus on an effective fat burning routine to help you burn fat as you gain muscle.


Skinny fat” guy

Depending on which type of “thin” you are, you may need to adjust your routine by either keeping it more balanced (for Skinny Fat people) or focusing on your muscles (for Skinny Thin people).

2) Fat Burning for the Already Thin

burning-camp-fireEven if you are thin, you still need to do fat burning exercises in order to see your abs. Even though you may not be able to visibly see much fat now, if your BF% is high your muscles will remain hidden beneath them- making it more difficult to achieve your six pack.

Make sure you engage in regular cardio exercises using interval training. This will amp up your fat burning process and make it easier for you to see your abs once they start to become larger.

3) Gain Muscle Everywhere

bodybuilder-standing-holding-kettle-bell-weightsAnother important aspect of fat burning is to work on muscle building exercises over your entire body. That means that even though you may only really care about six-pack abs, you still need to work out your back, your chest, your legs, your arms, etc.

Muscle building is the key to long term fat burning and the best way to increase your metabolism. There is no such thing as “spot” fat burning – it’s impossible to burn fat in one spot just by working out that area more often. You need to work out your entire body if you hope to burn enough fat. Luckily, even working out the muscles in your calves can help you burn fat in your abs, so exercising your entire body is the best way to get your six pack.

4) Make Sure You Keep Eating Right

woman-eating-fruitIt’s great that you’re thin, but thin is not the same thing as healthy. It’s possible to remain thin while still eating an unhealthy diet. That unhealthy diet will make it even harder for you to get your six pack abs.  Make sure you continue to eat balanced, healthy meals.

Also, whether you have a fast or a slow metabolism, you should continue to eat in a way that keeps your metabolism running at peak efficiency. That means that you should be eating SIX meals a day – a protein rich breakfast within an hour of waking up, followed by 3 snacks and two more meals (lunch and dinner). Eating every 2 to 3 hours keeps your metabolism at full blast and reduces overeating.

5) Start an INTENSE Abs Building Workout

man-doing-gymnastics-for-absOnce you’ve already incorporated the idea of eating right, burning fat, and building muscle into your daily life, you need to start focusing on an intense abs building strategy. Far too many people don’t understand what it really takes to build rock hard abs. It’s more than simply adding a few ab exercises to your daily routine. You need to make sure that the exercises you add are intense.

Intense does NOT mean “a lot.” Doing 1,000 traditional crunches doesn’t build the muscle you want. In fact, it may even be worse for those that are already thin, since more reps of less weight tends to make abs thinner, not larger. What you need to do is an abs building exercise that is challenging enough that you can only complete 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps before you simply cannot do any more.

This added resistance is what will eventually increase the size of your abs. As you get stronger, rather than adding more reps you should be adding more weight. Make the exercise more difficult, not longer. Also, don’t focus only on standard crunches – standard crunches are not the most effective abs building workout. Instead do some of the more effective exercises, such as:

  • Double Crunches
  • Head to Toe Touches
  • Plank
  • Weighted Sit Ups
  • Weighted exercise ball crunches
  • Renegade Dumbbell Rows

All of these are known to be more efficient ways to gaining ab muscle mass. An intense workout is the best way to increase the size of your six pack, making it firmer and more visible. When you’re thin and you don’t already have a six pack, focusing on these intense muscle building workouts is crucial for achieving the six pack you have always wanted.

slim-guy-with-6-pack-absGetting Abs When You’re Thin is a Process

If you’re already thin and you don’t yet have visible abs, you will need to integrate abs-building and fat-burning tools into your life. This involves adding intense muscle exercises and proper eating and weight loss strategies to make sure that your abs are not only growing, but also clearly visible. By adding these tools to your weekly routines, you’ll be able to watch as your abs spring out from your stomach and get the six pack you’ve desired.

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  1. I’m not sure if i’m considered thin. i can start to see the outline of 2-4 packs but still seem to have a fair bit of love handles (particularly towards the back). Should i continue to focus on fat burning?

  2. Yes…fat-burning will always be a part of a winning six pack abs strategy. Also, be sure to build muscle and 6 healthy, smaller meals throughout the day.

  3. i got really loose skin on my belly!!! I got the abs muscle but loose skin makin it appear ugly!! N my abs are small hw cn i make them big!?? N thick?? Pls help

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