Best Way to Get 6 Pack Abs – The Right Mindset

The best way to get 6 pack abs is by having the right mindset. Talk about cutting to the chase.

Preparing yourself mentally for any activity will definitely give you the edge you need to complete the task at hand and follow through until you get the results you want.

When you go to battle, you take with you the necessary tools you’ll need to fight. In like manner, starting a workout for 6 pack abs would require you to load up on the following:

  • An Effective Training Routine
  • A Healthy Diet Plan
  • Basic Exercise Equipment

These are the big guns to any successful workout program. However, if you think for a second these are ALL you need, then that could be your biggest pitfall right there.

Fitness and nutrition expert Mike Geary believes that kicking off your six pack abs workout with the right mindset can get you where you want to be. Therefore, that makes it the best way to get 6 pack abs.

In his eBook, “Truth About Abs,” he shares some steps on how to successfully train your mind BEFORE you can train your body.

1. Determine what you really want. Establishing your purpose is the first step to achieving the six-pack you’ve always wanted.

2. Check for genuine desire. It’s more difficult to do something you don’t really want to do in the first place. You have to make sure that you’re really up for the challenge. Otherwise, you would only be wasting your time and energy.

3. Create a mental checklist of your goals. Think about your short-term and long-term goals. It’s easier to complete a task you set for yourself if you remember what they are. That right there is the best way to get six pack abs.

4. Visualize the prize. Picturing what your body would look like after all the rigorous training is the best kind of motivation. Positive thinking can take you a long, long way.

5. Keep the faith. Your mindset can either push you, or pull you back. Just believe in your ability to succeed and you can very well do anything.

6. Put everything into action. Think and then act. NOW. Keep in mind that your goals require ACTION to be realized.

A willing mind and an able body are vital to any 6 pack abs workout. Following these steps is truly the best way to get 6 pack abs. I encourage you to read up on more tips from Mike Geary’s eBook

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5 Factors That Keep You From Getting Six Pack Abs

There are 5 factors that set you back from getting six pack abs. These five make it more difficult for you to get the body you desire. Rectifying these factors is the best way to get 6 pack abs.

1) Poor Diet

I used to eat a lot of junk back in the day. I’d load up on high-sugar treats, chips, soda, you name it. I had a constant craving for these things because they’re all I knew, really.

Looking back, I keep telling myself, “what the hell was I thinking?!”

Good nutrition is an essential part of any sound fitness program. Eating the right kind of food to acquire energy and sustenance is exactly what you need to get your body in tip-top condition.

2) Inadequate Training

Getting six pack abs is no joke. It takes dedication and a lot of hard work, like any other worthwhile activity. Paired with a healthy diet, performing holistic training regularly (and frequently) will greatly work to your advantage.

3) Procrastinating

Everyone is guilty of this – you, me, EVERYBODY. We put off things because we’d rather laze around and do nothing.

Here’s the deal: procrastinating can set you back even farther from your goal. You have all these resources at the tip of your fingers. All you have to do is reach out and grab them.

Remember, there is no better time than NOW.

4) Defeatist Attitude

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I want my six pack abs, but…”? Let me tell you, that “but” right there is just as sinful as a $5.99 buffet.

Stop making excuses; and stop justifying your pessimism. If you start thinking that you can get those six pack abs, then you’ve just officially begun your journey to a healthier you.

5) Obstructive Environment

No matter how good your diet is or how hard you work on those abdominal muscles, you won’t be able to KEEP FIT if you surround yourself with the negative. That includes unsupportive family and friends, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. poor sleeping habits, smoking, drinking).

Instead of allowing other people to influence you with their damaging lifestyle, why don’t YOU influence THEM to adapt to healthier living.

Getting six pack abs requires commitment and a positive outlook. Continue to research on how you can improve on your healthy practices. Before you know it, you’ll be more than satisfied with how you look and, most of all, with how you feel. To make it easier, consider applying already proven training and meal plans: and

Are there more you can add to the list? Include your own by leaving your insights below.

Workout for 6 Pack Abs Anywhere – 4 Easy Exercises

A typical workout for 6 pack abs takes about 30 minutes to a full hour. But that can be a little bit limiting, especially if you want to see results fast. Doing exercises sporadically during the day, even when you’re not in workout mode, can fix all that.

Take away a solid 10 hours for your time spent in public, like in the office or school, and another 8 for rest. That leaves you with 6 hours – that’s still plenty of time to do all sorts of things.

Taking advantage of all that remaining time is the best way to get 6 pack abs fast. Where every movement and every bit of energy spent counts, you’ll definitely be surprised by how quick you get those washboard abs.

The Fantastic Four: Abdominal Exercises You Can Do Virtually Anywhere

You may or may not be familiar with the techniques listed below. But I assure you that these easy yet effective fat-burning, core-strengthening exercises can reinforce your program even when you’re not in the middle of your actual workout for 6 pack abs.

1. Sit-ups and Crunches. These are the most basic exercises for your abs. Do variations, such as the oblique crunch (come up diagonally rather than vertically), and you’ll never get bored of them.

2. Seated Torso Twist. This one works like a reverse sit-up, but with an added twist (quite literally, actually). While seated, bend your knees with both of your feet flat on the floor. Slowly lean backward until you are at a 45-degree angle, and hold that position for as long as you can. When your abdominal muscles start to tremble, you know it’s working.

3. Standing Side Bends. You might already have these in your workout for 6 pack abs, but it can only be more advantageous if you continue performing them afterward. Standing abdominal exercises are actually better because they don’t strain your back or neck as much as seated abdominal exercises do. Also, you don’t have to sprawl yourself out on the floor, which can’t be good if you’re wearing a skirt or expecting company.

4. Dance. Basic belly dancing and hip-hop moves are easy and FUN to do. You can do them alone or involve your friends and family.

With any of these exercises, it is important to keep those core muscles TIGHT. Remember to contract your abdominal muscles, as if pulling your belly button inward. This will ensure that you get the most out of these spur-of-the-moment exercises.

Unlike your workout for 6 pack abs, you don’t have to bring out your yoga mat or put on your gym clothes for these exercises. You can perform any of these while doing household chores, watching television, or talking on the phone.

Work those muscles even after your workout for 6 pack abs.  Who knew idle time could be so much fun.

What’s your favorite six pack abs exercise? Share your opinion below.