Why Female Abs Take Longer

While most of us want to see the results of our efforts in the mirror, we are not professional body builders. Looking like a professional body builder is usually more results than desired.

Women really don’t usually have to worry about over building. Unless you do extreme bodybuilding, or take professional bulking supplements, you will never get the “Mr. Universe” type physique.

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Certain areas of the body are more resistant to definition than others. Studies on exercise results between men and women show that men and women metabolize differently. While doctors are not completely sure why this happens, they suspect that the difference is hormonal.

The wall of the abdomen in females of normal weight is still naturally covered with a layer of fat. When you burn fat in the body, you lose weight, but you do not necessarily gain mass. Because the body does not convert free fatty acids into muscle, fat enters the bloodstream and diminishes over time. If you are older and menopausal, this can translate into changes in the heart and blood pressure.

While moderate exercise is great for everyone, intensive isolations, such as female ab development, should be approached along with another, more general, program of exercise to gradually build stamina and cardiovascular health.

On the other hand, while female abs are harder to define, men are more prone to hernias in that body region.

The greatest obstruction to defining female abs is finding them. In order to see them, you have to lose the body fat. This means major changes in diet to trim those stubborn pounds in the midsection area, and consistent reduction of fat intake to keep those toned abs exposed. Sugar, sweets, fried foods, and junk food snacks all have to go.

After you have cleaned away the fat, you still have to build a little tissue to get that sexy, toned abs look. This takes time and training. No supplement and no miracle exercise program can do what consistency will produce. You don’t have to build a lot of muscle to show off, but no muscle will give you that flat pancake look without the six pack.

A lot of traditional exercises create more back strain than results. Ideal exercises isolate the entire abdominal region, including the lower back, adding definition and increasing strength as your regimen expands. Using a machine can speed up the effect, combined with floor exercises, like the reverse crunch.

It takes time and effort to get those female abs to buff up, but diet, exercise and persistence are the key factors.

  • Diet
  • Exercise specific muscles
  • Determination

Make sure you keep up the general workout so that you get that overall toned appearance, while you build those beautiful female abs.

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