The Best Way to Work Abs

Focusing on just doing targeted abdominal exercises isn’t the best way to work abs. I’ll tell you why…

Back in the day, modern conveniences did not exist. There were no computers, no heavy-duty equipment, and hardly any desk jobs. “Hard labor” was just what the phrase implied – HARD LABOR.

As the early inhabitants of this world went through their day, they would do heavy lifting, travel great distances on foot, harvest the fields of their crops with their very hands, and rely on nothing but their own physical strength to get things done. They weren’t aware of abdominal exercises back then, were they? And yet, many of them had such toned bodies and ripped abs.

Have you ever asked yourself what their secret was?

The best way to work abs back then was to get full body workouts while doing their everyday tasks. They might have broken their backs from all that hard work, but, clearly, it gave them such well-formed physiques.

I’m not suggesting you go back to primitive ways for you to get fit. However, the idea of performing a more holistic workout routine can actually push you toward the right direction.

A complete abs workout is made up of two very important elements:

1. Full Body Fitness. Core-specific exercises are quite beneficial, especially if you want to get ripped abs. But doing exercises that target other parts of your body is also essential. Your abs make up just one part of a whole, and the best way to work abs is by involving the rest of your body.

Athletes need to build muscle and train hard for their particular sport, but you don’t see them performing only one specific exercise. Incorporating a variety of exercises into your routine will get you a complete workout. Only then can you start to get a body as fit and as toned as your favorite athletes.

2. Fast Motion. Keeping a fast pace during your workout will get you to your goal quicker. Therefore, it is the best way to work abs.

You work your muscles and you keep going for as long as you can. Doing your exercises in a continuous, flowing manner will maintain your momentum and push you to greater heights.

Keep in mind, however, that you can’t just throw caution to the wind. You need to be consistent with your workout routine, but not careless. This way, you get the most out of your training without incurring any injuries.

Indeed, the best way to work abs is to constantly work the whole body. Always incorporate these two important elements in your fitness plan and you’ll do just fine.

What other methods do you have to work your abs? Share your secrets below.

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Workouts For A Flat Stomach

If you’ve been looking at workouts for a flat stomach, you know that there are a lot of them. Not all are sensible or even possible for many people just starting an abs exercise routine. If you are having problems figuring out where to start, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Your general health – age, weight, overall health
  • Injuries or conditions – back problems, fatigue, or pregnancy
  • Where you can exercise and the time available

Don’t know where to begin? Try making an appointment at a gym. Most larger gyms want to give you a tour with their sales pitch, and that will include a discussion with a trainer. Ask questions specific to your situation.

  1. What can I do safely, with my back condition?
  2. What is a good beginning program?
  3. How late or early do you open?

If they offer a free trial, take it. It will get you started, with enough instruction to make sure you do your exercises properly, without strain. Most gyms offer equipment that you don’t have at home.

Try it out to see if it’s comfortable for you. You may decide to stay with it for awhile, or discover that you can do this all at home and save yourself both time and money.

If you are pregnant, or have other health conditions, many hospitals and therapy facilities offer programs specifically for you. Ask your doctor, therapist, or fitness professional to see what’s available in your area.

There is also the question of active versus passive exercise to consider.

Most active programs include weights, crunches, bicycles and curls, which can be hard on your back. Passive exercise includes, isometrics, yoga, stretching, swimming and water exercises. These are all less straining on other parts of your body, but can take longer to perform.

Time can be a factor, if you’re on an offbeat schedule. However, most larger cities now have late hours or 24 hour gyms that you can use. The benefit of going later or very early is that you never have to wait to use something. The drawback is not all gyms that are open around the clock offer group exercise during their off hours.

Sorting through exercise programs becomes a little easier, after you figured out what you are capable of doing. Once you have gotten started on a program, let your intuition take over. It won’t take much to realize you are overdoing it. Soreness is alright, but pain is a sure indicator that you need modification of your program. Cut back and try something less strenuous.

Remember to eat healthy, and drink lots of fluids along with those workouts for a flat stomach. You’ll get faster results and feel better while your are getting it. Good hunting.

Toning Stomach Muscles

If you are working on toning stomach muscles, here are a few things to think about.

  1. Not everyone is born with the same set of abdominal muscles.
  2. Toning muscles involves stretching as well as exercising.
  3. Swimming is the best single exercise for toning stomach muscles.
  4. It is easy to strain your back doing abdominal exercises

Abdominal Muscles:

That’s right. Some of us simply don’t have a pyramidalis muscle. This means that no matter how hard you go for the washboard effect, you will not have the same number of bulges. You’ll get the six pack, but not the 8 pack.

Why are abdominal muscles different in some people? Doctors simply do not know. Consider that this will not just influence the all over number of toned muscles, but the lack of a pyramidalis will influence your ability to strengthen lower abdominals, as well.


Building exercises and toning exercises are not exactly the same thing. While you won’t get toned stomach muscles without a workout that isolates this muscle group, you won’t get the tone without doing a lot of stretching, as well.

People often neglect this as part of a routine. These are some of the easiest and most rewarding exercises to do. They are great for warm ups. As any athlete or aerobics instructor will tell you, they keep you from straining. Arm stretches, leg stretches, bending and twisting are all good ways to limber up before you hit the weights or machines.

A little Yoga added to your routine, with its exaggerated movements, can save hours of discomfort with torn or strained muscles, later.


The best addition to any routine that has focus on toning muscles is swimming. It is not only an all over good workout, with fantastic cardiovascular benefits, but it stretches and works those stomach muscles like no stationary exercise can. Almost every muscle in the body is used in swimming.

If you think it isn’t what you want or you don’t have time to add it to your routine, just look at those professional swimmers’ bodies. They all have long, lean torsos, with well defined abdominals and v shaped bodies. They got those bodies by swimming!

Not only is swimming really good for you, it won’t hurt you. Swimming is considered passive exercise. That means less strain on muscles and organs.

Risk of Injury:

Most crunches can be brutal on your back muscles, so don’t add more than 2 additional repetitions to your current routine at one time. That is repetitions and not sets. When you add a new set to your abs routine, do it by adding 2 reps until you fill it out.

If your back hurts, use a brace, or switch to just ball exercises. You don’t have to stop completely, just modify. Check to see that you are doing your exercises correctly, as this can lead to strain faster than anything.

A little common sense and effort will keep you toning stomach muscles till they look great. Just keep these 4 important things in mind.

Great Abs In A Month

If you want to have great abs in a month, there are 3 things you need to do.

  1. Workouts
  2. Diet
  3. Activity

Most people believe they can get by with joining a gym. You can, if you eat moderately and work out four times a week for six months. But, if you want great abs in a month, you need to put in a little more effort.

Everyone else thinks that exercise and diet are all there is to it. That is the biggest part, but not all. There’s another great strategy – it won’t give you great abs in one month, but it will help. Let’s cover these 3 first.


Always start by warming up. Body stretches that focus the abs with side twists and front and side bends are good. Don’t cut this short. At least 15 minutes of just warming up will double what you get out of your routine, and help you avoid muscle strain and soreness.

Throw in some aerobics. Pick something you can do in 20 to 45 minutes, that gets blood circulating and burns calories as well. Jumping rope, swimming, using the rowing machine and regular aerobics are all good for your heart and your abdominal muscles, as well.

Now you are ready for the leg lifts, crunches, ball crunches, curls, bicycles and weights. A good gauge of what you need is to try doing ten. Whatever you can do is a set for you.

Do one set of each. Rest, stretch, walk around, then do one more of each. The next time you start, your set will contain one more of each exercise. Repeat this till your up to multiples, then switch off to something more intense.

If you’re a female, you might try just leg lifts or reverse crunches instead of standard crunches. They are less hard on the neck, a frequent point of strain for many women due to anatomy.

And diet?

You are going to get out of it what you put into it. This doesn’t mean you should starve, but if you don’t reduce your caloric intake to less than you burn each day, you won’t lose a pound. Since most extra pounds are fat, you need to shed them to expose those abdominal muscles hiding underneath.


  • give up desserts and junk food
  • reduce bread and other starchy foods, like pasta and rice
  • increase vegetable and fruit intake
  • increase your water consumption

Other activities

If you don’t know it yet, the gym or mat is not the only place to give yourself a good workout.

You can:

  • spend a few hours on a weekend morning walking the dog.
  • take up rowing, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, just for a start.
  • stretch every chance you get. This means at work, also – some isometric exercises require no more than resistance, like a wall, and they’re great for abs.
  • walk to the store instead of driving

Note: There is one more thing that is important, and that’s your posture. If you slump or lean when standing, you will never look fit, no matter how much time you spend exercising. Think good posture all the time.

  1. Sit up straight in your chair, at work and home.
  2. Imagine a cord that lifts you from the top of your head. Let it pull you up, stand tall and then relax.
  3. Think posture when you work out and you’ll get more out of your exercise and avoid back strain, as well.

Most exercise outside of the gym is free, and it will keep you healthy long after those abs have turned into washboards.

3 Advanced Techniques on How to Build Abs Fast

How to build abs fast…frankly, there isn’t just ONE way to do it. If that was the case, no one would be clamoring for workout secrets anymore, and we’d all have killer six packs by now. Sadly, we are quite a ways away from that ever happening.

The truth is that there are numerous exercises created to build lean abdominal muscle, and each one is effective to a certain degree. Common human error states, however, that exercising is all you have to do to get six pack abs. This is where most people make that mistake.

There are a number of factors on how to build abs fast. “Targeted abdominal exercises” is certainly one of them. Your main focus should be with the PROPER EXECUTION AND FREQUENCY OF ABDOMINAL EXERCISES.

Each abs exercise targets a specific zone in your midsection, and doing them the right way will ensure your muscles are getting the attention they deserve. Perform these exercises correctly, 3 to 4 times a week — that’s exactly how to build abs fast. Just concentrate on keeping your abdominal muscles tight with every rep and set.

For you to effectively target your abs with these exercises, you will most definitely need to get rid of excess fat that surrounds your upper and lower abdominals. Before you can do a house paint job or renovation, for example, you will need to take out the “clutter.” This is where a LOW-FAT, LOW-SODIUM, LOW-CARB DIET comes into play on how to build abs fast.

Take a look at the way you have been eating and, more importantly, WHAT you have been eating, then ask yourself this: “Is my present diet holding me back from my goal?”

Aside from staying clear of bad fats, decreasing your sodium and sugar intake will also have a positive effect on your fitness goal. Drinking plenty of water and eating well-balanced meals can definitely help turn that flabby belly into toned, washboard abs.

To know more about healthy portions and well-balanced eating that’s ideal for your body time, I recommend a guide that’s NOT another diet book but rather a long-term eating strategy that’s both realistic and effective. Click here for a guide that shows you how to eat to automatically burn fat while eating REAL foods – not rice cakes and diet water…lol!

CARDIOVASCULAR OR AEROBIC EXERCISES is another good technique on how to build abs fast. Not only do these exercises burn fat fast and help tone your abs, but they are also very good for the rest of your body, like your heart and other muscle groups.

Taking your bike out for a spin or running around the block before you go to work are two simple yet easily adaptable cardio exercises you can do.

These three techniques, combined with much discipline and determination, will only take you to great heights. Six pack abs can be a reality for you. Who knows; maybe next time, you’ll be coaching others on how to build abs fast.