Top 10 Myths to Getting Six Pack Abs

Ok, Getting six pack abs isn’t impossible, especially if you are equipped with the right information. Weeding out the facts from the myths is a great way to start your journey toward sexy, ripped abs. Read on and discover what you should (and shouldn’t) do when it comes to toning your midsection.

Myth #1: “Diet pills will melt all my existing fat away.” Relying on diet pills and supplements may seem like a quick-fix, but don’t let laziness get the best of you. You need to be really careful about these things because most could ultimately cause more harm than good.

Myth #2: “I can eat as much fat as I want for as long as I exercise.” Getting six pack abs will require a sense of balance. That means you still need to watch what you eat WHILE you work out.

Myth #3: “Fat bellies are passed on in the genes so no matter what I do, I can never get six pack abs.” Our physical make-up does affect the rate in which we burn fat. However, it doesn’t mean that fat belly is an irredeemable family curse.

Myth #4: “A sure-fire way to remove belly flab is through liposuction and slimming abdominal wraps.” These clinical procedures may physically get rid of fat, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get ripped abs. You don’t have to go through such drastic, EXPENSIVE measures only to realize later that they are not the solution to getting six pack abs.

Myth #5: “Zero carb diets work!” Sure, they give you the ILLUSION that you’re burning fat for the first couple of weeks. But it’s also rendering you physically weak because you need energy derived from carbohydrates to function properly.

Myth #6: “Cutting down calories way below the acceptable range will help me burn fat fast.” Starving yourself screws up with your metabolism, which determines how fast you can potentially burn fat.

Myth #7: “Doing cardio or aerobic exercises at a steady pace for long periods at a time will burn more fat.” Doing them in intervals and varying speeds, even for 20-30 minutes, is actually more effective in getting six pack abs.

Myth #8: “Saunas and steam baths will burn all the fat right off my belly and other parts of my body as well.” Saunas are mainly for alleviating muscle tension, not burning fat. Staying in one for too long can even cause major dehydration.

Myth #9: “Weight training is a complete waste of time.” When aiming for six pack abs, it’s important to think HOLISTIC. Weight training is just as important as full body and targeted exercises.

Myth #10: “Doing endless reps of crunches and sit ups alone will eliminate fat around my belly.” Similar to myth #9, you need to do variations of exercises to get a complete and effective workout. Crunches and sit ups are great, but you’ll also need to incorporate full body workouts to really burn excess fat.

In summary,consider these 10 myths to getting six pack abs and take action – the right way, right now and continue to learn the truth about six pack abs!

Have another myth not included in the above list? Add an 11th one by entering your comments below.

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The Best Exercises for a Flat Stomach

Getting six pack abs takes a lot more work than just clicking your heels three times or a wave of a magic wand. You will need the best exercises for a flat stomach, that’s for sure. What you probably don’t realize is that it isn’t as difficult as you think.

You’re reminded everyday of the flat stomach you don’t have, and that irks the hell out of you, I’m sure. There are those health buffs in their tight-fitted clothing parading around your office like they own the place, infomercials that claim to be the best solution for that instant flat stomach flooding the television, and magazines with airbrushed covers of supermodels. It can all be a little too overwhelming sometimes.

You can now stop pining over them because that flat sexy tummy is truly just a few clicks away. When you want to build great abs, perform exercises for a flat stomach like targeted workouts. That means you need to hit it where it hurts – the flab.

The ab-specific exercises listed below should get you pumped and ready for more:

  • Crunches
  • Stomach Curls
  • Knee to Chest Stretch
  • Bicycles

Performing each in sets of 3 around 4 times a week at 10-25 reps per set should give your stomach a solid workout.

One of the best exercises for a flat stomach, that will ensure you are getting a complete workout, is the full body exercises. You can definitely get more from your targeted abs workouts if you incorporate a solid cardiovascular routine. These include running, swimming, martial arts, dancing, and even brisk walking.

You can perform these exercises in between the days you’ve scheduled your targeted abs workouts. Putting in 40-60 minuets of cardio 3-4 times a week can prove to be very beneficial. Remember, overdoing it can lead to injuries, so it is best that you pace yourself.

Lastly, a proper diet will only reinforce your workout and make your routines more effective. Quick tip: if you usually find yourself snacking at a particular time of day, like in the late afternoon, try to get in some exercise an hour before. That way, you don’t feel as guilty because your metabolism is actually working on overtime even after you’ve worked out.

If you think about it, healthy eating directly affects how you look. No amount of sit ups or crunches will get you that flat tummy if all you eat are unhealthy snacks and fatty foods. Remember, a good diet plan is just as vital as carrying out a regular exercise plan.

It’s true there is a science to it. But you don’t have to be a doctor or nutrition expert to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. Brush up on your macronutrients and explore the fresh produce aisles at the supermarket.

Implement these three simple guidelines and say goodbye to flat stomach envy. Eat well and perform the best exercises for a flat stomach today!

5 Factors That Keep You From Getting Six Pack Abs

There are 5 factors that set you back from getting six pack abs. These five make it more difficult for you to get the body you desire. Rectifying these factors is the best way to get 6 pack abs.

1) Poor Diet

I used to eat a lot of junk back in the day. I’d load up on high-sugar treats, chips, soda, you name it. I had a constant craving for these things because they’re all I knew, really.

Looking back, I keep telling myself, “what the hell was I thinking?!”

Good nutrition is an essential part of any sound fitness program. Eating the right kind of food to acquire energy and sustenance is exactly what you need to get your body in tip-top condition.

2) Inadequate Training

Getting six pack abs is no joke. It takes dedication and a lot of hard work, like any other worthwhile activity. Paired with a healthy diet, performing holistic training regularly (and frequently) will greatly work to your advantage.

3) Procrastinating

Everyone is guilty of this – you, me, EVERYBODY. We put off things because we’d rather laze around and do nothing.

Here’s the deal: procrastinating can set you back even farther from your goal. You have all these resources at the tip of your fingers. All you have to do is reach out and grab them.

Remember, there is no better time than NOW.

4) Defeatist Attitude

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I want my six pack abs, but…”? Let me tell you, that “but” right there is just as sinful as a $5.99 buffet.

Stop making excuses; and stop justifying your pessimism. If you start thinking that you can get those six pack abs, then you’ve just officially begun your journey to a healthier you.

5) Obstructive Environment

No matter how good your diet is or how hard you work on those abdominal muscles, you won’t be able to KEEP FIT if you surround yourself with the negative. That includes unsupportive family and friends, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. poor sleeping habits, smoking, drinking).

Instead of allowing other people to influence you with their damaging lifestyle, why don’t YOU influence THEM to adapt to healthier living.

Getting six pack abs requires commitment and a positive outlook. Continue to research on how you can improve on your healthy practices. Before you know it, you’ll be more than satisfied with how you look and, most of all, with how you feel. To make it easier, consider applying already proven training and meal plans: and

Are there more you can add to the list? Include your own by leaving your insights below.

Getting Six Pack Abs – Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

Getting six pack abs is not a walk in the park. If it was, we’d all have toned midsections and no one would make an effort to do cardio training anymore. I mean, what would be the point?!

Let’s face it. If you want six pack abs, it will take a lot of hard work, determination, and commitment to achieve it. Sure, it can sound a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it and start to see results, you won’t even notice how grueling it is anymore.

Cardio training IS an important part of a complete six pack abs workout. Getting six pack abs can be achieved faster by incorporating cardio exercises into your fitness program. Even after achieving your ideal weight and rock-hard abs, you would still need to do some form of cardio exercise.

When someone brought up the word “cardio” to me in the past, I remember cringing from the sheer thought of it. But the truth is, without cardio training, you can’t possibly get rid of excess fat that quickly.

It’s Cardio Time

If you want six pack abs, you’d have to do something about it. The best way to maximize any cardio training routine is to practice the orthodox system and not rely mainly on machines.

The orthodox system simply refers to common cardio exercises like running, jogging, walking, and climbing stairs. This system greatly compliments any six pack abs workout. The best time to do cardio training is early in the morning, from six to nine.

Getting six pack abs can be achieved just by doing cardio training on an empty stomach, which allows your metabolism to burn more calories and also forces your body to use energy from stored fat. If you can’t help doing cardio before breakfast, your next option is to perform it after your weight training session. During this time, glucose (sugar) is used up in the process as well.

Cardio Training: The Miracle Workout

Vince Delmonte, the Canadian fitness author of the bestselling core workout “No Nonsense 6 Pack: The Fat Loss System,” recommends that you perform cardio workouts three times a week. He believes that cardio training (e.g. walking at 4.0 mph for thirty minutes, running at 6-7 mph) is as close to a miracle pill as you can get. Once you start doing your cardio workout, your body responds by burning fat, keeping your heart strong, and building muscle – all beneficial in getting six pack abs.

Keep the Program Alive!

I totally get it when friends say cardio training is boring. I used to think the same way, too. The secret to cardio training, or any kind of physical exercise for that matter, is to CHANGE IT UP.

Jog or run on the first day, jump rope or climb stairs on the second, then join a spin class on your third. Shuffle these activities every week, invite friends to work out with you, and you’ll surely have a fantastic time getting six pack abs.

How do you get the most out of your cardio exercises? Let me know with your comments.