Shocking Truths about Foods with Hidden Sugar Disguised as “Healthy”

You are probably aware of the negative effects of consuming too much sugar. Obesity, fatigue and type-2 diabetes? Yes, these are the major and scary snags. However, the problem is you might be unaware that you are consuming high amounts of sugar. This is because there are many so-called healthy foods that actually contain a high amount of sugar. Sugary foods disguised as “healthy” are deceiving and unfair, I know!  So if you’re serious about evading sugar intake, you do not want to miss these shocking facts. Here are some of the most common healthy foods with hidden high amount of sugar that could trick you.

 1. Juice

Juice or Soda? Which one is better? Grabbing a can of juice instead of soda thinking this is a healthier option can actually play havoc to your weight and might even lead you to hefty hospital bills in the future just the same. Listen to this, most canned or bottled juice contain almost the same amount of sugar as soda. If you want to drink juice, go with the unsweetened variety or freshly squeezed juice. Better yet, stick to water. Think about this before supping a glass of orange juice every morning.

2. Instant Oatmeal

Everyone knows oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfast staples. However, instant flavored oatmeal is easier to prepare and tastes a lot more delicious. Do you want to know why it tastes better than regular oatmeal? The answer is sugar! Here’s a fact for you. Instant oatmeal contains about 15 grams of sugar. If you want a healthy breakfast, go with regular oatmeal and add some fresh fruit like bananas.

3. Protein Bars

High protein foods are ideal snacks because these keep you full longer compared to high carbohydrate foods. Protein also helps keep blood sugar level stable. This is why protein bars are very popular today and is known as one of the best snack items. However, read the label carefully because most protein bars have around 15 grams of sugar to make them taste good. The good news is that there are sugar-free protein bars available if you want a convenient and healthy snack.

4.Dried Fruits

Of course you’ve heard that munching a fruit rather than sweet treats like donuts or cupcakes is a step closer to weight loss and a healthy body. Obviously because fruits are rich in nutrients, low in calories and high in fiber. Without doubt, your tummy will thank you. However, it is best to stay away from dried fruits. Here’s my confession. Fruits are naturally high in sugar and dried fruit is a lot worse because these are usually sprinkled with sugar powder. ¼ cup of dried fruit contains up to 20 grams of sugar… yikes!

5. Sports Drinks

It’s pretty funny how some people spend 30 minutes to 1 hour burning calories through cardiovascular exercise in the morning then eat a big bag of chips in the evening. It’s even funnier when these people are consuming high-sugar sports drinks while doing their cardio hoping to lose weight. It’s like banging their heads against a wall! To stress again, if losing weight is your goal, then hydrate yourself with plain water instead of a sport drink. Warning: A 12 ounce sports drink contains around 42 grams of sugar.

So there you go. Given these facts, I hope the hidden sugar in so-called “healthy foods” can no longer mislead you. Eat healthy. And hey, remember to check the label.

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