Women Abdominals – What’s the difference?

After spending months at the gym, toning every inch of your feminine body, the women abdominals still haven’t responded. The woman next to you looks like a professional athlete. She has 6 pack abs and every muscle on her body is defined and sinuous, while you’re still soft and round. Why?

There are three factors at work here that need to be considered.

  • Diet
  • Exercise Program
  • Heredity

The biggest part of the problem could be your diet. Another part could be the exercise program you use. The rest of the problem is probably heredity.

You are probably on some kind of diet already, but it may not be enough. You have to get down under that feminine layer of abdominal fat before you can see those muscles. In order to build lean muscle and break up that layer of abdominal fat, you have to focus on protein. To get sexy women abdominals, your diet should be low in fat and sugar, and also moderate in carbohydrates.

Like most of us, you probably eat your food too fast, as well. Play some soft music when you eat, to help you relax and enjoy your food.

It takes the brain 15 to 20 minutes after you start eating to tell your stomach that you have had enough. Slow down and chew your food longer. It will digest better, and you will get fuller on less food.

If you cook at home, take your food out before you dress or sauce it, or try putting all the fatty stuff on the side, like gravy, and let others choose for themselves. Combine a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits into your menus. You and those you cook for will be healthier, even if they don’t thank you right away.

Pin up a photo of those dream abs in your bathroom, gym locker, or office top drawer. You can paste a picture of your head over the one in the photo. It will motivate you and remind you that looking like that is a lifestyle choice.

Check your exercise program to make sure that you are focusing on the right exercises, and doing them correctly. If you have a trainer at your gym, ask them to take a few minutes with you. This could help a lot.

Last, consider heredity. Remember how your mother looked at your age. Was she athletic? If you have been exercising regularly, you probably look better physically than she did.

There is the possibility that buff women abdominals do not run in your gene pool. Well defined female abs won’t come without sustained effort and the proper lifestyle. To have the physique of an athlete, you’d have to do more. You would have to become one.

By changing your lifestyle, starting with a different outlook about food, and a regular exercise routine, you are already on your way to great women abdominals.

What’s your biggest challenge to building abdominals? Let us know by adding your comments below.

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