3 Steps in the Flat Stomach 2 Weeks Program

Myth: Getting a flat tummy in 2 weeks is impossible.

Fact: A flat stomach 2 weeks later is attainable if you start with a well-conditioned body. I should know, I’ve been there before.

To get a conditioned body, you’ll need to really work at it. This isn’t the time to dilly-dally because if you’re really serious about getting rid of excess belly fat or building a six pack, you’ll need more than just luck on your side.

You’ll need to get three things in order before you achieve the flat tummy of your dreams. These are: total commitment, a full-proof diet, and proper exercise.

1. Total Commitment. Even Hollywood superstars and buffed athletes have to go through this step for them to get their bodies to look that way.

First thing you need to do to get a flat stomach 2 weeks later is to start. NOW. Truly, there is no better time.

Grab a pen and mark that target date on your calendar. Commit to yourself and to the idea of your new-and-improved self. The only way you can get yourself out of your fitness rut is to make that conscious decision.

If you don’t start today, you will only delay things. You need to want it bad before you get it. Remember that.

2. Full-proof Diet. This entails more than just the latest fad diet or even total fasting – those aren’t just good for you. Period.

For a flat stomach 2 weeks later, you need to get your weight to a healthy number and rev up your metabolism at the same time.

Start by timing your meals. Eat small portions of well-balanced meals every 4 hours. That way, your body never goes totally hungry nor will it be deprived of essential nutrients at any given time. Also, your digestive system will be working at a regular “schedule.”

At the supermarket, stock up on veggies and fruits you can eat without cooking. You can snack on them regularly without much food preparation. You should also get fat-burning foods like garlic, chilies, nuts, citrus fruits, apples, tomatoes, and a variety of berries.

Tofu, an alternative source of protein, will help get you a flat stomach 2 weeks later. While you’re there, grab a bottle of multivitamins and take 1 tablet daily. Remember to stay away from fatty foods – they will only set you back.

3. Proper Exercise. You can’t expect to go easy in the next 2 weeks if you truly want to see results by then. That’s why performing exercises correctly and regularly will do the trick.

With the use of a timer, you need to stick to a diet and exercise routine. Every time that timer goes off, you need to get off that couch and start working: walk around, drink water, eat your small portions, work out, get ample sleep, and do it all again the next day.

Before you even notice it, the flat stomach 2 weeks program should be completed in no time at all. After doing everything intensely for 2 weeks, give your body a break by resuming a slower-paced exercise routine and going back to a normal diet. The most important thing to remember is that you never give up in those 2 weeks and keep your eye on the prize at all times.

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“Who Else Wants to Tighten Lower Abs With These 3 Proven Keys?”

Start building tight abs the right way…

You may have worked hard…exercised regularly and eaten right. You may have even seen some encouraging signs of progress: maybe you’ve lost an inch or two from your waist. Maybe your favorite pair of jeans or dress fits a little better…but, then you notice that your lower abs are just not as tight as you expected them to be…

People just like you are looking for ways to tighten lower abs. It is probably one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) part of the abs to show. It’s that stubborn little pooch women usually complain about or that extra flab of fat that keep men from buttoning their pants effortlessly.

Did you know that the lower abs is both the last to lose belly fat when you’re exercising and eating right and the first to gain belly fat when you’re not? OUCH!

This is because of the average man and woman’s hormonal make up. Your body naturally stores fat in your lower abs first (especially men) for survival reasons.

Even worse, cortisol, a hormone released by the body when it is under stress, further contributes to the build-up of fat around the waist…Did that just doubled your stress right there?

Ok, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll will have learned 3 proven ways to both tighten lower abs and make your hormones actually help keep the fat off your belly…

Ready? Let’s get started with the most obvious…

1) Perform specific exercises to tighten lower abs…

What’s a successful ab workout program without specific exercises to tighten lower abs? There are quite a few options to choose from, but here are 3 of my favorite lower abs exercises that will give you great overall results:

Abdominal Bicycle Crunch

woman-doing-bicycle-abs-crunches-1 woman-doing-bicycle-abs-crunches-2

Reverse Abdominal Crunches


Hanging Leg Raises

2) Lower Your Overall Body Fat %

What good is having tight lower abs if they’re hidden behind a layer or two of belly fat? I mean, you want to tighten lower abs AND have them look great, right?

Well, the best way to get your lower abs to look like they’ve gone to abdominal boot camp is by lowering your overall body fat. That would be your primary goal here.

Targeted abs exercises won’t be enough…Have you noticed this? Once you get your total body fat to the ideal, things will get much easier, you’ll see.

If you know what your total body fat percentage is you’ll know how much fat you’ll need to burn in the process. In this case, like in many others, knowledge is power.

And the fastest way to burn off body fat is to do interval training. It allows you to burn off fat in the least amount of time. Sweet!

The other way to lower your overall body fat % is to INCREASE your muscle % through resistance training. Don’t worry ladies, you won’t look like a bodybuilder if you do this right.

Interval training is great for fat-burning in the short-term but muscle-building is BY FAR the best long-term strategy for keeping fat OFF your body…

If you’re serious about creating a healthy, lean body, there are 2 abs programs that I’ve found to give the best results: www.NoNonsense6Pack.com and www.GetHotAbs.com.

You can learn about these programs by clicking on the URL above.

Ok, Ready for tip#3?

3) Have a Good Eating Strategy (NOT Diet!)…

If you’re like me, you hate diets! I mean, if they really worked long-term, why do so many of us seem to go from one diet to another with no real long-term success. And you’ve probably heard that the diet industry is a multi-BILLION dollar industry. But where are the real results?!

…Ok, you already know diets are useless long-term but at the same time, you do need a good eating strategy. After all, what you eat is about 60-80% of having great abs.

So what’s the difference between a diet and a good eating strategy?

Here it is: a diet is short-term and many times requires starvation or the complete elimination of an entire food group (e.g. carbs, fat, etc). This just can’t work long-term and is doomed for failure at some point because it’s unrealistic.

An eating strategy on the other hand is a long-term approach because it deals with reality. No need to cut out EVERYTHING forever (impossible).

You’ll find that good eating strategy teaches you to restructure what you’re already doing in a way that tells your body to naturally release excess body fat…but you’re still eating when you’re hungry. No starvation. Yay!

The basics of a good eating strategy include eliminating excessively fatty foods from your diet, cutting down on highly processed foods, and drinking alcohol only every once and a while can do you more good than you can imagine.

Sticking to a well-rounded diet that’s loaded with whole grains, fresh fruits, colorful veggies, and lean meats/ protein will definitely set the motion toward a healthier, more fit you- without starving.


Do you need some more help with an effective long-term eating strategy?

After looking through a lot of programs, the diet solution is my favorite because Isabel (the program creator) uses common sense and real science to guide you through fat-burning meal plans that are for people that actually enjoy eating REAL food.

You can learn more about Isabel’s program by going to www.FatBurningMealPlans.com

I’m sure that by now you can see how these 3 tips can help you to tighten lower abs- starting today! But, as you’ve heard before, you have to take action!

Start by doing a couple of the lower abs and fat-burning exercises that we talked about in this article, then consider getting a full ab workout program and/or the diet solution

To Your Success!

Still have problems tightening your lower abs? Let me know by entering your comments below.

The Best Exercises for a Flat Stomach

Getting six pack abs takes a lot more work than just clicking your heels three times or a wave of a magic wand. You will need the best exercises for a flat stomach, that’s for sure. What you probably don’t realize is that it isn’t as difficult as you think.

You’re reminded everyday of the flat stomach you don’t have, and that irks the hell out of you, I’m sure. There are those health buffs in their tight-fitted clothing parading around your office like they own the place, infomercials that claim to be the best solution for that instant flat stomach flooding the television, and magazines with airbrushed covers of supermodels. It can all be a little too overwhelming sometimes.

You can now stop pining over them because that flat sexy tummy is truly just a few clicks away. When you want to build great abs, perform exercises for a flat stomach like targeted workouts. That means you need to hit it where it hurts – the flab.

The ab-specific exercises listed below should get you pumped and ready for more:

  • Crunches
  • Stomach Curls
  • Knee to Chest Stretch
  • Bicycles

Performing each in sets of 3 around 4 times a week at 10-25 reps per set should give your stomach a solid workout.

One of the best exercises for a flat stomach, that will ensure you are getting a complete workout, is the full body exercises. You can definitely get more from your targeted abs workouts if you incorporate a solid cardiovascular routine. These include running, swimming, martial arts, dancing, and even brisk walking.

You can perform these exercises in between the days you’ve scheduled your targeted abs workouts. Putting in 40-60 minuets of cardio 3-4 times a week can prove to be very beneficial. Remember, overdoing it can lead to injuries, so it is best that you pace yourself.

Lastly, a proper diet will only reinforce your workout and make your routines more effective. Quick tip: if you usually find yourself snacking at a particular time of day, like in the late afternoon, try to get in some exercise an hour before. That way, you don’t feel as guilty because your metabolism is actually working on overtime even after you’ve worked out.

If you think about it, healthy eating directly affects how you look. No amount of sit ups or crunches will get you that flat tummy if all you eat are unhealthy snacks and fatty foods. Remember, a good diet plan is just as vital as carrying out a regular exercise plan.

It’s true there is a science to it. But you don’t have to be a doctor or nutrition expert to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. Brush up on your macronutrients and explore the fresh produce aisles at the supermarket.

Implement these three simple guidelines and say goodbye to flat stomach envy. Eat well and perform the best exercises for a flat stomach today!

Your Questions Answered: Lean abs at 58?

Today, let’s do a quick Q&A:

Question: “I am 58 years old. I am doing a lot of exercising, trying to eat right and getting plenty of rest. My question, Is it to late for me to get six pack abs?”

TRAVIS:I love this question because I’m pushing 40 and I personally know that you can have great abs at any age…

In fact, I recently supported my friend, Eric, in a fitness contest and the BIG winner was 45 years old!

He CLOBBERED all the 20 & 30 year old competition…

YES! There’s hope as we age :)

Bottomline, it’s never too late to have you lean abs.

In fact, it may even save your life.

I’ll talk more about this in another email…

But for now, remember:

It’s NOT enough to just eat the “right” foods and exercise…

you’ve got to have a balance of the right mindset, the right exercise strategy and the right eating habits AND do this all in the right way…

Otherwise, you’re wasting your time, setting yourself up for injury and sabotaging your potential lean ab results.


1) Eating the right foods makes sure that you will not only get all your necessary nutrients and avoid the harmful effects of a popular “Western” diet…

…but by eating these foods in the right way, your triggering your body’s automatic fat burning mechanism–a must when you’re trying to get a six pack.

2) Doing the right exercises, in the right way ensures that you’re getting the lean results you want…

…without spending unnecessary hours exercising–opening yourself up to the potential of serious injury and over-training.

3) Having the right mindset is crucial and is often overlooked. In many ways, this is the first important step to building a lean body and one most people overlook.


Don’t worry…

It’s all very simple and becomes second nature once you understand how to properly strike the right balance...

Second Question…

Question: “I am [a] 30 years old woman. i am almost thin. with 163 [5′ 4″] cm heigh and 50 kg [110lbs] weight. i do aerobic 2 times a week and the abs [exercises] but the only fat part of my body is my abs. [especially] when i eat something. and it is not works for me when i keep a diet or for example [omit] my dinner for a mount. my question is that is just more [exercises] or keep special diet,thanks”

TRAVIS: Yep! I get this question a whole lot – especially from women.

Ladies, you are making this much harder than it is by listening to many the popular culture advice out there–96% of the advice is keeping you with excess fat.

It’s all set up to keep you reading their magazines and buying their miracle pills and creams.

Here’s the real:

* “Diets” make you fat.

* Skipping meals makes you fat.

* Doing too much cardio makes you fat.

* Starving yourself makes you fat

* Depriving yourself of “bad” foods makes you fat.

* Stressing out over your weight makes you fat.

Do yourself a favor… wipe out most of what you think about when it comes to being lean and having lean abs.

If you want to know the simplest and quickest way to get lean and STAY lean (no more Yo-Yo’ing), you must watch this video and follow its advice….

To your success!

p.s. Whether you’re a man or woman, getting lean abs is simple but you have to eat and exercise right or you’re guaranteed to get slow or no results…or worst, gain MORE fat.

Stop following the (chubby) crowd’s advise and start getting results today

Have other health related questions? Let me help you by filling up the comments box below.

Eat More to Lose Weight: 5 Truths Exposed!

You probably know that you must live healthy now that you’re getting older. I know it’s hard because you have no time to exercise, dieting is cumbersome and your eating habits are awful. But come on. Let’s face it! Metabolism slows down as people age. And if you are dying to get your body back in shape, change your lifestyle and bring back your youthful glow, it is time to take action! Besides, the fact that you decided to read this article implies that you want this change, don’t you?

Eat More to Lose Weight? Is it A Myth?

Okay, so does slower metabolism mean that you should eat less as you get older? The answer is no. In fact, recent weight loss experts recommend eating 5 or more meals a day. This is the diet strategy of celebrities and fitness experts because of several reasons. The truth is, many studies have already proven that you can actually eat more to lose weight! Read on to learn how.

Eating Frequently Boosts Metabolism

One of the effects of eating 5 or more small meals a day is that this considerably boosts metabolism. Fitness experts use this method to take advantage of the thermic effect of food. In fact, a new study conducted by the American Dietetic Association proved that eating 4-5 small meals a day is associated with no or reduced obesity risk.

What does this all mean? Simple. Eating more to lose weight is effective because eating frequently throughout the day keeps the body working through the process of digestion which burns calories. This also keeps the body’s blood sugar level at even levels. Just remember to include a good amount of protein (at least 10 grams) in each meal because this further increases metabolism.

Eating Frequently Keeps You Satisfied

The most important effect of eating frequent meals throughout the day is that this keeps you from hunger pangs. The problem with most diets is that you may eventually become too hungry and suddenly break the diet and give up. Eating small meals every 2-3 hours prevents ravenous hunger which is one of the main problems of most restrictive diets.

Counting Calories Is Still Important

So does this mean you can eat anything you want? Sorry but the answer is no. In order to lose weight using “eat more to lose weight strategy”, you need to create a daily calorie deficit. This means that you have to consume 200-400 calories lesser than your daily caloric need or the number of calories you need to stay at the same weight. To get your daily caloric need, multiply your weight in pounds by 10. For example, assuming that your weight is 140 pounds, your daily caloric need is 1400 calories. Now as we can see, you need to consume around 1000-1200 calories depending on your physical activities in order to lose weight.

Never Starve Yourself

Sometimes, people go on excessively restrictive diet programs consuming less than 1000 calories a day. This is not a good idea since this will result to the body going into starvation mode and you do not want this to happen. Why? It’s because the normal response of the body is holding on to stored fat instead of using it for fuel. The body also breaks down muscle as a source of fuel. Metabolism also considerably slows down and the result is having the same weight or even weight gain. Can you believe it?

Eating more to lose weight sounds like one effortless step to weight reduction, but it’s not. Let’s face another harsh reality that there is no short cut to a healthy weight loss. Effort, time, self-control and determination are all part of the package. After all, there is no sweet victory without conquering challenges along the way, right?

Know of eating myths one should be wary of when losing weight? Tell us by adding your insights below.