5 Flat Stomach Foods – Just Plain Awesome!

Are you serious about stripping away your excess belly fat? A lot of people feel that they can flatten their stomach faster by watching what they eat. Well, they’re right, but the question is HOW? Here is how you can flatten your belly quickly—do proper work-out and eat the right food!

Did you know that there are flat stomach foods that can significantly flatten your belly? Okay, Admit it! Let’s face another harsh reality that you’re too busy with work or doing household chores that you can’t even lift your legs to climb the stairs instead of pressing the elevator button.

Here’s one fascinating fact for you:  Around 10-30% of the calories that you consume are burned just by the digestion process. Good news, right? But keep in mind that you cannot remove the proper exercise routine from the equation.

Additionally, not all foods are the same so it is important to take note of the flat stomach foods that increase metabolism and help in losing weight. The further on you read, you’ll begin to understand what belly fat busting foods really work!

1. High Protein Foods

Now listen closely, about 25% of the calories of protein is burned during the process of digestion. This is why high-protein diets became very popular in the last decade and it is one of the best flat stomach foods. But did you know protein also has other benefits? It is difficult to digest and makes you feel full sooner. Additionally, it gives the feeling of fullness for a longer period of time so less food is consumed. Needless to say, protein is very important so lean or healthy sources should be included in each meal or snack.

2. Almonds and Other Nuts

Here’s a fact for you: Almonds and other nuts are high in fat content but these ideal snacks are also helpful in losing weight. Many studies have already proven that, nuts also help decrease triglyceride levels which result to the incidence of heart disease. Also, nuts like almonds help curb hunger and lower the food intake of people. Interestingly, it appears nuts help people stick to their diets. Indeed, with this in mind, a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit is already an ideal snack!

3. High Fiber Foods

This tip is amazing! Did you know that high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables are among the best flat stomach foods? Fiber is difficult to digest so the body works harder. Focus here! High fiber foods are also known as metabolism boosting food that considerably aid in weight loss. The truth is, fiber makes you feel full faster and helps control food cravings thus helping you stick to your diet.

4. Dairy products

This one’s really cool! Dairy products are calcium-rich sources and according to studies, calcium helps fight fat by preventing the release of the hormone calcitriol which causes fat storage. An expert will agree that plain, low-fat yogurt and skim milk are ideal snacks that that are both rich in protein and calcium.

5. Berries

Read these facts carefully! Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are not just full of antioxidants but these delicious fruits are also helpful in weight loss. These delectable snacks are high in fiber which keeps you satisfied for a long period keeping food cravings at bay. These are definitely one of the best belly-busing foods that are ideal snacks.

Undeniably, these 5 flat stomach foods are just plain awesome! I know that seeing is believing so why not check it out yourself? These glowing words are not fitness myths but based on facts! You be the judge of this benefit!

What can you include as a 6th flat stomach food? If you have additional foods in mind, send them by leaving your comments below.

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I Want Six Pack Abs – What Does It Really Take?

A friend of mine once told me, “I want six pack abs just like yours.” I felt elated, I tell you; it was a boost to my ego like nothing else. But, truth be told, I still think I have a long way to go before achieving THE six pack I’ve wanted for years.

I have to stress that I’ve been working really hard since day one. When I say “work,” I mean going through constant six pack abs training and following a strict diet. Sounds hard core, I know.

But having someone compliment you on how good you look is totally worth all that. I want six pack abs and I’m actually doing something about it. It’s easy to want things, but you have to be proactive to attain them.

A six pack is probably one of the best gifts you can give yourself. If you love yourself and want to look good SHIRTLESS (anyone with washboard abs can pull it off, admit it), you need to work really hard at it.

Good Carbs, Good Protein, Good Fats

You can think “I want six pack abs” all you want. But if you continue to chow down on junk food and simple sugars, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Your diet for six pack abs will greatly affect the level at which you workout. Therefore, you must eat only good carbohydrates (whole grains and green leafy vegetables), good proteins (lean meats, tofu, and yogurt), and good fats (extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and fish rich in Omega-3). By doing so, your body can perform at its optimum level.

Always remember that a healthy diet begins the moment you buy your groceries, and ends when your body has used up all the nutrients. So, the next time you tell yourself, “I want six pack abs,” you better be SHOPPING HEALTHY and EATING HEALTHY.

Work Your Way to A Healthier, Leaner “You”

Naturally, after discussing the right diet, we move on to six pack abs training. Eating healthy food makes up only one part. Using up that energy to burn fat and build muscle is another.

A highly effective workout routine will require nothing more than your desire for a fit body, determination to follow through, and an adequate understanding of orthodox exercises. Free weights and dumbbells are the two most common tools you can use when you exercise. Utilize these tools and you’ll never have to say “I want six pack abs” ever again. Soon enough, you will have them.

For me, the best exercise for six pack abs is a combination of many techniques. Confining yourself to just one kind of exercise is boring and ineffective. Try mixing it up; do a combination of cardio, bodyweight, free weights, core, and strength training. Do this regularly and you’ll see results in no time at all.

When I said, “I want six pack abs,” I knew I meant it. So should you.

Ripped midsections aren’t impossible to achieve if you truly put your mind and body in to it. The best (and healthiest) approach is to have a well-balanced diet and intense six pack abs training.

Six pack abs is all about learning the facts and using them to your advantage…Find a workout routine that best suits you.

Which six pack abs strategies are working well for you? Share them by commenting below.

peter carvell’s story

Today, I want to share a story about Peter Carvell.

Let’s face it, no one decides one day to consciously become grossly overweight with extra cottage cheese all over their body.

That’s something in your younger years you may have thought was “not going to happen to you”.

You’d never become that guy or that girl that people secretly point to and comment about at the beach.

This is where Peter found himself. At a whopping 270 pounds and more than 30% body fat when he looked into the mirror he found that he had become “that guy”.

“that guy” with his stomach spilling over his belt

“that guy” women ignored in a bar or club

“that guy” embarrassed to take his shirt off on the beach

“that guy” who looked way older than he was.

…the “fat guy”.

I’m not sure where you find yourself body wise. You may not even be as overweight as Peter.

But when you look in the mirror, do you like the body that you see looking back at you?

If you’re midsection is not where you want it to be, why not do something about it?

This is the program that helped Peter get from 276 pounds, with more than 30% body fat, down to 176 pounds of lean, taut muscle with only 6% body fat.

Will you be next?


When you get to the page scroll, down a little to see the actual before and after pictures of Peter (very inspiring).

LOVE what you see in the mirror!


P.S. You could probably spend a few weeks researching the best ways to lose belly fat and get the abs of your dreams…

but, before you do go to this page, scroll down and find out the six dirty little lies that will keep you from quickly getting, tight lean abs…


Are you faced with a fate similar as Peter’s? Let me know how I can help by adding your story below.

4 Reasons Why Tom Venuto and His Burn The Fat Program Is The Real Deal

Tom Venuto wasn’t lying when he said that his fitness program can help us lose that little extra holiday weight we’ve been carrying around the past couple of months, or even way more than that, which some of us simply had to deal with most of our lives. It’s quite refreshing to see something so useful, practical, and unbelievably affordable that gets results just as it promised it would. These days, it’s really hard to put your trust in a product, brand, or name.

1) A position of authority and credibility. When I first heard about the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program, I had my doubts, sure. But as soon as I discovered more about Tom Venuto, I felt like I could set aside all my reservations and just get with the program. I’m telling you, after reading through the first few chapters, I knew right then and there it was a keeper.

2) Ease of use. I’ve had the Burn The Fat ebook for some time now, and to this day, I’m still very impressed by how the material was presented. The strategies and information were written in such a way that both beginners and advanced bodybuilders get to understand and enjoy every single page. Everything just really made sense; none of the hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo that fools you into thinking it’s all a walk in the park.

3) The truth and nothing but. With Tom Venuto, you simply get the truth. You’ll notice how other self-proclaimed fitness gurus would shift the spotlight onto them and preach as if they found the cure to a long, plaguing disease. The Burn The Fat author just wouldn’t stoop down to that level.

4) Deep concern for others. He’s had much experience in the industry that he can do away with the frills and the hype. What makes him stand out is his genuine desire to help. As a seasoned natural bodybuilder, he simply wants to impart what he’s learned and share with the world effective techniques that made him the healthy, extremely fit person he is today.

Tom Venuto has certainly motivated, challenged, and changed my life, and many others, for the better. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle has been the bestselling fitness program online for years, and for good reason. Just have a look at all the user testimonials and success stories that are plastered all over. I honestly believe that it can do the same (if not more) for you.

Do you have personal insights you learned from Tom Venuto? Share them by entering your comments below.

Reduce Fat Belly – 7 Sure-Fire Tips

To reduce fat belly is no walk in the park. The secrets to get six pack abs are: hard work, proper implementation and maintenance.

Many would assume there’s no way to reduce fat belly instantly and reveal the strong muscles. However, if you have the correct mindset and have the right tools, you can do it easily. Read on the following 7 sure-fire tips that will help you get your abs dream.

1. Set your Goal.

Determine your goals and make your guideline. Ask yourself why you want to reduce fat belly.  By doing this, you’ll have the right motivation to get you started.

2. Set a deadline.

It is not smart if you always plan but can’t find a way to follow it.  Re-scheduling your workouts again and again won’t reduce fat belly. You might chase after your six pack abs goal your whole life.

Tell yourself when you should get your goals done. Then you’ll have an idea how much effort you’re going to put on your goal.  This is also a good way to develop time management and determine your priorities.

3. Know the Right Exercise Routines.

Doing the right exercise is a sure-fire way to lose weight easily. Muscles appear and expand when they’re constantly moved or flexed. By exercising you not only burn away your fats, you’re also making your muscles more prominent.

Another important point, you must know which exercises would be best for your program. Most people believe that doing cardio alone will get you six pack abs. Well, to be honest, that’s not how it works.  Cardiovascular workout can burn fat but not as effective as full body workouts.  So might as well combine your abs-targeting exercises with complete body workouts like boxing, swimming, yoga and weight lifting.

4. Set up a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Eating right is as equally important as exercising. If you’re not eating right, all your efforts will go to waste. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is most ideal to lose weight easily.

Including protein-rich food and good fats in your meals is the effective approach for an abs diet. This helps you build lean muscles, boost metabolism and replenish your energy.

5. Self discipline.

Keeping up with your plans requires a lot of discipline on your part. Sometimes you get tempted to buy that morning coffee and doughnut. Restrain yourself. Think of your six pack abs goal.

To reduce fat belly, avoid falling into temptations. Be on the guard when you feel like weakening. Keep away from deep fried foods and junk foods.  These mouth-watering foods can ruin your program and affect your health.

6. Maintenance.

When you finally turn your fat to six pack abs, don’t forget to maintain it. Exercise, eat right, form new goals, and monitor your progress. Stopping your newly-established lifestyle will only get you back to where you started.  Besides, you wouldn’t want to look fabulous today, and look saggy again next month, would you?

7. Keep Track of your Progress.

Monitor your progress and keep your goals in check. You must always remember to take note of your achievements. Whether it’s an inch off your waist or a firmer abs, write it down. This way you’ll know how you lose weight easily.

Achieving that beautiful six pack abs is possible. You are highly capable. And when you follow these 7 tips, you’ll surely reduce fat belly and get a lean, sexier body!

Anything I missed? Add your own tip by sharing your insights below.