4 Easy Techniques to Maximize Abs Exercises at Home

Working those abdominal muscles in the gym is just as effective as doing them in the privacy of your home. Whether you perform your abs exercises at homeor some place else, you still get a regular dose of core strengthening.

Since you don’t require heavy or complicated gym equipment for your abdominal workouts, you can do these exercises virtually ANYWHERE. That’s the beauty of these kinds of exercises.

Keep in mind, however, that to be successful in carrying out these abs exercises at home, you need to know which ones are the safest and most efficient. In doing so, your efforts are maximized and your abs get the intense workout they need.

Here’s another important point to remember: don’t be afraid to change it up. Switch your primary abs exercises at home frequently so you don’t get bored.

There are a lot of options for your abs exercises at home. These 4 easy drills ought to get you started right:

1. Bicycle Crunches. This exercise is a lot like the regular abdominal crunch, but with an added twist. Involving the lower half of your body only increases the intensity of your workout.

2. Captain’s Chair. Even without an actual captain’s chair, you can still carry out this exercise at home. All you have to do is position yourself in between two beams that are shoulder-length apart, rest your elbows on each beam, and slowly lift both knees upward. Who needs fancy gym equipment when you have gravity to work with?

3. Modified Stomach Crunches. Doing these ab exercises at home is good for your lower abdominals. Instead of moving your upper body, you will utilize lower body movements by lifting both legs off the ground gradually. Don’t forget to keep those abdominal muscles tight with every rep.

4. Full Vertical Crunches. This particular exercise will definitely make you break a sweat and, trust me, that is EXACTLY what you want. As you do regular crunches, keep both legs perpendicular to the floor. Push your feet upward as you curl in for a crunch – that should give your abs a pretty good workout.

Each one of these drills will definitely help you kick off your abs exercises at home. Push your body as far as you can with these exercises. Before you know it, you’ll have great six pack abs that everyone else would want.

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