How to Get Sexy Abs – Use Side Stomach Crunches

Side stomach crunches unfamiliar to you? Have you decided that it’s finally time for you to get on top of things, and start developing your abs into the muscle packs that you have always wanted? It’s certainly a noble goal, and there is nothing to keep you from achieving it. There are many ways to develop flat and muscular abs, and some work better than others.

One of my favorite exercises for the abs is the stomach crunch and side stomach crunch. It doesn’t require any workout equipment or trips to the gym, but if you stick with it for any extended period of time, you’re sure to make the desired improvements.

You’ve most likely seen the stomach crunch performed before. All it takes is lying on your back with your hands behind your head, then curling at the stomach and bringing your face and elbows upward. Essentially you are crunching your abs together.

After you have performed your amount of initial stomach crunches, you should do side stomach crunches to effectively hit not only the front of your stomach muscles, but both sides as well. Instead of pushing your elbows straight forward, you will rotate to one side as you lift off of the ground, and put more emphasis onto that cluster of muscles.

This exercise is so simple, yet is the most fundamental ab movement, and therefore extremely effective. The movement of contraction then expansion will rip your muscles to shreds (which, remember, is a good thing) and leave you feeling extremely sore. And with the side stomach crunches thrown in to boot, your ab muscles will be screaming.

The effective number of reps depends on your personal shape and goals. Do you want to go from chubby to lean and mean in just a few months? Well, you had better do crunches until you are physically incapable of doing them any more. Repeat this every day, and you will see maximum results.

But if your goals are a little less extreme and you just want to tighten up the stomach area, you can get by with slightly less rigorous amounts of ab exercises. If you do 50 normal crunches and 50 side stomach crunches, you won’t be off to too bad of a start.

If you want to really improve your abs quickly through stomach crunches and side stomach crunches, then it all depends on finding what a comfortable amount is for you, while still pushing yourself closer and closer to your personal upper limit.

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