How to Get a Flat Stomach – Men Only

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Have you been dreaming about being one of those flat stomach men, but nothing you’ve tried has worked? Still fighting the battle of the bulge?

Many men are in the same boat. So here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about men and midsections.

  1. Should you do tons of crunches to reduce your stomach bulge?
  2. How do you reduce belly fat?
  3. What are good stomach exercises?
  4. What’s wrong with sit-ups?

Tons of Crunches?

Doing tons of crunches won’t banish a bit of belly fat. Not even a little bit. This theory, called spot reduction, is popular in the fitness community (and most of the infomercial gimmicks), but has now been scientifically disproven. New research shows that fat is lost all over your body, and sadly, you can’t pick where it comes from.

“So, How Do I Reduce My Belly Fat?”

Studies have shown that there are two ways to reduce fat, and you have to use them both at the same time:

  • Have smart eating strategy
  • Have an effective exercise plan that includes abs-building and fat-burning

The Flat-Stomach Eating Strategy

Experts do not agree on what the perfect diet is to be flat stomach men. But most agree that diets that are low in saturated fats and “white carbs” (e.g. white sugar, white flour, white, rice, etc), and high in low-glycemic carbs( e.g. whole fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, etc) and high in lean-proteins are best for ridding yourself of unwanted blubber.

But, you don’t need to torture yourself while dieting. Have fun and experiment. Use your diet as an excuse to try something new – maybe Japanese or vegetarian cuisine. Who knows? You may find out that you like your new diet better than your old one.

If you’re seriously wanting to flatten your stomach and keep it that way, click here to start an eating strategy that actually works and is based on eating real foods that taste good. By the time you watch the video on the “4 foods to NEVER eat“, I think you’ll agree that this eating strategy can actually help you meet your flat-stomach goals fast!

Burn! Burn! Burn

You probably already know that exercise is a somewhat controversial topic. No matter who you ask, you’ll get a different answer. It is, however, generally agreed that regular fat-burning workouts – 3 or 4 times per week – are what you need to burn the fat you have and kick start your metabolism to have a flat stomach, as a man.

Good fat-burning workouts for flat stomach men include:

Make sure to stretch first, to avoid risk of injury.

Flat-Stomach Exercises

After you’ve got a healthy diet and regular fat-burning workouts under your belt, the way to tighten your stomach is by targeted midsection exercises.

A good rule is that any exercise that bends your spine in the lower back region is good. When performing stomach exercises, try to maintain the natural arch of your back. This will make your exercises more effective and reduce back strain.


For years, you probably have been told that sit-ups are the best way to flatten your stomach and strengthen your abs. New research has proven that this is not true. Sit-ups not only don’t work well for flat-stomach men, but they can also be dangerous.

Because sit-ups only involve, well, sitting up, they don’t work your abdominal muscles- they work your thighs and back. They give you less bang for your buck, and can cause lower back pain down the road.

Most experts now recommend that you should avoid sit-ups entirely. Do crunches instead. But not just the traditional crunches. Also, try abs exercise like double crunches.

Double crunches are like crunches, except you move you knees towards your head while you’re moving your head towards you knees. This doubles the effectiveness.


Now that you know the answers, you can begin your stomach training on the right track. And if you want to flatten your stomach at warp-speed, check out (don’t go unless you’re serious, though). In a free video, fitness expert Tom Venuto shows you have to transform your body in 49 days by properly combining an eating, exercising and fat-burning program.

Last thing: Remember, with work and patience, you too can be one of the flat-stomach men. Stick with it!!


What’s your challenge in trying to develop a flat stomach? Let me help by sharing your concerns below.

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  1. This site helps reduce weight and make the abdoman feels and looks greater. If the persons follow these steps they become popular between girls

  2. I am not a male but i been dreaming of having a flat stomach and sexy abs. I do sit ups but not too often and it made me bleed, i haven’t consulted yet my doctor and never do sit-ups again. I’m glad that there’s still a way to flatten my stomach not only through sit-ups but diet and exercise of course.

  3. My boyfriend is crazy about six pack abbs and he is doing all these crunches and yoga thing.I think oyu need to see whatever oyu have written on next page.Thats eye opening.Thanks a lot.

  4. I love men with six pack abs. I think for the kind of stomach shown in the image above requires a lot of hard work and dedication. A lot of ways and exercises has been explained nicely over here. Thanks a lot for sharing such a valuable article.

  5. After many years of trying I have finally found a way to ‘build’ abds efficiently… Much of it is already here. One thing you could also add is the fact that you can also do extensive resistence ab-training.
    For ex: While laying down just hold your abs in a posistion similar to Crunches, for as long as you can… Low-weight and high repetition leads to defining the muscles, as the opposite (high weight low repetition) leads to growing large muscles.
    Also, for people who are having really flat stomachs, just reducing the income on Carbos may be a good start. Some people don’t even need a ‘nutrician based diet’ to improve their ab-workout and even to develop a six-pack.

    Great post, by the way. I’ll be following the website.

  6. I will vouch for cardio. I am 28 years old, and I have always been very athletic. I do not lift weights,do sit ups,push ups,ect. I ride my bicycle, and do yoga. Thats it.

    I can eat what I want and live how I want. I just make sure to do my Cardio.

  7. Let me describe myself. I have a pretty relaxed job, 3 meals a day, love fast food and 35kg overweight. I didn’t gain those extra weights overnight and wasn’t expecting to lose them any faster but this is the light i have been looking for. I just needed some insightful info that can help me lose them efficiently and this is exactly what I need. I’ve been following the advices for 3 weeks, each and every time i step up on the treadmill i am able to run longer and get tired slower.

    A++ totally recommended.

  8. i am 62 yrs. old bur sti;; dreaming of flat abs and good muscles, do you think at my age i can attain my dream? please answer me via my email.

  9. Myself very highly impressed wiz diz tips ….My husband dsnt have flat stomach and he is little obesed m trying to to all possibilities for him…bt he is nt taking very seriously….he is doing but no dedication…plz help me m worried for his health

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